What Makes SuperTinTin the Best Skype Video Call Recorder?

Recording a video call is all about preserving memories. It’s all about being able to look back at a conversation and relive the moment and the feeling. This is why it’s very important that when you get a Skype video call recorder, you get the best one possible.

Aren’t you tired of spending a whole lot of money and effort on video call recorders that produce grainy, choppy, and overall bad recordings? If so, then you might want to check out the best Skype video call recorder today: SuperTinTin.

SuperTinTin for Skype

What makes SuperTinTin so awesome, you ask?

1) Awesome Quality

The biggest difference between SuperTinTin and other recording programs is its awesome quality. Here’s the thing: most video call recorders today are nothing more than glorified screen capture programs; they record the area of your screen showing the video leading to pixelated video output.

SuperTinTin, however, records the actual feed, which makes sure that the recording retains the video quality of the original Skype call, which is determined by the camera quality of the other party, not your screen resolution.

This recorder also manages to produce awesome audio which, in some cases, may even be more important than video. SuperTinTin gives you the best of both worlds when producing output by making sure that the video and audio are as smooth as possible.

2. Newbie-friendly

You don’t have to be a computer or media expert to learn how to work SuperTinTin. The installation comes easy and you will be guided in every step of the way. You won’t have to bother with third-party programs, codecs, and other technical mumbo-jumbo with SuperTinTin–everything’s straightforward and easy.

Using it is also a piece of cake! The interface itself ensures that you’ll know exactly how to record your Skype video call and produce the output you want.

Supertintin for skype recording

3. Feature-packed

SuperTinTin comes with a whole lot of features, such as:

  • Unlimited record time–you don’t really know how long your call’s going to take, so why limit your recording? Capture everything you need and want.
  • Conference support–record every feed in a conference. Get everyone’s ideas on tape.
  • Picture-in-picture–get the video outputs to appear however you want. Whether it’s picture-in-picture, side by side, or one screen on top of another; the video configuration can appear according to your desire.

Skype is incomplete without SuperTinTin

With all these great features, SuperTinTin is exactly the Skype video call recorder you want. So what are you waiting for? Get it today!

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Read on, Retry, Resolve: Top 5 Common Skype Problems

Skype video calls troubleshoot

Sick of Skype problems happening again and again in each call? Before you completely trash it from your computer, stop!

Breathe in and out.

All you have to do is read on, retry, and resolve the issues.


Problem 1: “We can hear fine, but the other side can’t hear us at all.”

Is your internet connection up to speed?  If it is, look at the specifics. Ask yourself, “Which should I use–the headset or the laptop mic?” Sometimes it’s just a matter of technicalities!

“But my mic’s all good!” you argue. Simultaneous BitTorrent or other peer-to-peer node usage slows down your internet and affects your calls. Turn your downloader off. And if someone on the same connection is accessing a peer-to-peer media sharing software, ask him to pause for a while and have all internet speed dedicated to your ever so important Skype video call.


Problem 2: “What’s wrong with my webcam? I can’t see anything at all!”

First, check your webcam; it’s probably turned off or disconnected.

“But my webcam is on! What are you talking about?” you may be yelling. Check your computer’s webcam setting by clicking on “Call Quality” right beside the “Add participants” or plus sign button in your contact’s screen. Red or yellow means that you need further configuration to get the best quality call. How? Check the settings; click the icon you want to configure and a list of tips will appear to help you resolve your issue.

Still not the answer you’re looking for? It’s probably a driver problem. Check if your drivers and loading. Sign out of Skype and then restart. Find out if your drivers are up to date, and download the necessary updaters from the webcam manufacturer’s website.


Problem 3: “It’s group video call but there’s no video!”

“I can’t send and I can’t receive video! What’s up with that?” you wonder. Remember, always get the latest version of Skype. Although those without Skype 5.0 or higher are able to send and receive audio, they cannot send and receive video.

Take note that if Skype converts your video call to audio alone despite having the latest version, it’s probably because your group call has more than ten people in it. Limit your call to ten people if you want video in your group call.


Problem 4: “Screen sharing wont let us share!”

