How to Leave a Message on MSN Live Messenger

We can all recognise at least one of these scenarios:

  • We want to show our best friend something, perhaps our new tattoo, but they’re away from the PC!
  • We urgently need to speak to a Work Colleague about something work-related, but they’re not around to have a Video Call!
  • We want to tell Mum something before we forget, but she’s MIA!

What do you do? Give up? Send them an email? Or, how about leave them a video call message? Leaving a Video Call Message is exactly the same as leaving a message on a landline answer machine, or a mobile phone’s voicemail. The only difference is, that instead of just leaving an audio message, you can leave them an audio and visual message. So, if there’s something that you want to show them, but don’t want to wait around in case you forget, then this could be just the solution that you’re looking for.

But, how do you go about leaving a Video Message? It’s so simple, that even your Dog could do it….probably!

First:Make sure that you’re ready to record your message:

  • Ensure that your Web Cam is plugged in properly, and that it is functioning correctly.
  • If you are using an internal microphone on a Laptop, ensure that it is working, and that the volume is kept low so that your message doesn’t echo.
  • If you’re using an external microphone, ensure that it is plugged in securely, and working properly.

Second: Find the friend/family member or work colleague from your MSN Live Messenger Friend List, in the same way that you would if you were going to start an Instant Message or Video Chat conversation with them. Right-click on their name, and select the option to: “Send a Video Message” from the drop down menu. It will be the third option from the top of the menu.

Third: A screen will pop up, and you’ll be able to see a Red “record” button. So, double check that everything is working, and that you don’t have any naked spouses running around in the background, and press the “record” button when you’re ready to go.

Tips and Advice:

  • Like the average Voicemail, Video Messages can be no longer than 30 seconds in length, so it’s recommended to plan what you’re going to say before you start recording. Also, try to keep your message short, sweet and straight to the point.
  • If, once you’ve recorded your message, you decide that you want to check that the microphone has picked up the audio properly, or that there weren’t any naked spouses hovering in the background, the blue “play” button allows you to review the message that you just made. The good news is, that this allows you to review the message before you’ve sent it.
  • Only send the message once you are happy with it. Re-record it as many times as you like.

Good luck, and don’t left anything unsaid, thanks to MSN Live Messenger Video Messaging. Skype also provide the same kind of features and you can use Skype Video call Recorder SuperTinTin as well.

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MSN Live Messenger: Not Just a Pretty Face

Ten years ago, MSN messenger was at the forefront of instant messaging, allowing people to type and chat with practically anyone no matter where across the globe they were. However, with the rise of Facebook, Skype, Twitter and the many other social network and video call websites and software that are currently widely available across the Internet, MSN has been forced to spread itself out into other areas just to keep up with the competition.

Here are just a few things that makes MSN Live Messenger a great piece of software for your needs:

1. Social Network – MSN Live Messenger now allows you to “check-in” to a huge range of different social networking websites, most notably: Facebook and MySpace. You might be wondering why you’d want to do this, but you have to admit that it’s great having as many things as possible in one place (think of it like a Supermarket!) so this nifty feature allows you to keep track of what all of your friends are upto, even if they’re not all active on the same social media sites.

To get started all you need to do is add your profile details to your MSN account, and your friends status’ will appear as soon as they update them!

2. Send text messages to your friends phones – Think of it this way, you might be at your PC, but your friends might not, so this feature could actually be really useful. Plus, there’s nothing worse than trying to arrange a social event, but you have to credit on your phone, and your mates aren’t online!

All you have to do is add your friend’s mobile number to their profile, and send them a quick text – simples!

3. Messenger Apps – Apple iPhone, Google Android, Blackberry. It’s official. The Smartphone is the only phone to have at the minute, and the great thing about all of these phones is that they allow you instant access to MSN Live Messenger no matter where in the world you are. All with a simple little app for you to download to your phone.

Downloading the MSN App allows you to keep in touch with family, friends and work colleagues easily and quickly through social updates, IM chats etc.

4.  Web Messenger – If you’re a regular user of Library or Internet Cafe computers, you might be aware about how frustrating it can be when you can’t access the standard MSN Live Messenger. However, with Web Messenger, you can now keep up-to-date with everyone from the same area as you check your email. So, you’re effectively chatting through your email…pretty cool, huh!

