9 Years of Success: Not Bad, Skype

Skype Success


Who doesn’t know what Skype is? It’s probably one of the most enjoyed services made available by the internet and all the other innovations brought about by technology. It started way back in 2003, as it was founded by entrepreneurs Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis. I’m pretty sure you checked what year it is now. It’s 2012, and well, you’re right. Skype has lived on and thrived for 9 years now.

Service and Success.

Microsoft on Skype

For 9 years, Skype has managed to survive the industry no matter how easily swayed it was by the latest and better technology. Though it was purchased by two giant players, with eBay Inc. claiming a portion on 2005 and Microsoft Corporation acquiring it entirely on 2011, the popular blue “S” icon was still present on almost every computer screen in the world. Skype users vary from carefree teens, to young professionals, up to aged company executives. It is also used for a variety of purposes such as casual conversations, providing the latest online education, and even holding big business matters. The consistent improvement of its features greatly helped in maintaining its presence on the daily life of an internet user. Some of its notable features are Skype-to-Skype chat, video calling, screen sharing, and other services that made available through Skype Credits, such as calls to mobile phones, landlines, and the use of a WiFi hotspot. Aside from these built-in features, Skype also allows external tools or plug-ins, such as mini games, recorders, and more.

Super recorder. SuperTinTin.

One of the best tools that is endorsed by Skype is SuperTinTin. SuperTinTin is a recording tool which records video and audio calls. Such recording tools are one of the most celebrated features of Skype in its 9 years. Up until now, a lot of people are still hyped up in recording conversations with their precious loved ones and friends from across the globe. Please don’t tell me that across Skype’s 9 years, you have never tried recording you video calls. Download it now!

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How to Silently Kill Unwanted Skype Echoes

Ever had that disturbing moment when someone suddenly mimics your words over a precious Skype call, and does it again…and again? What makes it creepier is that it copies your voice perfectly… and never stops… ops… ops…

Fear not, random Skype user! That experience did not come out of a horror flick; it’s just the annoying Skype echoes that a lot of users experience. Here’s a simple solution to that:

Skype calls echoes

Why it happens.

Usually, the reason behind these annoying echoes lies behind the microphones and speakers themselves. When the equipment you use are of poor quality or aren’t properly set up, echoes are more likely to happen. Oftentimes, only either of you can hear these echoes; it makes tracking which of you is causing the noise harder. This gets more complicated when the person causing the echoes can’t hear it at all.

What to do.

Echoes can be really annoying, especially if you’re recording your calls on trusty video call recorders like SuperTintin. Good thing Skype came up with a solution. Echo 123 is a built-in contact from Skype especially made for you to test if you’re causing the nuisance or not. All you have to do is ask the other party to call Echo123, while you do the same after hanging up. Whoever experiences the echo should try some measures to fix it. If that person is using external microphones and speakers, he can simply lower the volume of the speakers or move the microphone further away from the speakers in use. Switching to a headset or a USB phone, if available, would give better results, especially if that person is using laptop microphones and speakers. They are usually placed close to each other, and there’s no way to move them apart from each other, unless you are willing to dissect your laptop.

After trying these simple steps, and you’re still experiencing echo, excessive bandwidth consumption may be responsible for this. It’s advisable that you refrain from downloading files, browsing the web, or doing any other bandwidth-intensive activities while on a Skype call. If you use routers, remind the others in your local network to do the same.

So there you go, feel free to record your smooth and echo-less conversations today!

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Never Lose Track in Conference Calls with SuperTintin

Not everyone can remember exact details; often time we can’t even remember what we’re supposed to do next when we step out of a room. Everyone, in any minute, can mess things up simply because they forget. And, here you are participating in a Skype conference call or webinar as a viewer and you’re worried that you might miss out some important parts. You may have your pen and paper, but we doubt that you could keep up with that. So, the best way is to record it.

Supertintin recorder

Let’s admit that our memory isn’t always good when information just comes in after another, and another. By recording your calls, you can save and use them later.

Reasons Why you Need to Record you Conference Calls and Webinars

  • For playbacks. Recorded calls will prevent you from making unsure assumptions. It will cut down errors and could prevent you from wasting your time in putting details together. Webinars deliver tutorials, lectures, and presentations; every second of it is useful information so it’s necessary that you have these recorded.
  • For sharing. We always want to share what catches our interests. You can easily share the recorded webinars or calls to your interested friends; it’s also great for those who weren’t able to see it live.
  • For archive. We may never know when we’ll need to review a past call and compare it with the recent ones. Recording makes planning for improvements easy and is helpful in preventing future disagreements.