Again, it could just be a matter of Skype versions. Ensure that you and the person you’re in a video call with both have a Skype version that supports screen sharing.

“Duh, we already know that!” you utter. Okay, then maybe it’s your bandwidth. Check if you have enough bandwidth to share your screen, if you don’t, close all programs or apps that slow your computer down.


Problem 5: “Sometimes I echo or sound like a robot, what’s the deal?”

If you hear your voice echoing it’s probably because of a problem on the other end. If this happens, lower the speaker volume or move the mic away from the speakers. You can also opt to buy headphones that eliminate this issue.

“My words are getting cut off” you complain. Like most Skype call problems, your robot voice is a result of a slow internet connection. Try closing applications that depend on the Internet and it’s sure to help.

Whenever you’re on your last nerve with Skype problems, stop for a moment. Read, retry, and resolve! You’ll be able to reconnect with people you love in a jiffy!

Always be prepared when you hold Skype video calls with your family and friends. Secure every conversation with SuperTinTin’s audio and video recording services, so that whenever you experience Skype video call problems, you can easily record every moment and hit playback to get your conversation back on track!

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Missed a Skype Video Conference? Just Hit Replay

SuperTintin for Skype

Nowadays, many remote workers prefer group video calls and conferences to conduct meetings. Why not? It has replaced the dreaded daily commute and saves gas and energy.

From the boss who wants to know how the project is going along, to the project manager who needs to sort out the next procedures, and to the freelancer who just wants clear instructions, video calls allow everyone to work anywhere, on any device they have (say tablets, PCs, and laptops), and on any time convenient for them. In turn, decisions are made faster, and projects are completed sooner.

Of course, not everyone has time on their side, so missing a video conference will happen sooner or later. And even if you’re present during the video conference, sometimes, you end up finding yourself zoning out on some parts of the call due to distractions, unexpected emails, and even an instant message from your friend.

Don’t you just wish you can go back in time and really give your 100% focus to a video conference call? Well, actually you can (in a sense).

Recording a Skype Video Conference

Fortunately, solutions are always available in these ever advancing technological times.  Recording Skype video calls, using plugins like SuperTintin, enables participants to view a video conference or training in his own time.

This is particularly beneficial to businesses with dispersed employees striving to support a productive workforce. With recorded Skype video calls to review and refer to, you are better equipped to make informed decisions. The following are more applications of recording Skype video calls in business:

    • Training on-demand. Never miss out on an ongoing training or seminar. Watch replays of  instructors making presentations, slides, and Q/A during live video trainings. This is a boon to participants of distance education classes or corporate training sessions who want to catch up on lessons or review certain classes.
    • Catch up on missed meetings. Colleagues who were absent during a multipoint executive video conference will be able to view its recording on their iPad or PC. You can also get up to date by replaying and referring to recorded project management review meetings or recurring inter-office meetings.
    • For company records. Compile a video library of all recorded conferences, webcasts, or training. This serves as a valuable catalogue for access anytime by employees or field staff.
    • Transcribe important calls. Record important Skype video calls with a potential business partner for transcription into legal contracts or for quick text reference.
    • Protect business interest in case of contract disputes. Records of video calls, done legally, can stand as evidence in court. Such records can save you and your business!

Skype plugins like SuperTintin that record video calls make it easy for business associates and team members to collaborate and interact over distance. Every one can get updated on office matters with just a click of a button.

But hey, it’s no excuse to skip the next video conference with the boss. So record that video conference now and give your team a chance to be more responsive. Watch your organization grow smarter and more profitable with the maximum utilization of video calls.

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3 Easy Steps to get Free Skype Credits [Limited Offer!]

When it comes to online calls and video chats, Skype dominates the laptops and mobile phones of the public. Skype is known for its wide variety of free communication services. Though less popular than the free services, Skype also offers text messaging, landline and mobile phone calls, and connection to wifi hotspots, but these services would require you some Skype Credits. Skype Credits can be easily purchased, but frankly, the difficulty or ease in payment isn’t really what makes them less popular. It’s the need for payment itself.

But what if I tell you that you can get Skype Credits for free?

