50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom

Teachingdegree.com provides 50 Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom. Categories of this list feature ways to use Skype to

  • Promote education
  • Promote community
  • Ideas for parents to use Skype
  • Resources for learning Skype

Some of the most interesting resources include Using Skype in the Foreign Language Classroom and Using Skype in School.

  1. See Me, Hear Me: Skype in the Classroom. Read how these students had the opportunity to chat with an author of the book they studied via Skype.
  2. Videoconferencing in the Classroom with Skype. This teacher used the movie “Hoop Dreams” to help teach about social inequality, then was able to get the executive producer of the movie, Gordon Quinn, to participate in a Skype session with her class.
  3. The Many Roles of Skype in the Classroom. These amazing 7th graders used Skype as a part of their history project that resulted in their collaboration with the curator of the National Museum in Canada. They can also Record Skype video calls using SuperTinTin.

Read More …

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Skype hits record of 29 million users online

Skype has broken a new record, hitting 29 million people online.

According to Peter Parkes,

“We’ve passed another milestone – at approximately 1800 GMT yesterday, there were more than 29 million people online on Skype. Another record broken, and an opportunity for us to remind you that you can get Skype in all sorts of places – on your computer, on your mobile and even on your TV.”

TeleGeography, the market analyst, in January showed that growth in international call traffic had slumped, but the international traffic via Skype was accelerating.

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Why Your Large Business Needs Skype and Supertintin

When you are a part of a large business, one of the most important factors to keep everything running smoothly, is easy to remember: Communication.

Perhaps some members of your team work remotely from home, or maybe your company has Offices right across the globe. Whichever obstacles you have to face, including:

  • Basic daily communication
  • Agreeing deadlines
  • Discussing business tactics
  • Proposing new business ideas
  • Debating new products
  • Comparing statistics

Your company no longer has to worry about the high costs and lengthy phone calls, that have so commonly associated with colleagues that can not communicate face-to-face, for many decades. Not once your company takes full advantage of Skype.

What can Skype do for your Large Company?

Once your company has signed up for Skype, you will find yourself open to a wide variety of benefits and perks, that will leaving you wondering what on earth took you so long making the move to (potentially) the worlds best video conference provider.

With Skype, you will get access to the Skype Manager, which allows you to:

  • Easily create accounts for every member of your team, no matter how many employees you hire.
  • Allocate credit to each employee using the Skype Manager
  • Ensure that your employees all have access to Group Video Calling
  • Bring them all the tools that they will need to work efficiently

Calls from landlines and mobiles can be incredibly expensive, especially if your employees need to make regular international calls. With Skype, calls will be much more cost-effective. And now you can Record Skype calls using SuperTinTin as well.

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How to Fix Broken AVI Files

Anyone who is familiar with our software at SuperTintin, will be aware of AVI Files, which are the most popular format for saving Video Calls made through Skype and MSN Live Messenger, but we wanted to spend a little time looking at AVI files, and how to handle them when things go wrong:

What are AVI Files?

AVI stands for “Audio Video Interleave”,  and AVI Files are basically a format used for saving audio and video onto file. Ultimately, AVI Files are capable of carrying both audio and video in one place, making them more effective, than say MP3 (which only carries audio), for saving Video Call Conversations to file, through the SuperTintin Video Recording Software.

Unfortunately, like most things that are computer-based, AVI Files are susceptible to becoming corrupt and broken, meaning that it is impossible to view their contents, which means that you will lose everything that the AVI File contains, because it won’t be able to run properly. Nevertheless, there is still a way of fixing AVI Files without having to spend a small fortune.

How do you fix broken AVI Files?

When you find that your AVI files don’t work, it’s easy to automatically assume that “that’s that”, and you won’t be able to use it anymore. So, most of us end up just sending them to the Recycling Bin. Nevertheless, this is not the only thing to be done with your broken AVI files.

The easiest way of fixing any AVI Files that become broken, whether they are files that you have created using video software, or even video calls that you have saved from MSN Messenger or Skype using SuperTintin Recording Software, or ones that you have downloaded from friends or over the Internet, is by downloading a piece of software called DivFix++.

What is DivFix++?

