How to Send Skype Photo Postcards

Missing You Postcard

Skype has in recent years served as a lifeline to keep families, friends, and other individuals in touch. It allows personal and business conversations very easily.

The technology does have its drawbacks, though. Since video chatting doesn’t really require a lot of effort and doesn’t have the same emotional investment as, say, writing a letter, it can be deemed as less personal.

In order to make your Skype conversations more meaningful, why not make and send a photo postcard through Skype? It’s pretty easy:

1. Get a Photo

The first thing you’ll need for a Skype photo postcard is a picture. You can download amazing photographs from the internet and use one of these to convey your message.

To make the postcard more meaningful, you should use something  more personal. Take a picture of yourself, a memorable place, or anything that  the person you’re sending the postcard to will love.

One idea is to take a picture of the person and make it a part of your postcard. You can do this by using Skype’s built-in snapshot function, which you can find under the “+” button during a conversation.

This will let you take a picture of the party you are talking to on cam and save it in a folder for later use.

2. Create your Postcard

Use a photo editing or publishing program like MS Paint, Preview or MS Picture Manager to create a simple postcard.  Write a quote or a short message. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just sincere. When you’re done, save your postcard as a picture.

3. Send it

Under the “+” button, you can also find the function to send a file. Use this to send the postcard you just completed. You’ll have to wait for the other party to confirm that they’ve received it, but a smile on the other person’s face when he/she gets your postcard is worth the wait.

4. Video Postcard?

You could also make a video postcard by using a Skype video call recorder to capture a conversation, edit it, and upload it to a video site and then embed it in your postcard.

The possibilities are endless, as long as you use your imagination and express yourself well through that card. Enjoy!

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