There are a lot of tricks to get Skype Credits for free, but most of them require you to answer a survey or register this and that. While the other methods are rather annoying, this one would only require you to click a Facebook Like button!

 Step 1 Hide your IP Address

This step would only be necessary for those not residing in the US, Canada, or England since the free Skype Credits offer is only valid in the given areas. Hide that IP with a lot of IP alternating software available in the net.

 Step 2 Like the Facebook Page and get the coupon code

Log into your Facebook account and like the iFeelGoods page. The page will give you a coupon code to get your free Skype Credits.

Tip: If you have installed Facebook security features, better log in first before changing your IP address.

 Step 3 Redeem free Credits on Skype

Log into Skype and click this link. Just enter the coupon code and enjoy your free Skype Credits! If you fail to get one, there are a lot more sites that offer free Skype credit coupons. Again, this is a limited offer so you better hurry!

Want something that’s not limited?

Try SuperTinTin! SuperTinTin is a recording tool that allows you to easily record online conversations. This tool is perfect for online interviews, conferences, lessons, podcasts, or family VoIP calls.

SuperTinTin offers:

  • Both audio and video recording in highest quality
  • Easy record and playback
  • More video position options or even separate files
  • Hard drive and USB saving

And just like Skype Credits, you can get SuperTinTin for free! Check out their site for more details and promos at http://www.supertintin.com!

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Things to Keep in Check when Conducting a Remote Job Interview

Record your online interview with SupreTinTIn

In a fast paced world where documents are sent in an instant, strangers are connected across the globe, and transactions are made with a click of the mouse, it’s not a surprise that corporate norms change along with everything else.

Job interviews are one of the many corporate activities that have developed in step with these changes. With today’s advanced technology, people in different areas can conduct interviews through online video calls.

It may sound cool and convenient, but don’t just rush to try one out and risk bowing off an interview. After all, this is still a corporate matter. Take time to read these important pointers before conducting that successful online interview:


Before the interview

Complete the necessary tools.

  • Equip your computer with Skype to conduct and capture the remote interview.
  • Check if the other party has Skype installed on their computers or if he/she is willing to download it.
  • Download a call-recording tool designed for Skype to capture the interview. For starters, you may want to try SuperTinTin.


Invest in equipment that matter.

  • Use a quality microphone to avoid miscommunication. USB tabletop microphones or XLR microphones are highly recommended over headset microphones.
  • Prepare a superior webcam. Some built-in webcams in laptops may not display quality videos so it’s better to test them out first.

During the interview:

Listen. Listen. Listen.

  • Don’t worry about taking down notes. This is a video call interview remember? All you have to do is hit that record button, and pay attention to the interviewee’s answers.
  • Take turns. Given that it’s an online interview, being on the same pace while differing in environment can be quite hard. Keep your questions short and concise, and give the other person a cue to answer.


Observe what must be observed.

  • Sometimes, it’s not just the answers that matter. Take note of how the interviewee is dressed. Though online, this interview should remain formal and corporate.
  • Examine the environment. How does the backdrop look? Are there any disturbing background noises? If there are, ask your interviewee to move to a quieter location; make sure yours is equally quiet and formal.

After the interview:

Save the video conversation.

  • Rename the file with the interviewee’s last name, position, date of interview, and other necessary information.
  • Save all the video interviews in a separate folder from the rest of the files in the computer.
  • Have the interview transcribed. It’s better to have two types of copies for better review or to send to your higher-ups.

Finished reading all the pointers? Then suit up and get that camera rolling! You’re now ready to conduct your first remote interview, good luck!

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Top Skype Add-Ons That You Should Try

Did you know that you can use Skype without being logged in on your computer the whole day? How about using an answering machine to accept Skype calls when you’re not around?Supertintin one of Skypes best add ons

Skype is the most widely used Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), instant messaging, and video call service across the world.  Apart from its built-in features, you can also install add-ons that can take your Skype experience to the next level.

Without ado, here’s our top Skype add-ons:


Who doesn’t love music? Last.fm allows you to listen to any song of your choice and also browse through the music collection of other Skype and Last.fm users. Moreover, this add-on gives you additional information on the song that you’re listening to, the artist, and related searches that you might like.


