What To Do When Faced With Skype Unauthorized Charges

Skype unauthorized charges

Anyone who has enjoyed Skype video calls and have active accounts is vulnerable to Skype unauthorized charges. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve just gone through your credit card statement or PayPal account and have no idea why you’re being charged for something you have no memory of using.

There are many possible reasons for Skype unauthorized charges to pop up in your account. It’s understandable for you to be alarmed, but keep your wits about you when this happens. A little detective work on your part can reveal the culprit.

Here’s how to trace where those charges come from:

  1. Log in to your Skype account and click on Billing and payments.
  2. Next, go over your purchase history on Skype and see if you have Auto-recharge set up on your account. Auto-recharge happens if you have purchased Skype credits in the past. What it does is top-up your Skype Credit when it dips below a certain amount.
  3. If the above is the case, you can opt to cancel Auto-recharge.
  4. Have you signed up for a subscription? Subscriptions are automatically renewed and you get billed. Simply cancel your subscription to prevent recurring payments.

What if the above scenario is not the case?

There are many other possible reasons why you have unauthorized charges. It could be you used a public computer to log on to your Skype account and forgot to log off. Anyone could have accessed your account and you end up footing the bill.

It’s also possible your account was hacked, your credit card may have been used fraudulently in which case you must contact your card issuer immediately, or you may have left your Skype account open on the family computer and family members might have unknowingly racked up charges.

Possible solutions to keep your Skype account safe is to never save passwords on shared computers, make sure you always log off Skype, and familiarize yourself with related charges when you use Skype chats and video calls.

If you still suspect that foul play happened, you can contact Skype customer service to help you clear the air and ensure you only get quality service from Skype.

PS: Maximize your Skype experience by using Supertintin. It’s a third party app that allows you to record and save video calls over Skype. That way, you’ll have an easier time sleuthing around if something in your account doesn’t look right.

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