DivFix++ is a free software download that enables the user to repair broken AVI files. Sounds too easy, right? Well, users should be reassiured that DivFix++ is not “dodgy”, it isn’t a scam, and there are certainly no nasty spyware or viruses attached to it. In fact, it might seem unbelievable, but DivFix++ is actually a not-for-profit utility, that relies on donations of $5 from it’s loyal users, that are completely voluntary.

Where to Download DivFix++

As with most pieces of software, there are a huge variety of websites offering downloads of DivFix++, but we recommend going straight to the source, and downloading it from the originating DivFix website. Here you will find links to download versions for Windows and Linux.

What does DivFix++ actually do?

DivFix++ is able to detect an error, no matter how simple or complex the error is, in an existing AVI file, which enables the software to strip down the “index” part of the file, so that it can rebuild it. It is able to do this because the index of an AVI file is at the end.

The software was ultimately designed to fix DivX movie files, but because DivX runs with AVI files, the software is also capable of fixing AVI files that are used within other programmes too.

What if I have problems with bugs in DivFix++?

The Internet is rife with tales, gossip and rumors of bugs that effect the DivFix++ software, so to avoid any future problems, it is strongly recommended to make a back up copy so that if  you do face any problems, you can just remove the copy from your PC or Mac, and replace it with a “clean” version.

There is also a link on the DivFix website to an available patch for Windows XP, that allows you to fix a bug that prevents users from removing AVI files that have become corrupt.

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How to Use Skype on your PSP

We all know how easy it is to use Skype using our PC or iPhone. But, did you know that you can also make Skype calls through your Sony PSP, turning your handheld gaming device into a phone. We’re not sure about you, but we think that that is pretty cool!

But, how do you turn your PSP into a communication device? Well, of course, we’re going to tell you.

Setting up Skype

First, you need to ensure that your PSP can get online. The easiest (and for many people, the only) way of getting a PSP online, is by using a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection. Setting your PSP up for Wi-Fi is really easy, and if you have set up a PC to use Wi-Fi you shouldn’t have any problems. In fact, your PSP will guide you through it.

Once you have your PSP set up to go online, you will need to access Skype. If you have an old PSP, you may need to install an update, however, most PSP’s will probably find that it was installed at purchase, or through a previous update.

Finding Skype on your PSPs desktop is really simple:

  1. Choose the seventh Icon, titled “Network”
  2. Scroll down, and select “Skype”, which should be the third icon down
  3. Now you will need to either Sign In, using your existing Skype details, or you can create a New Skype Account
  4. If you already have an account, when you sign in, you can choose to have your PSP automatically sign into your account everytime that you launch Skype. You can do this, by ticking the box below the Password.
  5. If you need to create a new Skype account, you will need to enter your details including:
  • Full Name
  • Skype Name (this must be between 6 and 32 characters)
  • Password (which should be between 4 and 20 characters) You will also be given the option, here, to allow your PSP to sign you into Skype, automatically, whenever you launch Skype.
  • Email Address (this must be a valid account, otherwise you will not be able to retrieve lost passwords)
  • You must agree to Skype’s Terms and Conditions

Now that your PSP is set to make Skype Calls,there’s just one more thing that you might have realised that you’re going to need: A Headset!

Luckily, PSP have released a headphones and microphone headset, that is compatible with Skype, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get hold of one, if you do not already own one.

Note: If you find that you need to purchase Skype credits, in order to make calls, you can do do through your PSP, or your PC, if you prefer since you will be paying using your Credit Card details.

Working with Skype

Once you have logged in to your Skype account, you will find yourself in a menu, that features the following:

  • My Profile: This allows you to view and edit your personal profile, that can be seen by your Contact List. This includes informations such as Name, Age, Gender and Location
  • Contacts: This is, of course, your Contact List containing all of your friends, family and work colleagues
  • History: Quite self-explanatory, this shows you your Skype History, featuring all of your call logs of both incoming and out going calls. You can also find out how long a call was, and at what time it took place.
  • Dial: If you want to make a phone call to a landline, you should select this icon. Note that using this icon will take you to a feature that is not free, and will use up Skype Credits.
  • Tools: If you need to purchase credit, change any of your Skype settings, block users from contacting you and a variety of other things, then you will need to select the “Tool” icon from the Skype menu.

Ultimately, Skype, for the PSP, is a great little bonus for anyone who wants to catch up with their friends or colleagues, whilst they are away from their PC, and who do not own a Smartphone.