5. Video Chats – This is of course, the one that excites us here at SuperTintin the most! Not only can you have real time video conversations with overseas family, absent friends or work colleagues, but you can have them in HD (that’s high definition to us tecnhologically challenged folk!) HD means that the quality of your calls will be as great as you internet connection will allow.

6. Share-and-Share Alike. MSN Live Messenger now lets you send (and recieve) larger files. This is great for anyone using our SuperTintin software, because it allows you to send copies of your SuperTintin recorded videos to everyone you want to send them to easily, without needing specialist file transfer programmes.

7. Please Leave a Message after the Beep – Most SuperTintin users will understand completely how frustrating it is, when you’re trying to make a video call with someone, but they’re not home. But, thanks to MSN Live Messenger’s you can now leave them a quick voicemail style video message for them to pick up the next time that they sign into MSN. So, if you have something really important to say, or to show them, you can still do it without any problems.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on MSN Live Messenger and catch up with your friends. But, don’t forget to take your SuperTintin MSN Live Messenger Recording Software with you!

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Sony and Vizio is shipping Skype-enabled TVs later this year

Skype just annouced on CES that Sony and Vizio plan on shipping Skype-enabled Sony BRAVIA and VIZIO VIA TVs later this year, joining the products from Panasonic and Samsung that are already available to buy.

Jonathan Christensen, General Manager of Skype Platform Business Unit, says that Skype has been working with Panasonic and Sony to make it easy to get Skype on existing TV. People will be able to buy a Skype-enabled Panasonic or Sony Blu-ray Player and webcam and enjoy rich, real-time video conversations with friends and family around the world from their living room. You can use Skype Video call recorder SupTinTin with it.

Skype on TV

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Skype continues to accelerate while international call traffic has slumped

New estimates from TeleGeography show that International phone traffic grew an estimated 4 percent in 2010, to 413 billion minutes, down from 5 percent growth in 2009. International traffic from Skype users continues to accelerate, and that Skype’s share of international calling minutes has grown to an estimated 24.7% during 2010.

“Demand for international communications remains strong,” notes TeleGeography analyst Stephan Beckert. “But ever more people are discovering that they can communicate without the services of a telco.” They even don’t know that they can Record Skype Video call with SuperTinTin now

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Free EBook: Video Blogging Quickstart Guide

Dino Dogan just released his new book on Jan 3rd: Video Blogging Quickstart Guide. It is basically everything someone would need to know to do online video with bunch of links to additional information and resources.

Click here to get the free EBOOK(PDF).

    • Why Video Blogging?
      Video blogging helps you build connections with your viewers like no other blogging format. The close second is perhaps audio.


    • Shoot a Video
      #1 Audio:
      how do we make sure audio comes out OK?
      #2 Lighting:
      if you’re going to spend money, this is the area where most of your budget should go. If there’s one thing video experts agree on, it’s the paramount importance of proper lighting in shooting a video. In fact, proper lighting is more important than the type of camera you use. Why?
      #3 Camera:
      What kind of camera will you need to do online video?
      #4 Screen Capture:
      You can use software like Camtasia (for PC) and ScreenFlow (for Mac) to capture your computer screen. Combine it with an audio track and you can create visually rich and useful instructions for your viewership.


    • Editing a Video
      If at all possible, for the sake of speed and simplicity, don’t edit your videos.
      The next step up from there is to edit (trim) the very beginning and the very end. In fact, you can do this on YouTube.
      #5 Edit on Youtube
      #6: Editing Using Locally Installed Apps


And much more in this free EBOOK(PDF)!

About the Author, Dino Dogan
Dino Dogan is a blogger, writer, motorcyclist, dog trainer, singer/songwriter and martial artist. He’s currently working on Human-Dog Problem Tree, a thesis in human-dog relationships. You Can Record Skype video calls as well. His home is at

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Skype Will Be Banned in China?

Is China’s government going to ban Skype? Media reports over the past week have raised that prospect in relation to a government clampdown on “illegal” voice-over-Internet-protocol, or VoIP, telephone services. And the PC-to-phone parts of Skype’s service could be caught in a government sweep of VoIP. Beijing has long struggled with how to handle the Skype.

A Chinese government circular from the powerful Ministry of Information and Industry Technology called for a crackdown “on illegal VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) telephone services” and said it was collecting evidence for legal cases against them. It did not name any phone companies.