Amy is a software/personal assistant that helps you answer your Skype calls whenever you’re not around. The great thing about this add-on is that it helps you screen your calls easily based on the degree of social separation in your contact list. Moreover, you can use Amy to deliver scheduled messages if you plan to go out and you’d be leaving your phone.

Unyte’s Desktop Sharing

With Skype’s built-in video calling feature, you can do conferences along with Unyte’s Skype add-on for collaborative desktop sharing. It basically lets you pick what documents or applications to share within the conference call.

SuperTintin Recorder

SuperTintin records both audio and video calls with just a click of a button. It produces high quality video because this add-on records the original media, instead of just using screen capture. You can also choose if you’d like to record the data from a remote or a local webcam.

Looking For Other Add Ons?

These are just some of the few cool Skype add-ons available that we find extremely useful. You can Google other applications that you have in mind and it just might be available!


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What Are The Benefits Of Using Skype Video Calling?

Skype helps bridge the distance between people across the world. Its calling and instant messaging services bring people together, even though they are miles apart. Whether for personal use or for businesses, Skype’s video calling feature is sure to satisfy with quality calls.
The great thing about Skype is that its calling services are free! With just a webcam and a microphone, you’re ready to talk to your wife or check up on your business pronto.

Make your online conversations more personal!

recording a HD skype video call

Video calling gets you connected immediately, with just a click of a button and a steady internet connection. You can contact your friends around the world and become more actively involved in the lives of those you care about. The personal touch that a video call can make in online interactions makes Skype’s video calling better than other forms of mobile conversations.
Skype’s video calling can be used for a lot of purposes, whether it be personal or business. It allows you to :
Keep in touch with your family and relatives in a matter of minutes.

Catch up with friends, wherever they are.
Attend or conduct job interviews.
Attend meetings or conference talks online, and
Create podcasts for online distribution.

Wish there was a way to record your video calls?

Skype doesn’t have a built-in feature that allows its users to record video calling, but you can install third-party software to do the job. There are a lot of programs that can help you record your video conversations and save it in video formats to be played on your computer.

Torn on what tool to use to get the best results?

Make the right choice and pick SuperTintin! It works superb and is easy to use, especially if you’re using a Windows operating system. It’s fully compatible with Windows OS’ newer and earlier versions. Plus, it’s not a drag to download because it’s only 3mb.

SuperTintin can record high quality Skype video calls smoothly. Best of all, it saves your recordings on common video formats like .mp4, .wmv, and .avi. SuperTintin is stable and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about being cut off in the middle of recording your video call. Check out their website and give it a try!

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Off the Record: Why Skype Doesn’t Provide A Recording Feature

skype recording

Starting up your own business has its perks. Not only do you control your own time but you can also do all work from the comforts of your home. All you need is a speedy internet connection and a reliable software such as Skype and you’re ready to go!
Besides helping you get connected to friends and family all around the world, Skype can help bring your business world together as well. Networking has never been this easy!
You see, with just one click of a button you can conduct interviews with applicants without the need of being in one single room. You can even call a meeting via internet and bring together people minus the transportation costs.
Skype allows you to have countless face-to-face conversations with your own people. May they be in or out of your continent, around the neighborhood, or across the globe, you can reach them anytime! Have a video call with your supplier or contact your delivery team directly from their mobile phone. It’s as easy as one, two, three. Just download, connect, and then communicate!

Skype Off the Record

Indeed, Skype can give almost all means of communication, but what it cannot give is the service SuperTinTin can: putting it on the record. Skype doesn’t provide a means of recording your conversations.
According to Skype’s Privacy Policy, it does not permit the disclosure of the user’s personal information. This includes the personal and/or traffic data or communication content taken from the said software. The information and data will only be made public if it is consented by the user himself, or unless obliged to do so under applicable laws or by order of competent authorities.
There have been recent instances wherein Skype had been accused of monitoring and recording audio and video calls, but Mark Gillet, company’s Chief Development and Operating Officer, has already denied these accusations by explaining that calls are established directly between participating Skype nodes (clients).
With the outburst of articles and news concerning this issue, Skype continues to abide by the accordance of its privacy policy and reiterates that they will only authorize when it is legally required and technically feasible.