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SuperTintin is featured on GiveAwayOfToday.com now!

SuperTintin is featured on GiveAwayOfToday.com now, Januay 29th 2011.

You can get a SuperTintin license for free! This promotion only last 24 hours.

And the best improvement idea will be rewarded with the full-functioning life-time license for all Imtiger Technologies’ products, including Skype recorder and MSN recorder. Use Idea Informer widget to submit your feedback and do not forget to fill in your name and e-mail – otherwise the Developer will not be able to contact you in case you are the one to win!

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Pimp Your Skype

The other day, we looked at some cool “gadgets” that you can install to make your Skype experience an even better one. But, you know what? There are so many fun additions to Skype out there, that we decided to tell you about some more of them!


IDroo is an online, educational whiteboard, that offers you the ability to do everything, through Skype, that a real-life white board allows you to do:

  • Draw diagrams to help explain your ideas – particularly useful when talking about complex topics, such as Maths and Science, that involve a large amount of equations, symbols and the likes. In fact, the IDroo software will insert both basic and more complex maths and science for you.
  • Jot down key points as you discuss them in presentations
  • Make a note of any thoughts and suggestions made during brainstorming sessions
  • Have fun with your children or grandchildren, drawing pictures with them

Download the IDroo software, directly from their website, by clicking here. And note, that IDroo is completely free to download and use.

Note: Both of these recommendations come from Skype themselves, so they have to be good right?

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Supertintin listed as Coolest tool on MakeUseOf.com Today

Supertintin is listed as coolest tool on MakeUseOf.com Today.

Read More:


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How to Add a Skype Button

If you run a small business, work from home or run a personal website and/or blog, then the chances are that you are going to want your customers, subscribers, fans etc to be able to contact you in whichever way suits them. For some that might be email, but sometimes, especially in business, a phone call is the easiest way to sort out a problem, retrieve the information that they need, or even just to share something that they want to get off their chest. So, including details of every method of contacting you, is always advisable.

Unfortunately, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not too happy with the idea of sharing my personal home and mobile phone numbers to the whole world. And, there are a variety of reasons why you wouldn’t want to:

  • Prank Calls
  • Unsolicited marketing
  • Stalking
  • And generally unwanted communication

So, how do you go about encouraging people to give you a call, if you’re not willing to share your number?

It’s actually easier than you might think!

All you need to do is add a Skype button where ever you want to advertise it. That might be on the side bar of your website, the “Contact Me” section of your blog, any profile pages or even as part of the signature that you attach to all of your outgoing emails.

Getting a Skype Button

1. Head over to the “Get a Skype Button” page on the official Skype website (or just click the link if you want to save time hunting for it!)

2. Type your Skype User Name into the box. If you don’t yet have a Skype account (why not?), you’ll need to set one up first).

3. Decide what you want your button to look like. The Skype website gives options, but you could also customise one of your own, if you are feeling particularly creative, want to make a button that is 100% unique, or fits better into the style of your website and/or blog.

If you decide to stick with the ones that Skype has to offer, there are two types of button that you  should know about:

  • First is the simple “Call Me” button. These are great, for just letting people know that they have the option to call you, and you don’t really want to tell them any more than that.
  • The second choice is a little more “interactive”, as it shows visitors to your blog and/or website whether you are available to talk or not. Status’ include: Available,  I’m Not Available, I’m Online, I’m Away, Skype Me and depend on which button you choose. These buttons are useful for allowing people to know that you are availble to talk, which (hopefully) will make you a little more approachable.

4. Now you have your button, you just need to highlight and copy  the Web or Email HTML code in the box below, and paste it to wherever you want to put it.

Your new button will direct people towards contacting you through your PC’s Skype account, however, if you don’t spend all of your time sitting in fron tof your PC (as most of us don’t), you also have the option of forwarding calls to a designated number. This could be a landline or a mobile number. However, this service does come at an extra cost.

Enjoy all those new communications that you’ve just made for yourself, and don’t forget to record your video calls using our excellent Supertintin software.

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MakeUseOf.com: Record Audio & Video Conversations In Skype & MSN

From MakeUseOf.com

Although instant messengers are mostly used for chatting with friends, they are also very effective tools for businesses. The only missing thing is the option to record your conversations. If you need a tool to record your video conversation on Skype or MSN head over to Supertintin. It is a nice application that allows you to record all audio and video streams easily.

