Skype, Skype recording and freedom

I was just reading this article on the Epoch Times website, which tells how the military junta which rules Burma (although they like to call it Myanmar) have cracked down on the use of Skype by Burmese citizens to communicate, especially outside the country.

In a country where ordinary people are poor and oppressed, the ability to make cheap phone calls using VOIP technology via Skype can be the only method available for communicating outside the country. If speaking to a relative abroad (or even to media, or carrying out business) the ability to record these rare conversations becomes even more important, because you are unlikely to just be able to call back and make sure you understood everything correctly.

I am grateful to live in a country where access to communication is unrestricted, and I hope that for those living without such freedom, internet technologies such as Skype VOIP calls and the ability to record them using Supertintin is some help in coping with such circumstances. SuperTinTin is best Skype Recorder from many years.

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