SuperTinTin to the Rescue

skype recording

Thank heavens then that there is a third-party application called SuperTinTin to the rescue. Skype users can now opt to avail recording services. SuperTinTin allows you to start saving your online video and audio conversations legally.
No more fuss about privacy because now you can keep personal copies of your interviews, conferences, and meetings to name a few. By capturing original media data, SuperTinTin records your audio, video streams including Skype voice mails, and screen sharing videos in the highest quality.
What are you waiting for? Read more about what SuperTinTin can do for you in putting your business on the record. Or you can just click here to download and install SuperTintin and give it a try.

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5 Useful Tips in Recording a Successful Skype Video Call

Skype is the most popular online phone service provider worldwide. It offers services such as instant messaging, voice calls, conferences, and of course, video chat. According to statisticbrain.com, a huge 40% chunk of Skype users log in to Skype for its video chat feature. Most users, especially with loved ones from afar, even record these video conversations. Now if you’re one of them, I say read on!

Download a trusty recorder.

Unfortunately, Skype does not have its own video chat recorder, but there are a handful of recording tools you can download! But this gets quite tricky since not all available recorders on the internet are safe for your computers. In my case, I use SuperTinTin, since it’s a decent site, and the testimonials are convincing.

It pays to pay for your recorder.

There are a lot of free video chat recorders available on the internet, but I believe the paid recorders deserve more of your attention. Most, if not all, of the free recorders have adware or spyware, or sometimes, even worse: both. Moreover, paid recorders produce videos with better quality. If you’re worried about paying for the wrong recorder, most of them have trial versions.

Connection disconnection.

A good internet connection would always be your video chat recorder’s best friend. No matter how high-quality the videos of your recorder produces, you would still end up looking all robotic if your internet connection’s all sucky. You’d always need a good internet connection and a good recorder. They’re just inseparable like that!

Configurations please!

supertintin recording a Skype call

You may want to adjust the settings of your recorder before you head on to recording your every conversation. The “settings” options are usually just on the menu bar. As for the recorder i used, i just clicked the “Help” button on the menu bar and dragged down to “options.” This may get a little tricky depending on how many variations is available on your recorder. In my case, SuperTinTin offers quite a lot, but it’s still easy to adjust them anyway.

Trials. Trials. Trials.

It is always better to try any new product before using it for the real deal. Upon trial, learn its controls. You wouldn’t really want the person on the other line frown as you panic about which button to click. More so, if you got your embarrassing mistake recorded! To stay safe on this matter, I stick to recorders with simple controls.
With all that said, I believe you’re ready for your first successful Skype video recording. Now, go forth and make good memories!

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Skype Releases Version 5.8 for Windows

Skype has released a new version of their software last February 2, 2012.  Skype 5.8 can now be download from the “Get Skype” section of www.skype.com.

New features and improvements of Skype 5.8 for Windows includes:

  • Full HD video-calling
  • Support for Facebook audio and video-calling (beta)
  • Group screen sharing
  • Hide offline Facebook contacts
  • Push to Talk
  • Skype updater service
  • Bing Bar integration

There are some known bugs or issues existed in previous versions that have been fixed or resolved in this new release. Supertintin is also compatible for Skype new version, You can download and enjoy it as well.  You can download Skype 5.8 by visiting the Skype website or click the link below;




Source/Original Article


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Remote Cam Recording Problems – How to Fix (Supertintin for Skype version)

There are times that Supertintin is unable to detect the video feed of the person you are video calling (also called as the remote cam).   Such problems can be easily resolved by updating your recorder and some components in your computer, or following a certain booting sequence.  Below are some suggestions and procedures that would most likely fix problems in recording the remote cam.


1.       Restart Your Computer

In most cases, rebooting computer immediately solve such and similar recording problems.