Skype was still available in China so far through its joint partner TOM.COM

Skype had not yet been contacted by Chinese government officials, a Skype spokesman said on Friday in the United States. A Tom Online marketing official also said that “all operations and user access are normal, and operations in China conform with national regulations.” On Monday, the Skype spokeswoman said, “Nothing has changed.” If this kind of changing is done then Skype Recorder SuperTinTin and Skype will not be able to use in China.

Skype China:
Skype Banned in China?

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Skype supports video call on iPhone/iPad/iPod! You Can Download Now!

Skype just announced that its new version for iPhone/iPad/iPod and it supports video call!

You can make and receive free Skype video calls on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and works over both WiFi and 3G connections.

Download from Apple store now!


iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch 4th generation:
You can make and receive video calls if it is i0S 4.0 or above.

iPad and iPod touch 3rd generation:
You can only receive video calls and record Skype video calls.

Skype iphone video Call Demo

Skype iPhone Video Call Screenshot

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Gizmodo: Facebook Code Renews Skype Video Chat Integration Rumors


A snippet of Facebook code has fueled existing rumors concerning a video chat feature on that platform, powered by Skype.

Facebook app developer Tal Alter discovered the code, called VideoChat, while digging around during development of his own application. The code “appears to have everything needed to introduce video chatting functionality,” he said.

Even more telling are the portions that mention Skype directly, which he believes indicate future integration with Skype address books or using your Skype ID to chat with Facebook users. The code also checks for ActiveX or Skype SDK plugin support, Alter said. [Green Any Site via Techmeme]


Skype Blog(Oct 14, 2010):

Facebook News Feed and Phonebook has been integrated into Skype 5.0, making it easier to stay connected with the people and communities you care about. We’ve revitalised the look and feel, making voice and video calling, instant messaging, screen sharing and file sharing intuitive and easy to navigate. And you can now bring even more of your family and friends together with the new group video calling feature available in open beta.

With Facebook integration, you can:

see your Facebook News Feed in Skype
post status updates that can be synced with your Skype mood message
comment and like friends’ updates and wall posts
call and SMS your Facebook friends on their mobile phones and landlines
make a free Skype-to-Skype call if your Facebook friend is also a Skype contact and also you can still Record Skype calls with SuperTinTin.

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Skype iPhone 4 Support Video Calling Soon?

Well, Engadget think this could be true and Skype may annouce this at CES next month.


“Skype has been telling everyone that it’ll be making a “series of video-related announcements” at CES next month… and it’s participating in a panel called “Video Calling Gets Ready for Primetime,”

“we’d have to guess that Skype’s finally getting ready to enter the mobile video calling game in a big way. Anyhow, the final piece in the puzzle filtered into our inbox this morning: a help document on Skype’s site detailing making video calls using Skype for iPhone.” you can use Skype video call recorder SuperTinTin in it as well.

Read the original Engadget article here.

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A Fun Skype Success Story

I found this wonderful story from Skype Forum.

The poster’s website:, a live online character-to-kid broadcasting.

“My Skype story is a truly life changing experience. My best friend introduced me to the wonders of Skype about a year and a half ago. With parents in Germany, one brother in South Africa and the other in Washington DC we loved it. It changed everything. We where a family again with our location being the smallest and most inconsequential detail!

One day I had the idea to use a puppet on my nephew in Washington to entertain him. When I introduced him to Fuzzy Bob and I wasn’t in the frame he chatted to him for the best part of an hour. Just him and Fuzzy Bob. It was a little bit of magic I couldn’t believe the reaction. He was hooked. Believing Fuzzy Bob to be his real furry friend. What was even more surprising was the tantrum that he threw when it was time to say goodbye! I was really onto something here. Great for me, not so good for my brother who rang me up the next day to say that his son had talked of nothing other then Fuzzy Bob and that we MUST do another live Skype link up as soon as possible.

9 Months later and my new company Fuzzberrys is now up and running. The main offering is a live, webcam chit chat with any one of my specially designed puppets. It’s a business that is truly global, having had Monty the Dragon do a live hook up to a Bar Mitzvah in the South of France to a birthday party “special live appearance” by Miss Thing, the glamour monster.

