3 Tips for a Successful Skype Video Conference

Skype Video Conference

The Skype video conference feature is always a great tool for anyone who wants to have a short meeting with clients – or simply have a fun chat with friends. As long as you have a nice webcam and you have the application properly installed in your unit, you can look forward to hours of face-to-face communication with anyone across the globe.

Here’s how you can get the best out of this fantastic feature from Skype:

1. Close unnecessary sites and programs.

The first thing you have to understand is that a video conference requires a combination of CPU, RAM, and internet bandwidth. As such, it is a good idea to close your Photoshop program (or your Chrome browser – especially if you have several tabs open) before making the call. This will allow you to enjoy superb audio quality. You’ll have lesser worries about encountering unwanted noise in the background as the fan runs quietly.

2. Adjust the camera and audio settings as needed.

Test your video and audio then make any necessary adjustments – especially if you are planning to utilize the free Skype video recorder tool.

It is important to check if the application is really detecting your webcam and microphone. Both tools can be tweaked to your convenience by going to Tools > General. Just look for “video settings” or “audio settings” once you are there.

3. Consider proper angle and lighting.

Ample lighting is crucial when it comes to video calls and so you may have to turn on enough of them in the room to achieve clarity. Correct angle is equally important. It is possible to have “eye-to-eye” contact with everyone by placing the camera in the right position where you can comfortably speak and stare at them at the same time.

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