2.        Update your Supertintin Recorder

Common and known recording issues are often fixed when we release a new version of the Supertintin recorder.   There is no fee in updating your recorder, just copy and save your registered email address and license code as you may be asked to re-enter them after installing a newer version of Supertintin.  Below is the direct download link of the latest version of the Supertintin recorder (Skype version)


3.       Update Skype

For better call and recording quality and stability, having the latest version of Skype is advisable.   You can get the latest version of Skype by visiting the link below;


4.       Booting Sequence

Based from actual feedback from some customer who experience similar problems, a particular booting order also fix remote cam recording problem.  The suggested order is;

a. Open Skype
b.  After 60 Seconds, open Supertintin.  If after 60 seconds your Skype status is still not displaying as “online”, you may need to wait a couple of seconds more.
c.  Then wait for another 60 seconds before making a call and start recording.

5.       Update Windows and Your Device Drivers

Download and install remaining updates for your operating system.   Also double-check if your device drivers (display, audio, webcam, or microphone, – whichever are present in your computer) are all up to date.   You can visit the manufacturer’s website of the device drivers present in your computer to check if there are newer versions of their drivers, or just use the Update Device Drivers feature of Windows operating system.

6.       Temporarily Remove  Other Recorders In Your Computer

There are times that other Skype recorders interfere with the Skype’s and Supertintin’s processes, which may results to recording issues.   You can also try to temporarily remove other programs that interact with Skype (such as history logger, translators, webcam effects programs, etc).   In some case, you can simply disallow access of third party software by opening menu Tools >>> Options >>> Advanced >>> Advanced Settings, then clicking “Manage Other Programs’ Access to Skype” (you can re-allow their access anytime).

7.        Run Computer Maintenance and Security Scans

First, fully update your anti-virus program then run a full anti-virus scan (choose the most advanced scans if possible) to eliminate the possibility that a virus, malware or similar elements are causing the problem.

Then perform computer maintenance processes such as disk defrag, registry cleaning, disc checkup, deleting old, duplicate and unused files, and removing unnecessary programs in your computer.  Such process will not only help improve the performance of Skype and Supertintin, but other programs installed in your computer as well.

If the suggestions above still don’t resolve the issue, you can send an email to support@supertintin.com for further assistance.



Customer Support Manager
January 9, 2012


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Skype new version supports group screen sharing

Skype just released 5.7 beta for Windows which supports group screen sharing. This is the first time Skype supporting group screen sharing on its Windows version. Although Skype 5.2 for Mac supports this feature already.

The new features of the Skype 5.7 beta for Windows are:

Group screen sharing
Video calls to Facebook users
Push to Talk
Facebook contacts logic updates
Lot of bug fixes

Group screen sharing is a neat feature for everyone who needs to organize meetings for remote parties.

It is now possible to conveniently share the your entire screen or a single application window to the other participants on the conference call whilst continuing to stream your own video as well. you can also Record Skype video calls using Supertintin with this version as well.

To download latest Skype 5.7 beta for Windows, click here.

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More Than 16,000 Teachers Signed On Skype Classroom

More than 16,000 teachers have signed up on Skype in the Classroom, since a beta version was launched in December. Skype has been going on for many, many years, and teachers have been finding each other and they’ve been finding ways to use the power of Skype in the educational process for a long time,” said Skype CEO Tony Bates on Wednesday at the Social Good Summit. “We really felt that it was time to take this to the next level … moving from grassroots Skype in the classroom to an initiative driven by Skype.

No longer simply a software application that allows users to make free voice calls over the Internet, its goal is to sign up a million classrooms and bring them together to share exciting projects and ideas. Communicating around the world via the Internet is not new. My son, who is now 27, was in sixth grade when he took part in MayaQuest, a program that connected teachers and students with an expedition team in Central America as they explored the mysterious collapse of the ancient Maya civilization. Every day for two weeks, my son and his classmates talked to the experts via email and watched them as they made their way on bikes.

Video Recorded for Skype Classroom

Skype Making Global Communication Easier

What has long been accomplished between teachers using Wikis and individual project websites is now getting some organizational help from Skype.

Using the platform, teachers can create profiles that describe their classes and teaching interests. They can also search a directory of teachers from all over the world by student age range, language and subject.