The beauty of Supertintin is its ease of use. It captures the native format of the stream to prevent data loss. It is also more reliable than screen-capture tools because it records the stream directly.

To start a recording, you only need to click the record button during the conversation. Unlike other addons, Supertintin can also capture calls and voicemails. It can also record video conferences without any additional setup.

This tool allows you to record video in PIP mode, side-by-side, remote-only, and local-only. Although it currently supports only Skype and MSN, future releases will include compatibility with Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Paltalk, Crazyfrog and more.

Supertintin offers both a free and paid version. The free version gives you the complete feature-set with a 5-minute recording limit, while the paid version gives you unlimited recording.

Supertintin is a great app for anyone who need to record their IM conversations – especially useful for remote teams and companies who need to keep track of everything that is said in meetings.


* Lightweight call recorder for Skype and MSN.
* Free and paid options available.
* Record audio and video in one click.
* Multiple recording modes include PIP, side-by-side, remote-only, and local only.
* Records directly from the stream for high quality output.
* Nice podcasting alternative.

Check out Supertintin @ www.supertintin.com

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Enhancing the Skype Experience

We all know that there are so many things that can be gained out of using Skype. Nevertheless, are you really getting the most out of everything that Skype has to offer? The chances are, propbably not!

Here are a few things for you to do, in order to make sure that you really are getting what you need out of the service:

Use a Good Head Set:

Believe it or not, if you don’t have your web cam and microphone set up properly, you could find yourself encountering a variety of problems, including:

  • Echoing, when you can hear yourself talking through the headphones
  • Back ground noise, picked up by the sensitive microphone

However, if you invest in a good Headset, with attached microphone, instead of using a freestanding web cam and microphone (or even ones that are integrated into your laptop), you will find that because you are speaking directly into the microphone, which will be very close to your mouth, there is less chance for picking up background noises, and no chance to echoing.

Avoid Calling Your Friends:

Of course we’re not implying that you shouldn’t call your friends, but we all know how irritating it is when we accidentally click on someone’s name on our Skype Friend List, and we’re accidentally calling them!

To stop yourself from doing this, all you need to do is click on “Tools” from the Skype Menu, select “Options” and under the heading of “General Settings”, you should ensure that the box next to “When I double-click on a contact start a call”, is unticked. Instead of making a call, when you now double-click, you will now find that you have opened an instant messaging window, instead.

You will, of course, still be able to make calls to all of your friends, but only when you actually choose to make one.

Keep Your Contacts Organised:

Only beaten by accidentally calling people when we don’t mean to, is not being able to find the person that you want to actually call in your Contact List, because you are just that popular!

The first step here, is to break your list down into the obvious groups:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Work Colleagues

However, if you are still finding these groups too long, you could break them down again. For the family catergory, you might want to seperate siblings, parents, cousins, aunts and uncles. For your friends, you could break them up into how you are acquainted with them. Examples include: School/University friends, old work colleagues, drinking buddies, book group, best friends etc. When it comes to work colleagues, you could seperate your bosses from your colleagues, or perhaps organise by office or even by department.

Keeping your contact list well organised will help you not only to find the person you want to communicate with, but will also reduce the chances of accidentally sending a personal message to your boss!

Grab Some Gadgets:

In modern society, gadgets are making life so much easier for us. Mobile phones, iPads, laptops all keep us up-to-date with what’s going on no matter where in the world we might be. But, even if you are stuck at home, or in the office, doesn’t mean that your life can’t still be run by a selection of gadgets. They certainly make the day more interesting!

There are actually several Skype gadgets available to download, that allow you to use Skype in various ways right from your own PC’s desktop, making your life that little bit easier. Some of our favourite gadgets include:

Firefox Add-ons:

If you are using Firefox as your internet browser, and listen to a lot of music, why not add their Now Playing X add-on, which lets you share with your contact list on various instant messaging sites, including Skype, exactly what your listening to.

Google Add-ons:

On the other hand, if you favour using Google, why not download their Skype plugin, which shows you your entire contact list, and how much credit you have remaining on your Skype account, straight from your Google desktop.

We’re always looking for new ways to make the Skype experience better, so if you have any tips and tricks up your sleeves, feel free to share them, in the comments below.

