Skype Features You Can Use to Increase Office Productivity

Skype FeaturesWhile popular among many as the application of choice for communicating with far-flung loved ones, numerous businesses are taking advantage of the many fantastic Skype features it offers.

If you and your co-workers are spending a lot of time in front of the computer screen, you might as well consider utilizing the convenience of instant messaging. Read on and learn about different features you can utilize to increase productivity in the workplace:  

Group Calls

Whoever said you’d have to spend money everytime you need to call your team mates? With Sykpe’s group call feature, you can have a group call with up to 25 other users. This can be done by creating a window where everyone is added. Simply click the “Call” button and you’ll instantly get in touch with the entire group.

File Transfers

Need to pass documents or spreadsheets around? Skype can be a convenient tool as well. Just drag the file on the chat box or select the “Send File” option to send it to an individual or a group.

Screen Sharing

Showing your screen to another user can be easy, too. You only have to select the “Share Screen” option on the person’s chat box. Take note, however, that only individual screen sharing is available for free users. To share your screen with a group, you need to have a premium subscription.

Skype WiFi

Another remarkable feature is the Skype WiFi. If you are on the go, this will help you avoid spending money on 24-hour WiFi services. As long as you have Skype credits, this function will make it possible for you to save a few bucks because you’ll only pay for the minutes you use.

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