Tips In Creating Your Skype Podcast

If you dream of becoming an instant celebrity on the internet or you simply want to impart juicy information on what’s hot, podcasting is the thing for you.

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Podcasting is an effective way to reach a particular focused audience through multimedia.  With podcasting your creativity and opinions can be expressed freely.  You become an expert in your own right.

Business owners can take advantage of podcasting in marketing their products and services.  Since podcasts are commercial-free unlike radio, you are totally in control of whatever you want to say to promote your business and connect to your customers.

Tips in making Skype podcasts

It’s really just easy to create your own podcast.  Anyone can have their little talk show on the internet, all you need is your computer, microphone, webcam and an internet connection then you’re good to go.

Remember a few things before making a Skype podcast:

Pay attention to your content.  It’s nice to listen to something that you learn something from and at the same time enjoy from it.

Write a script.  Since a Skype podcast is a “radio-style talk shows”, it is important to sound spontaneous.  Avoid “blah, blah, blah’s”, remember to sound conversational and avoid sounding robotic.

Incorporate audio with video.  Insert video clips, interviews and testimonials.  Skype has a Group Video Call feature you can use for interviews in your podcasts.  You can use SuperTintin, an online audio and video recording tool for Skype to record your conversations and video clips.

Insert some music.  Avoid monotony.  Use appropriate music for your topic.  Make your music connect with your content.

Think of wide target audience to tap.  To be able to reach a large number of followers it is important to consider the topics that you will discuss and tackle.  Keep yourself up to date with what the people want to hear.

Podcasting is a powerful and convenient delivery tool to make yourself be heard.  Anyone with something to say and the need to say it can create a podcast and tell it to the world.

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