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Iran gives Google Go-Ahead

Last year, the Iran government eased the restrictions that they had previously held over exports from the US.  As a result of this “relaxation”, Google Chrome, Google Earth and Google-owned photography upload website Picasa will all be available to download, and use in the country, for the first time ever.

To us, in the Western part of civilisation, this might not seem like a big deal, because we have these products already, and most of us have probably been using them for a long time. But, for Iran, this is a huge breakthrough, and Google Bosses are anticipating that this turn around could mean a much stronger field of communication within the country.

But, what are the real benefits of using Google for the Iranian public?

Iran actually has a long history of being closely watched by their Government, but using Google Chrome will allow users the confidence of safety without surveillance, thanks to Chrome’s “anti-hacking” abilities. Unfortunately, it is this ability that makes some sceptics question how long it will be before the Iran government does a u-turn and moves to block the service again.

This scepticism revolves around the fact that in 2009, the government blocked the use of Google-owned YouTube, after potentially damning footage was placed onto the video-sharing website covering eye witness reports of the aftermath of the country’s 2009 election. Google’s emailing service Gmail also continues to be blocked for usage in Iran.

Nevertheless, the only “condition” that the Iran government has so far placed (that we are currently aware of) on Google’s use in the country, is that Google Chrome, Google Earth and Picasa can not be downloaded by or on behalf of the Iranian government.

Only time can really tell, how long this agreement will remain in place.

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14-year-old boy Beats Facebook and Skype

When I was fourteen, I was writing short stories and daydreaming about boybands. These days, kids are taking over the world! Well, not entirely, but one American 14-year-old is pretty much on his way to trying!

Robert Nay, is the creator is Bubble Ball, an app that is currently available to download (free of charge) from the Apple app store. But, what makes Nay’s creation so amazing?

Well, first of all, not long ago, Nay has had no lessons in creating games. Instead, he taught himself how to “code” games out of a library book, which it has to be said, is pretty impressive.

But, even more impressive, is the fact that Bubble Ball is doing incredibly well. So well, in fact, that Bubble Ball has been downloaded on over two million Apple-based devices, putting it ahead of Internet giants Skype and Facebook, and securing the top spot in the iTunes download chart.

With Facebook created by a guy who was a College Student, at the time, our Internet Entrepreneurs are most certainly getting younger.

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Skype group video calling feature is no longer free

Skype group video has just come out of beta. It’s been free up until now so the details may still be a little fuzzy.

According to this page: http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/features/allfeatures/group-video-calls/

* Trial group video is free for 7 days
* To get group video at home, you’ll need a Skype Premium subscription.
* To get group video across your business, you’ll need to set it up in Skype Manager.

What do you need? At least one person on the call needs Skype Premium or a group video subscription from Skype Manager. Two-way video calling is still free.

A day pass costs $4.99 / €3.49 / £2.99 for impromptu sessions while a monthly subscription can be had for $8.99 / €5.99 / £4.99 with a 33 percent discount available to anyone signing up for 3 or 12 month subscriptions over the next 30 days.

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Apple Boss Stepping Down

Apple is potentially the number one creator of technology at present, perhaps thoroughly outstripping their largest competitor that is Microsoft.

Once the creators of high-performing, highly priced computer systems (you might have heard of Apple Mac?!), Apple are now the creators of Mac, and the current generation of “i” gadgets: the iPod, the iPhone and the ultimate got-to-have gadget of 2010 the iPad.

In fact, many MSN Live Messenger and Skype users take advantage of the apps for iPhone and iPad that both companies have really tried to embrace, proving how large a gravitous Apple have on the rest of the industry, when even their biggest competitors are supplying apps for Apple products!

Apple Boss Man, Steve Jobs, has been an important cog in the Apple Wheel since it’s very early days, in the 1970s, and is very often thought of as the man that really made Apple the thriving company that it is today.

Jobs is such a huge influence, that he is always the man presenting the new Apple products to the world. And, even when the products don’t play ball with him, he still convinces you that you need his product.

Stepping Down

Despite the fact that Apple are preparing to launch the “sequel” to last years smash-hit gadget the iPad, Jobs has decided to temporarily step down from his role within the company, stating health grounds as his reason.

This is not the first time that Jobs has taken leave due to his health. Over the past ten years, he has been forced to take leave due to various illnesses.