Don’t forget that SuperTintin is here to help you never miss out a word from your recorded calls. Both your audio and video calls can be recorded in MP3, MP4, WMV, and AVI for that high-quality experience. You only need a second to hit that record button and let SuperTintin do the rest. Get the full version now for unlimited recording and you could hit play, skip back, and forward anytime you like.

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Fake Skype Android App on the Loose!

be careful of your downloads

As an internet user, you should receive frequent warnings against (carelessly) downloading programs and (mindlessly) clicking on ads. Chances are, these freewares contain viruses. Did you know that mobile apps are no exception from this devious ploy?  Well, read on then!

Fake Skype Android App

Get Skype on Android


As Skype continues to grow and branch out into the mobile scene, a new malware has been found to trick mobile users in downloading a fake Skype Android App. This malicious app is created to steal money from its victims by sending international text messages. According to Trend Micro, this malware is called the JAVA_SMSSEND.AB.


How Do I Know it’s a Virus?

It’s a good thing that this fake version isn’t well crafted. It can only function on old Symbian phones, those that run on pre Software Installation Script. As for Android, this questionable app only works on devices that allow the use of Java MIDlet. One more thing to watch out for is that this fake app is saved in a .jar file, whereas Android apps are .apk files.


Where Do I Get It?

Skype App


To make sure you won’t “accidentally” download the virus-infested Skype app, it’s best you know that its creators set it up in fake websites that advertise these apps. These sites are hosted on Russian domains (.ru), while the malware apps are hosted on Nigerian domains (.ne).

Be Careful of What You Download

Android allows its users to download and install apps from anywhere they please, but it always pays to be extra careful.


Here are some tips to help you avoid apps with malware:

  • Trust your phone’s security features. Use it.
  • Always double-check the app that you plan to download, regardless of the source.
  • Read the fine print. Don’t just simply accept the installation, read what permissions they require you to download the app.
  • Be extra safe: download an effective mobile anti-virus.


To make sure that you only get legit apps, download from the Google Play Store. You can also check out the official link of Skype’s mobile app here.

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The Big Merger: Skype on Facebook!

Skype on Facebook? Well, online connectivity has never been this easy! You can now keep in touch with your friends in Facebook through Skype and vice versa, without hassle.

Skype and Facebook

Connecting Made Easy

Good news! You can now connect with your Facebook friends directly from Skype through instant messages, as well as voice and video calls. On Facebook, you’re now empowered to make video calls even if you don’t have Skype.


While on Skype:

Skype and Facebook

First and foremost, make sure you have the latest version of Skype v.5.5. for Windows. With the new version’s updates, you can check your Facebook wall without opening a browser as it’s integrated in Skype already! This new feature also allows you to post a status, comment on other people’s updates, and call your Facebook friends on their mobile or landline numbers.

Skype and Facebook

Your Facebook friends will also be integrated in your Skype’s contact list and you’d be able to see who’s online. You no longer need to switch to Facebook to send them a message because you can IM them directly from Skype.


While on Facebook:

You can now make video calls with your Facebook friends with the help of Skype!

Skype and Facebook

Skype would like to be known for it’s video calling services, and what better way to expand their market than to join forces with the biggest social networking site in town– Facebook.


Facebook users no longer need to log in to their IM programs to video call their friends, because all it takes now is a click of an icon. This gives a better experience for all Facebook users because everything that a person needs to socialize is all under one roof.


Worried cause you don’t have a Skype account? No problemo! You don’t need to have Skype to access Facebook’s video calling feature.It’s as simple as going to your friend’s profile or pulling up his name in the contact list, then click the video call button. It will take a few seconds before both parties to get connected. In case the other party is offline, you can leave a video message!

Skype and Facebook

Cherish Your Memories, Record Your Video Calls With SuperTintin!

Now that you’re armed with easy tools for making video calls with your friends either through Skype or Facebook, you should record these conversations! Whether your recording is for an assignment at school, an interview for your business, or for sentimental keepsake, you can easily save high quality videos with SuperTintin.


Try the video calling feature and connect with your friends!

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Skype On PS Vita–A Gamer’s Bestfriend

Aching to share a moment of weakness when your character died? Can’t wait to claim your bragging rights upon beating your friend’s top score?

Skype on PS Vita

PlayStation fans no longer have to wait. The reach of Skype’s connectivity has invaded the gaming platform, as they released the Skype Video and Voice Calling app for PS Vita. It’s now available on the PlayStation Store!

Skype on PS Vita

What’s In It For You?