We are also doing live links with classrooms for assemblies and other fun learning activities. The kids have education, fun, learning and computers all working in total harmony together!

The wonder in a child’s eyes when they realise that these fantasy creations are actually talking and interacting with them is a joy for all to see and it’s not just the kids that love it. Adults revert back to their school days when chatting to these extraordinary friends! And the fact that (skype) Skype is so immensely easy to set and use has basically given me an opportunity to offer this unique service to anyone in the world! How many shops and services can boast to have over 10 million potential customers!”

you can Record Skype video calls as well and enjoy with your family as well.

Skype story

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5 reasons to use Skype for business

Businesses are using Skype to benefit from lower costs and expand how employees, customers, partners and suppliers communicate and collaborate with ease-of-use, greater convenience and efficiency.

Here are five reasons why people are using Skype for business:

1. If you can’t arrange an in-person meeting, suggest hosting the meeting over a Skype video call. Ensure you have a high quality webcam and microphone, high-speed Internet access, and Skype software downloaded to your computer.

2. Skype’s latest 5.0 for Windows can support group video calling up to 10 ways, so you can talk to multiple colleagues or customers.

3. If you want an easy way to manage and allocate credit for multiple Skype accounts for your organization, use Skype Manager.

4. If you want to show a demo or run through a presentation, Skype’s screen sharing feature is easy and useful.

5. Thounds of featured extras such as remote desktop, recorders, white board tools etc.

Skype has some blogs about how business are using Skype. Also you Record Skype video calls using SuperTinTin to record your business calls.

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Skype CEO Tony Bates: Skype stabilized. (Video)

Tony Bates:

“I wanted to continue to update you on the status of the outage. We’ve been able to successfully stabilize Skype due to the dedicated supernodes deployed by Skype’s engineering team. We’re at roughly 90 percent of normal user volumes.

Audio, video and IM are running normally. But, a couple of our offerings, including offline IM and Group Video Calling, are not available yet, and we are working hard to restore them in due course.

We now understand the cause of the problem and we believe it was not caused by a malicious attack. But, we are still doing a full analysis and we will provide an in-depth post-mortem.

Nothing can make up for the missed experiences, but we’re going to be sending our Pay As You Go and Pre-Pay users a Skype Credit voucher via email. The voucher can be used to give you approximately 30 minutes of free calling to landlines anywhere in the world.” You can Record Skype video calls using Skype and SuperTinTin now.

Learn more

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Skype is the most popular iPhone app of 2010

According to this article, Skype is the most popular iPhone app of 2010. You can Record Skype Video calls using SuperTinTin as well.

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Michigan soldier uses Skype to watch daughter’s birth

The Daily Telegram in Adrian reports that technology allowed the Michigan soldier to at least watch from Afghanistan and speak with his wife as child number three made her way into the world.

John DeLine used Skype to be with his wife, Kathy, during Megan DeLine’s Dec. 14 birth. The Internet telephone and video calling service allows two people with computers to call and see each other.

Kathy DeLine told the newspaper it was good her husband could be part of Megan’s birth.
John DeLine last was home in July. He is scheduled to end his tour and return to Michigan in February. He has also used Skype Recorder to record Skype.

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Top 5 video editing software

According to, the top 5 video editing software are,

1. Windows Movie Maker
2. VideoSpirit Pro
3. Nero Multimedia Suite 10
4. CyberLink PowerDirector
5. Corel VideoStudio Pro

And SuperTinTin is best Skype Recorder to Record Audio and Video calls.

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Skype is still down – 10 million calls affected

Skype Twitter: “Thanks for your continued patience while we get everyone back online – sorry especially to those of you who are still waiting”

So Skype have not get this fixed yet. At least for some people, they still can not sign in the service.

Peter Parkes’s last post is still this.

“Problems signing in to Skype – Some of you may have problems signing in to Skype – we’re investigating, and we’re sorry for the disruption to your conversations. ”

You can check Skype status here if you can not log in.

Update 1:

Millions of people around the world were hit by a huge and unidentified problem.

Skype’s last outrage occurred in 2007. A company which prides itself on providing a reliable service was again hit by a huge problem. However, Skype, just as they did last time, apologised for the inconvenience caused to users as far afield as Japan .

Update 2:

It is estimated that around 10 million calls – almost half the normal volume – were affected when the popular internet phone service Skype crashed on Wednesday.

