Skype Will Be Banned in China?

Is China’s government going to ban Skype? Media reports over the past week have raised that prospect in relation to a government clampdown on “illegal” voice-over-Internet-protocol, or VoIP, telephone services. And the PC-to-phone parts of Skype’s service could be caught in a government sweep of VoIP. Beijing has long struggled with how to handle the Skype.

A Chinese government circular from the powerful Ministry of Information and Industry Technology called for a crackdown “on illegal VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) telephone services” and said it was collecting evidence for legal cases against them. It did not name any phone companies.

Skype was still available in China so far through its joint partner TOM.COM

Skype had not yet been contacted by Chinese government officials, a Skype spokesman said on Friday in the United States. A Tom Online marketing official also said that “all operations and user access are normal, and operations in China conform with national regulations.” On Monday, the Skype spokeswoman said, “Nothing has changed.” If this kind of changing is done then Skype Recorder SuperTinTin and Skype will not be able to use in China.

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Skype Banned in China?

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