You can now keep in touch with gamers across the globe using Vita’s 3G/Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi models through Skype. Moms no longer have to bother ringing their kids’ mobile phones countless times to grab their attention when they’re playing, as they can call or IM them directly through the console. It’s a plus because gamers can simply whip up their Vita to contact their friends. A downer, however, would be the constant interruption while playing when you’re connected online.


What Good Does Skype Do on Vita?

1. As if they’re really there.

Skype on PS Vita

Talk face-to-face over Skype on PS Vita’s front camera and show them the background with the rear camera, as if they’re really there with you.



2. The game stops for…some people.

You’ll be notified when you receive a call. So while you’re busy browsing the web or when you’re in the middle of a boss battle, you can simply pause the game and return when the call’s done. The impact of this feature goes both ways–it’s a bonus if you’re expecting important calls, but a real bummer if you’re finishing a quest with your game face on and someone calls just to say hi. That “busy” Skype status should come in handy, then.


3. Just call that chick already!

Skype on PS Vita

You can make calls to both mobiles and landlines with Skype Credit, as you would on your computer or phone. There’s also free Skype-to-Skype calling, so don’t hesitate and stop thinking it over in between stages, just pause, and call–it’s that easy!



The PS Vita comes packed with a 5” OLED touchscreen, dual analog sticks, precise rear touch pad and a microphone that can be set-up with a Skype certified headset.


Gamers, get connected and download Skype on PS Vita today!


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SuperTintin vs. Pamela – Who Will Win the Skype Recorder Duel?

With many Skype recorders available for download, we often get confused with which is better to use.  How can one certain Skype recorder be any better than the others, huh?

So on this note, let’s try and see which of the two Skype recorders– Pamela and SuperTintin, is better in a one-to-one showdown that shall prove the ultimate Skype recorder winner.

The best Skype Recorders


The Similarities

Other than their odd names, SuperTintin and Pamela both offer their services depending on whether you’re going to buy it or get it for free. Both of these recorders have unlimited audio and video recording time for their paid versions. Also, both use the MP3 format for audio and WMV for videos.

The Differences

The battle gets tough when it comes to both recorders’ features and quality. Pamela offers additional features including mood/status messages, birthday notifications, call schedules, contact “personalization”, call notes, call transfers, auto calls, chat replies, and audio play during calls.

SuperTintin doesn’t have all the mentioned Pamela features. It’s basically a Skype audio and video recording device that lets you do recordings in different ways: audio only, local video only, remote video only, both videos, or save both local and remote videos in two separate files. It also saves your videos in MP4 and AVI formats for better quality. You can also configure the video’s size and frame rate.

The 7.6 MB Professional version of the Pamela Skype recorder costs almost $32.00 (24.95€), while SuperTintin’s 3.6 MB full version costs $29.95.


Crashes, poor quality, and bad support are the main complaints for Pamela. For some people, SuperTintin is pricey compared to other similar Skype recorders.

Who won?

Although Pamela offers many features, its problems made it earn a low user rating unlike SuperTintin. SuperTintin on the other hand, got high ratings due to its simplicity and quality recordings, despite its cost. SuperTintin wins and proves that quality is better than quantity.

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Skype Anywhere With Skype WiFi

Two words capture the way the Internet generation keeps in touch– “Skype me.”  Just as you reach for a Band-Aid to cover a scrape or Kleenex to wipe a tear, Skype has become the generic term for calling anyone, anywhere in the world. Skype’s newest service – Skype WiFi – allows you to do so even when traveling abroad.

Skype Wifi


Touted as a “must have” app, Skype WiFi is a way to browse the Internet at public WiFi hotspots around the world. Although you can find free Internet access at airports, bars and stations, the service is usually spotty or too slow.

What is Skype WiFi?

Formerly known as Skype Access, Skype WiFi allows you to log on to any of the participating hotspots around the world without filling out long web forms or lining up at the counter to buy Internet pass. Available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad the iOS app helps you connect to a 3rd party WiFi provider using your Skype credit as payment.

Save on Internet Costs Abroad.

Aside from offering convenience to users, Skype WiFi also helps you to save on data roaming charges when on a business or holiday trip abroad. By partnering with over 1 million WiFi providers found in hotels, convention centers, restaurants, airports, and train stations worldwide, Skype WiFi eliminates the need to buy expensive Internet cards and allows you to pay only for the minutes you use. The app also displays a list of the available hotspots where you are and their corresponding price. This pay-per-minute Internet access is great for checking in or updating status on Facebook, uploading photos, or making a Skype call. Also, there is no cap on the amount of data you upload or download.

How to Use Skype WiFi.

