Skype SMS Makes Texting Anywhere Easy

Have you ever had the urge to text a loved one abroad but just can’t because the overpriced text rates are stopping you?  With Skype’s bargain SMS rates, you surely wouldn’t hesitate to send that text message ever again.

Skype SMS

Texting is one of the several ways to instantly communicate with important people in your life but when text rates are nearly as steep as that of phone calls, it’s about time to look for the next best alternative. Clearly, texting through Skype.  Skype is one of the leading exclusive software applications that permits users to text, IM, video chat, call and even record video calls with third party software such as SuperTinTin.

For as low as 4.7¢ per text, you can now keep in touch with your friends and family without having to worry about those ever-increasing phone bills. Skype’s SMS texting is available to use on your mobile phone or computer. But before anything else, you need to verify your number first and earn Skype credits. Verification is important because it helps your contacts identify you as the sender of the message and at the same time, it allows for them, the recipients to reply directly to your phone number.

Here are the steps to verify your number:

  1. First, log in on Skype
  2. Then go to “Skype > Preferences”
  3. Click on “Messaging” and then “Verify Your Number”.
  4. Key in your mobile number in the “Verify Phone Number” window and then select “Send Code”.
  5. Wait for the verification code to be sent on your mobile. Afterwards, type the code in the “Verification Code window” and click “Verify”,

To check if your number has been verified, go to “Skype”, “Preferences” and then “Messaging”. Your number should be seen next to the “Receive SMS replies at”.

If however, you want to verify another mobile number, simply click on “Verify Another Number” and repeat the steps again.

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