Free EBook: Video Blogging Quickstart Guide

Dino Dogan just released his new book on Jan 3rd: Video Blogging Quickstart Guide. It is basically everything someone would need to know to do online video with bunch of links to additional information and resources.

Click here to get the free EBOOK(PDF).

    • Why Video Blogging?
      Video blogging helps you build connections with your viewers like no other blogging format. The close second is perhaps audio.


    • Shoot a Video
      #1 Audio:
      how do we make sure audio comes out OK?
      #2 Lighting:
      if you’re going to spend money, this is the area where most of your budget should go. If there’s one thing video experts agree on, it’s the paramount importance of proper lighting in shooting a video. In fact, proper lighting is more important than the type of camera you use. Why?
      #3 Camera:
      What kind of camera will you need to do online video?
      #4 Screen Capture:
      You can use software like Camtasia (for PC) and ScreenFlow (for Mac) to capture your computer screen. Combine it with an audio track and you can create visually rich and useful instructions for your viewership.


    • Editing a Video
      If at all possible, for the sake of speed and simplicity, don’t edit your videos.
      The next step up from there is to edit (trim) the very beginning and the very end. In fact, you can do this on YouTube.
      #5 Edit on Youtube
      #6: Editing Using Locally Installed Apps


And much more in this free EBOOK(PDF)!

About the Author, Dino Dogan
Dino Dogan is a blogger, writer, motorcyclist, dog trainer, singer/songwriter and martial artist. He’s currently working on Human-Dog Problem Tree, a thesis in human-dog relationships. You Can Record Skype video calls as well. His home is at

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