Paltalk CEO Comments on Future of Online Video Chatting

Online video chatting has become more and more popular in recent years with Skype, Chatroulette and new social chat start up SocialEyes. Paltalk, an online video chat technology based in Long Island, has been around since 1998 and is the only technology able to accommodate the size of any chat room. Social Times talked with Paltalk CEO Jason Katz about the future of online video chat and the effect of Facebook possibly adopting video chat technology.

Katz said Paltalk and Skype have been so successful because they have been able to attract users independent of Facebook, which SocialEyes has relied on. He said there will always be a place for Paltalk because Skype only allows for a chat between ten users. Katz said as technology continues to become cheaper and high speed broadband connections increase, the presence of video chatting is becoming larger in people’s lives, both for fun and for work. In this regard, Supertintin will continue to provide its feature of Recording Video calls for Skype.

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