It is not yet known (by us, at least) how long Jobs intends to take off, or how this might effect the launch of the new iPad follow-up. But, we believe that when it comes to your health (and family), these things should always come first, even when your business is preparing for something big.

We all wish Jobs a very swift recovery.

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Keeping Kids Safe Online

These days, kids are practically born to be computer savvy, as the current generation has been born and raised into a society overtaken by Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Skype, Wikipedia etc. But, does knowing about technology mean that our kids are savvy enough to keep safe online?  They might like to think so, but we’re not entirely sure.

As parents, we’re always worried about protecting our kids, and sometimes we worry that we’re wrapping them up in cotton wool. Some parents think that they need to allow their kids to make mistakes, in order to learn from them, but when it comes to internet safety, is it wise to give them complete free reign? Should we be more controlling, or is there a sense of common ground that can be met, to keep both parents and kids happy?

Most computers sold today, come with Parental Settings that allows you to monitor your child’s usage, and have complete control of how long they can be on the internet, and even restrict which website’s they are allowed to visit.

If you decide to ban your child from using a certain website, don’t just do it without their knowledge. Sit them down and ask them why they have been using that website. Their usage might be completely innocent, and it’s just a case of you not really understanding what they’re into. On the other hand, you could be correct in your thoughts, so you should explain to them exactly why you are banning them from using that website, to ensure that they understand. Of course, they won’t like it, but you have to stick to your guns.

Be actively interested in what they’re doing, and encourage them to open up about the website’s that they like using. If you can get your kids talking about what they’re upto, and who they’re chatting with, it might be easier to spot any pattern changes in their behaviour. This could help to decipher if they are hiding something from you, that you should perhaps be concerned about.

Try not to act like you think that they are always upto something. Sometimes, kids can be secretive about things that they’re embarrassed about…they’re talking to the boy they like, for example. So, it’s important not to jump to conclusions, because other wise when something really is wrong, they’ll think you’ll be mad, so might be too scared to tell you about it.

The secret really, is communication. If you’re kids know that they can talk to you, without the fear of getting into trouble (and most kids think that way), then they might be more willing to approach you. And if you’re concerned about something, don’t get instantly mad. Instead, talk about it with them in a civilised manner.

Kids spend a lot of time talking to their friends on social networking sites like Facebook, so it might be an idea to either “friend” your kids, or if the idea of that simply repulses your offspring, insist that they keep their privacy settings on a high level, and make sure that they understand the importance of privacy. It might even be beneficial to sit them down, and explain to them about only talking to their friends, and not accepting invites from people that they don’t know. Most kids aren’t stupid, but it helps build a link between you and them so that they can be given the opportunity to show you, for themselves, how savvy they are.

If your kids want to have video conversations or web chats, make sure that you know who they are talking to. The chances are it’s just their best friend or boy/girlfriend, but if they’re secretive about it, and often turn off when you enter the room, it’s probably fair for you to ask questions about the situation.

So, the golden rules of keeping your kids safe are:

  • Monitor their internet usage
  • Have frank discussions about any activity that you don’t approve of
  • Don’t treat your kids like they’re criminals, and don’t be looking over their shoulders all the time. Chances are that most of the time, they’re not doing anything wrong, so show them that you do trust them
  • Stay vigilant. Sometimes kids are getting into trouble on line, but you have to deal with it reasonably, or you’ll risk pushing your kids away
  • Open the communication link between you and them. If they know they can talk to you easily, they’ll be more likely to come to you

Most of all, remember that the internet isn’t all bad. Of course we hear nightmare stories about online perverts etc, but the internet is also a great way for kids to maintain relationships, to do research for their schoolwork, to talk about the stuff that they love with other fanatics, and even to just chill out.

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The Cost of Skype

Here at the SuperTintin HQ, we absolutely love using Skype. It’s a great way of keeping in touch with the parents, chatting with friends who live on the otherside of the pond, and keeping up-to-date with many of our work colleagues who work right across the globe. But, despite our passion, there are still a lot of people who are a little nervous about using Skype. And, we’ve found that the main problem is a lack of real knowledge of what Skype is all about. So, we wanted to tackle that, starting with the cost of Skype.

