Read on, Retry, Resolve: Top 5 Common Skype Problems

Skype video calls troubleshoot

Sick of Skype problems happening again and again in each call? Before you completely trash it from your computer, stop!

Breathe in and out.

All you have to do is read on, retry, and resolve the issues.


Problem 1: “We can hear fine, but the other side can’t hear us at all.”

Is your internet connection up to speed?  If it is, look at the specifics. Ask yourself, “Which should I use–the headset or the laptop mic?” Sometimes it’s just a matter of technicalities!

“But my mic’s all good!” you argue. Simultaneous BitTorrent or other peer-to-peer node usage slows down your internet and affects your calls. Turn your downloader off. And if someone on the same connection is accessing a peer-to-peer media sharing software, ask him to pause for a while and have all internet speed dedicated to your ever so important Skype video call.


Problem 2: “What’s wrong with my webcam? I can’t see anything at all!”

First, check your webcam; it’s probably turned off or disconnected.

“But my webcam is on! What are you talking about?” you may be yelling. Check your computer’s webcam setting by clicking on “Call Quality” right beside the “Add participants” or plus sign button in your contact’s screen. Red or yellow means that you need further configuration to get the best quality call. How? Check the settings; click the icon you want to configure and a list of tips will appear to help you resolve your issue.

Still not the answer you’re looking for? It’s probably a driver problem. Check if your drivers and loading. Sign out of Skype and then restart. Find out if your drivers are up to date, and download the necessary updaters from the webcam manufacturer’s website.


Problem 3: “It’s group video call but there’s no video!”

“I can’t send and I can’t receive video! What’s up with that?” you wonder. Remember, always get the latest version of Skype. Although those without Skype 5.0 or higher are able to send and receive audio, they cannot send and receive video.

Take note that if Skype converts your video call to audio alone despite having the latest version, it’s probably because your group call has more than ten people in it. Limit your call to ten people if you want video in your group call.


Problem 4: “Screen sharing wont let us share!”

Again, it could just be a matter of Skype versions. Ensure that you and the person you’re in a video call with both have a Skype version that supports screen sharing.

“Duh, we already know that!” you utter. Okay, then maybe it’s your bandwidth. Check if you have enough bandwidth to share your screen, if you don’t, close all programs or apps that slow your computer down.


Problem 5: “Sometimes I echo or sound like a robot, what’s the deal?”

If you hear your voice echoing it’s probably because of a problem on the other end. If this happens, lower the speaker volume or move the mic away from the speakers. You can also opt to buy headphones that eliminate this issue.

“My words are getting cut off” you complain. Like most Skype call problems, your robot voice is a result of a slow internet connection. Try closing applications that depend on the Internet and it’s sure to help.

Whenever you’re on your last nerve with Skype problems, stop for a moment. Read, retry, and resolve! You’ll be able to reconnect with people you love in a jiffy!

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