What is perhaps Skype in the Classroom’s most useful feature is a “project” tab that helps teachers find partner classrooms for projects and ideas. One teacher, for instance, used the platform to coordinate a “weather around the world” unit. A middle school in Massachusetts regularly chats with an Afghan youth peace volunteer group. Another was able to host a virtual visit from Barbara Bush. Most of the students are also recording Skype video calls to save the lectures of teachers which are given on Skype video calls.

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Video: More Educators Use Skype for Tutoring Lessons

More and more educators are turning to Skype to conduct long-distance lessons and even drum up new business. Skype in the Classroom offers numerous benefits to classrooms, teachers and students around the world. Rich Skype addons, like IDroo(whiteboard sharing), SuperTintin(video recording), help people use Skype in their classrooms.

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Skype New Version Improves Screen Sharing

Skype released Skype 5.6 for Windows today. The new version have improved the way you start and control screen sharing during a call. When you start a ‘Share screens’ session there is now an introductory message where you can select to share in full screen mode or in a window. You can also select which window or monitor to share, in case you have more than one available.

Skype Screen Sharing

A great New getting started experience

The new version also also improved the first time set-up experience for new Skype users. The new getting started process walks you through a number of easy steps to help set up Skype, so it’s working as it should – including setting up the webcam, checking the audio and adding a profile picture, so it’s easier for your friends to be able to find you on Skype.

Skype New Getting Started Wizard

Other main changes in Skype 5.6 are:

      Small changes to the call controls


      The ‘Call Phones’ button has been moved


      Updated ‘Click to Call’ browser plugins


      In call advertising


      ‘Skype Home’ UI improvements in compact mode


          Share your thoughts about this new version on our Support Network or in case you see the odd issue then please report it to us on our public issue tracker. You can Record Skype video calls in new Skype version as well.



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The Prince of Wales makes a call using Skype

The Prince of Wales makes a call using Skype during a visit to open @age_uk Tavis House, London. They had a look on Skype video call recorder Supertintin as well.

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Skype New Version 5.5 for Deeper Facebook integration

Skype just released its new production version 5.5

Upgrade now and take advantage of these new features and improvements.

Skype to Facebook instant messaging
New and updated emoticons
New login experience
Improved call controls
Improved video calling reliability
Simplified installer flow
Avatar selection improved
Video snapshot capture improvements
Changed group conversations profile area
Plus several bug fixes

Supertintin also released a new update which is fully compatible with Skype 5.5 to Record Skype video calls.

Please let us know what you think about this new version of Skype by discussing on our Support Network – and if you should see any strange behavior on Skype please let us know by filing a report on our public issue tracker.

Detailed descriptions of the main improvements:

Facebook integration
Now when you connect to Facebook you can see when your Facebook friends are online and IM with them directly from Skype. In addition you can view and update your Skype Mood Message and Facebook status and even view comments or ‘like’ posts from your Facebook wall, directly from Skype Home. You can now also set specific notification settings for your Facebook friends, which is a new update since the Skype 5.5 Beta.

New and updated emoticons
Being one of the most popular requests, we have introduced a set of new emoticons and changed around the order of the existing ones. Type into Skype (facepalm), (highfive), (lalala), (tumbleweed), (wfh), (fingerscrossed) and (waiting) to see the new members of the emoticon family. In addition these 7 new emoticons we have reanimated the old emoticons to give them a fresh new look!

Improved call controls
We have made numerous design modifications to the call controls to reduce the number of buttons available when making a call, thus making the overall experience simpler. Also, we have added a ‘+’ menu which includes all of the extra call features available – like Screen Sharing or sending a file.

Improved video calling reliability
In this version we have made numerous ‘under the hood’ updates to our video engine to improve its reliability. We have reduced the amount of graphic card resources needed for video calls and improved support for older cards, especially for users with SiS graphics cards.

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CNN: Job interviews on Skype

CNN — If you haven’t already had an important meeting — like a job interview — on Skype, chances are that you will. Get ready for your close-up.