It’s incredible how many people I asked, thought Skype was “too expensive”, and were shocked when I told them, that it wasn’t that expensive at all. In fact, Skype prides itself on offering an alternative to your typical phone service, at a fraction of the cost, and there are four options available to customers:


For absolutely no cost at all, you can make Skype-to-Skype calls, one-to-one video calls, you can send instant messages to your friends, and Screen Share.

So, as long as your friends have Skype too, and you only intend to talk to one person (or Web Cam) at a time, Skype will not cost you a single penny!


The Pay-as-you-Go option is perfect for anyone wanting to send text messages (SMS) to their friends mobile phones, or are looking to use Skype to make phone calls to mobile phones or landlines, rather than to another PC.

On this service, calls can be as little as 1.6p (including VAT), and works exactly the same way as a Pay-as-you-Go phone:

  • You top up your Skype service with the amount that you need
  • Credit is deposited into your Skype Account
  • Everytime that you make a call, or send a Text Message, the cost of the call or message is debited from your Skype Account, until you run out.
  • Once you have used up all of your credit, you simply top up again.

Note: Connection fees apply, but you can call landlines in over 30 different countries at low prices.

Pay Monthly:

The Pay Monthly option, is very similar to having a Mobile Phone, or Internet Contract, and entitles you to the lowest call prices available to other Skype computers, landlines and mobile phones. You even have the option to choose between a three month, or a twelve month contract, allowing you to “test the water” for a while, before taking the leap, if you choose to.

You can even choose unlimited calls.

Subscriptions cost from £5.74 (inc VAT) for Unlimited calls across Europe, £9.19 (inc VAT) for unlimited World calls, across 40 nations, and from £12.64 (in VAT) for unlimited global calls, PLUS bonus Skype Credit each month.

AND, if you sign up for a twelve month contract with Skype, they’ll give you 15% off!

Skype Premium:

Skype Premium is perfect for businesses who have several national or international offices, colleagues that work from home, or bosses that choose to work, even when they’re on holiday in the Bahamas!

With the Premium Package, you can make Group Video Calls, allowing you to connect with upto ten Web Cams at any one time.

If your company has many Offices, it may be beneficial to get one of Skype’s Monthly Subscriptions. Costing only £5.74 (inc VAT) a month, you can make as many Group Video Calls as you need to each month. And, if you purchase a three or twelve month contract before the end of February 2011, Skype will give you 33% off.

However, if your business only makes Group Video Calls once a month, or less regularly, then it probably isn’t worth paying for a monthly subsription. Which is why Skype has come up with the “Day Pass”. For just £3.44 (inc VAT), you can make as many Group Video Calls as you like, over the period of 24 hours!

See. Those prices aren’t so bad are they? So, if you’re sold on the idea of using Skype, don’t forget to get your SuperTintin Call Recorder software, so that you can record your calls and keep them as memories, or archive them for future reference. It’s as simple as pressing a button!

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Google will remove H.264 support from Chrome


Google says they are removing H.264 from Chrome.

“we are changing Chrome’s HTML5

These changes will occur in the next couple months but we are announcing them now to give content publishers and developers using HTML and SupeTinTin.

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Skype 5.1 Released and Supertintin has a new version released also

Skype just release new 5.1 with better group video calling experience.



  • Video calls now always start in 640×480 resolution
  • Video calls on powerful computers start in 30 frames per second mode


And because some changes in 5.1, Old Supertintin Skype Recorder version can not with it.

We has just released a fix for this, Click to download: Superitntin

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Skype Group Video Calls

Anyone who works in a business where colleagues often don’t work in the same country, let alone the same office, will know that Video Conference calls are a normal part of daily working life. Benefits of video calls for businesses of all sizes include:

  • Building up communications between distant colleagues and departments
  • Allowing for demonstrations of processes, that can not be described over the telephone or email
  • Enhance relationships that can only be gained through face-to-face communication.

However, with more people working remotely, and companies operating from various offices, the need for group video calls is becoming wide-spread.

Fortunately, using the Business version of Skype, you can now conduct group video calls, allowing conferences between three and ten web cams. This is great news for anyone looking to build up communications between offices, locations, friends, colleagues, work groups etc. And all it will cost the business user is $8.99 per month, with a 33 percent discount available for Skype Managers that sign their employees up for 3- and 12-month contracts with Skype Business. You Can download Skype Video call Recorder now.

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