The Top Skype-Certified Headsets

The echo, feedback and lack of sound can be due to an incompatible headset.  The microphone on your laptop is not enough to produce a good sound quality.  Technology experts suggest we use and choose the best headset for our Skype calls.

In order to enjoy hassle-free calls with Skype, it is best if you use the latest, top-of-the-line, Skype-certified gadgets.

Skype Certified

There is a wide variety of headsets to choose from available on the Skype Shop.  Here are the Top 5 Skype-certified Headsets today:

1.  Logitech Wireless Headset H800.  Wander up to 12m (40ft) from your computer using the tiny, leave-in nano receiver.  Its built-in equalizer optimizes sound whether you’re chatting or listening to music.

2.  Plantronics Audio 478.  Clear HD sound and foldable design gives you great audio on the go.  It has a noise-canceling microphone works with DSP to block low-frequency noise and provide crystal clear conversations.

plantronics audio 478

Plantronics Audio 478

3.  FREETALK Freedom Wireless (TALK-5192).  Optimised for Skype – excellent for all internet calls.  Up to 15 metres effective range.

4.  FREETALK Everyman Wireless (TALK-5195).  Full band headphones and wideband microphone make for rich stereo sound and astounding quality audio.

FREETALK Everyman Wireless (TALK-5195)

FREETALK Everyman Wireless (TALK-5195)

5.  FREETALK Everyman Headset (TALK-5115).  Innovative light fold-flat design lets you plug and play with excellent USB audio quality.

It is best to invest  in a headset especially if you are using it for work or business.  Below are some things to remember in choosing a headset.

  • Research both online and on your local retail stores to find out the prices, features which headsets are available on your location.
  • Budget is a great consideration although most headsets only cost around $20 to $80.  How much are you willing to spend for a good quality, Skype-certified headset?
  • Try them on.  It is important to test its comfort and sound.  So do a little test while on the store before you make that decision.

Consider shopping through the Skype Shop where they showcase a wide variety of Skype-certified headsets that would certainly work well with your Skype calls.

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