By Anne Fisher

Now that Microsoft (MSFT) is shelling out $8.5 billion to buy Skype, the service — which already claims 170 million users and 40% annual growth — seems poised to become even more ubiquitous in the business world.

Already, says Bill Rosenthal, Skype interviews are fast replacing phone screenings as a way for employers to check out job candidates before, or even instead of, an in-person sit-down.
Rosenthal is chief executive of Communispond, a 42-year-old coaching firm that teaches communications skills to executives. His six tips for projecting the right persona in cyberspace:

1. Choose a professional username. As with an email address you use for business, a Skype account with a moniker like hotpants33 or partyanimal2011 is a dumb idea.

2. Practice talking to your computer. Before a Skype meeting or interview, “make sure you’re familiar with the technology,” Rosenthal suggests. “Practice using it. Rehearse with a friend.”

3. Arrange the right setting. You want to be seen against an uncluttered background with no distracting objects, movement, or sound. “There shouldn’t be light behind you, because it will darken your face,” Rosenthal says. “Move your monitor if you have to.”

4. Block out interruptions. Turn off your cell phone, of course, but also, if you’re Skype-ing from home, banish your family and pets for the duration. As with an old-school phone interview, howling dogs and importuning children will do you no favors.

5. Back it up a little. “Don’t move too close to the monitor. You don’t want only your face showing,” Rosenthal says.

6. Make (virtual) eye contact. Gazing at the computer screen instead of the camera while you’re talking will make you seem shifty. But “don’t stare unblinkingly at the camera”, either, which will just make you look weird. “As in a live meeting or interview, remember that the first impression you make will be lasting,” Rosenthal notes. So, particularly for a job interview, be sure to look the part: “Even if the company has a reputation for being laid-back and casual, wear a suit.” Some things never change.

You can also Check Skype video call recorder Supertintin to make Video of your Skype video calls.

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Microsoft near to $7 Billion Deal to Buy Skype

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is close to an agreement to buy Skype Technologies SA for more than $7 billion, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing unidentified people familiar with the matter.

An accord may be announced as early as today though the deal may still fall apart, the Journal reported. The report said that representatives for Microsoft and Skype declined to comment. It is confirmed that Microsoft has bought Skype but still Skype Recorder Supertintin will works with new Skype.

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AOL Launches “Incredibly Easy” Video Chat Service

AOL is on the verge of launching a “shiny new video chat product dubbed ‘AV’”. And it actually looks pretty good. It’s video chat, but super-simple. You don’t need an account to use it. You don’t need anything (besides, sadly, Flash installed on your computer). You hit the homepage, start a chat, get a link, and send that to friends. Up to four people can chat at once.

Earlier today, AOL’s Head of AIM Products Jason Shellen sent an email to the entire company. The point of Shellen’s email today was to share AV internally with AOLers to test it out. The link is here so all of you can help test it out!

People of AOL,

AIM is proud to present you with a super secret internal launch (shhh!) of our shiny new video chat product dubbed “AV”. Still in beta, AV is a major step forward that represents a lot of hard work by the AIM team over the last few months.

AV is incredibly easy to use: Visit the home page, start a chat, get a link to send out, and you and up to three other people are video chatting in no time. There’s no account or login required, so there’s very little barrier to entry. Plus… it’s FUN!

As you may know, this is the first of several substantial new AIM launches and the first to represent our shift in focus to better web software. While you might have been one of our early testers of the entire new AIM effort, this is just the video portion and we’ll be in touch soon as the rest rolls out.

What I’m asking of you is to:

1. Use the product by checking out the link below, only with fellow Aol team members.
2. Give us feedback and bug reports through the “Feedback” link in the product.
4. Sorry, my “caps lock” key got stuck on during number 3. But seriously, don’t do it.

Enjoy: http://aim.com/av


Head of AIM Products
Palo Alto | NYC | Dulles

PS: To the ACG team for whom this email will seem oddly familiar, thank you for your help in providing feedback on our alpha version over the past few weeks. Please give us another spin now that we’ve worked out the kinks and keep giving us feedback so we can continue to improve.

You can still Record Skype by using Supertintin and Supertintin is much better then other recorders.

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