Update 3:

One day after an outage that left millions of users without phone service, Skype said on Thursday that it’s begun to see a “significant increase” in the number of people able to connect.

“Because of the way the Skype software works, it’s not possible for anyone to obtain an exact figure, but we now estimate it to be over 10 million,” the company’s head blogger Peter Parkes said in a blog post today.

At the same time, however, Skype cautioned that certain features may still be hampered by the outage which began on Wednesday – in particular, peoples’ online status may update slowly; the same for the delivery of instant messages. Skype also said group video calling “will take longer to return to normal.”

Update 4:

Skype estimates that about two-thirds of its users are still unable to log in after an outage caused by problems with its underlying peer-to-peer interconnection system, it said in a blog post around midday European time Thursday.

Almost 5 million users are back online, Skype said, but that’s still only around 30 percent of the number it would expect to see at the time of the blog posting.

The number of logged-in users is increasing all the time, but it’s not possible for Skype to predict when all users will be able to sign in and start making calls again, the company said.

Even for Europe users able to log in earlier today, some instant messages and calls went undelivered or unanswered. Most of the users could not be able to Record Skype Call due to this problem.

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Skype is down today?

Skype says they observed a unexpected keep falling number of people online today.

From Skype site:

“Skype isn’t a network like a conventional phone or IM network – instead, it relies on millions of individual connections between computers and phones to keep things up and running. Some of these computers are what we call ‘supernodes’ – they act a bit like phone directories for Skype. If you want to talk to someone, and your Skype app can’t find them immediately (for example, because they’re connecting from a different location or from a different device) your computer or phone will first try to find a supernode to figure out how to reach them.

Under normal circumstances, there are a large number of supernodes available. Unfortunately, today, many of them were taken offline by a problem affecting some versions of Skype. As Skype relies on being able to maintain contact with supernodes, it may appear offline for some of you.

What are we doing to help? Our engineers are creating new ‘mega-supernodes’ as fast as they can, which should gradually return things to normal. This may take a few hours, and we sincerely apologise for the disruption to your conversations. Some features, like group video calling, may take longer to return to normal.

Enterprise products including Skype Connect and Skype Manager continue to function normally.

Customers using the enterprise version of Skype for Windows may still experience delays signing in.” You can Record Skype video calls with SuperTinTin now.

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Video: Record your Skype video call and share the precious moments

Check this funny video recorded from a Skype video chat.

You can get a lot more from here

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Where to download an old version of Skype

Many people don’t like Skype latest version and prefer to use an old one.You can Record Skype video calls with SuperTinTin.

Here is a full list of all Skype releases.

Skype 14 December, 2010 (1 week ago) 19.84 MB
Skype 14 October, 2010 (2 months ago) 19.85 MB
Skype 07 September, 2010 (3 months ago) 18.19 MB
Skype 20 May, 2010 (7 months ago) 21.91 MB
Skype 10 May, 2010 (7 months ago) 21.92 MB
Skype 27 April, 2010 (8 months ago) 21.88 MB
Skype 08 April, 2010 (8 months ago) 21.87 MB
Skype 10 March, 2010 (9 months ago) 21.89 MB
Skype 25 February, 2010 (10 months ago) 21.89 MB
Skype 12 October, 2009 (1 year ago) 21.21 MB
Skype 03 September, 2009 (1 year ago) 21.2 MB
Skype 22 July, 2009 (1 year ago) 21.23 MB
Skype 30 June, 2009 (1 year ago) 19.66 MB
Skype 22 April, 2009 (2 years ago) 19.66 MB
Skype 30 March, 2009 (2 years ago) 19.53 MB
Skype 18 March, 2009 (2 years ago) 22.5 MB
Skype 11 March, 2009 (2 years ago) 22.5 MB
Skype 03 February, 2009 (2 years ago) 2.15 MB
Skype 19 November, 2008 (2 years ago) 21.25 MB

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Unlimited Free Skype Calls

It is true. At least for now. Check this Skype calling plan. It looks good. Skype doesn’t mention how long this promotion would last.

1. Unlimited calls for FREE for the first month, instead of $6.99.

2. Subscriptions are only free for the first month. After this, your subscription will automatically continue and payments will be charged monthly unless you cancel. You can Record Skype video calls as well.

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