It only takes one tap to connect and you are ready to browse the Internet, check your email, or call home via Skype. First, download the free Skype WiFi app from the App Store. Sign in with your Skype account and make sure you have enough Skype Credit. Then find a compatible hotspot wherever you are.  Going online is as easy as:

  1. Open Skype WiFi app
  2. Tap “Go Online”

Don’t forget to tap the “Go Offline” button when you are finished because you pay for the time you are connected.

Skype WiFi not only makes it convenient for you to Skype anywhere in the world, it saves you enough money to do more shopping or to check out another museum.

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Audio or Video? Make the Call.

Video calls vs Audio calls

Doing business has gotten easier. Conversations and transactions have been keeping up with the fast paced industry thanks to technology. Now, meetings and conferences can be made at any place and at any time, may it be on your computer, handheld phone, or tablet!

With Skype’s audio and video call services, you can practically connect to anyone found anywhere in the globe. No more transportation expenses to consider ’cause all you need are the right gadgets and specifications to get your business on the go.

Contact that supplier of yours and arrange that shipment, get in touch with your remote staff for a quick brainstorming session, or get a hold of that business parter and seal that deal. All of these can happen at an instance through Skype. It’s just a matter of deciding which kind of call, audio or video, to make.

Ask Yourself, What Call Will Get The Job Done?

Context is key. While both audio and video calls provide that intimate setting, they still have their function differences. Audio calls show its direct nature by allowing individuals to attack the concern at hand without any distractions. With the internet or the network all dedicated to producing that call, matters can be settled quickly. Video calls on the other hand, show its direct nature by offering visuals. Individuals get to see each other’s figure and gestures, as if face to face, as long as parties have the necessary gadgets and a trusty connection.

If you’re agenda is simply to settle a quick complication or to make a request, audio calls are more preferred. Video calls come in when you have business meetings or consultations to hold.

The thing with audio calls is that all you need is internet or a network and you’re good to go. Video calls require much more in terms of gadgets and specifications, like a good webcam and mic, and sufficient bandwidth. It is best to consider which kind of call is more suitable for parties and if parties are equipped with the necessary requirements.

In the end, its all about using the appropriate means to communicate efficiently for your business.

On that note, why not take a precautionary step forward and record your calls, whichever kind it may be? Try SuperTinTin and make sure your business’ most important conversations and transaction are recorded for future reference.


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Get a Better Skype Video Call Recorder with Picture-in-Picture and Side-by-Side

Skype has revolutionized long-distance communications. Video calling, once an element of science fiction, has now become a part of people’s day-to-day lives all over the world. Often, however, the quick conversation isn’t enough. People find that they need to record Skype video calls.

Skype and SuperTintin

But why?

Professionals often find it helpful that they can replay important conversations back. Considering the number of companies today that utilize Skype for business conferences, a good quality Skype video call recorder is a big asset.

There are also more sentimental reasons for recording Skype calls. People in long distance relationships use Skype to build memories, and not just have mere conversations.

Yes, it’s possible to record Skype conversations. The question, however, is how good will the recording be? With SuperTintin, the answer is “excellent”.

First off, SuperTintin produces great quality. It records the original media, not just the screen as some programs do. This results in impeccable quality regardless of how big your screen may be.



With this Skype video call recorder, you get what any customer wants with any product: options. You can make the SuperTintin work for you in a variety of ways:

a. Side-by-Side

This configuration produces a recording that shows your cam and the other party’s cam side by side. This is ideal if you want both of your video feed to be seen clearly in the recording. It’s also great if you want both sides of the Skype call to stand out, such as in a meeting.

b. Picture-in-Picture

With this option, you’re able to emphasize on one side of the conversation without completely removing the other party from the recording. This is ideal for interviews, where you want to see the interaction, but are focused on the interviewee.

Skype and Supertintin

c. Single Cam

SuperTintin also lets you pick a camera, either yours or the other party’s, and record just that. This can help you record a quick video message or take a testimonial remotely.

Skype and Supertintin

As you can see, with the right Skype video call recorder, you can get quality output that fits your purpose. How about you, what do you look for in a video call record?


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The Soldier’s Story: A Skype Video Call Testimony

Skype Video calls connect people, despite their age or gender, their distance or rank. When soldiers made the creed to “always place the mission first”, few of them actually realized that the mission also comes before their loved ones. One of the biggest sacrifices that a soldier makes is going halfway around the world–as far from home as a soldier can get to serve his country.

Technology, however, has provided a bridge to connect soldiers with their loved ones: Skype. Through Skype video calls, soldiers are not just able to talk with their loved ones, but see them as well.

Skype stories

Connections Made Possible by Skype

It’s hard to believe that less than a decade ago, members of the military had to rely on weekly letters and the occasional, expensive phone call to communicate with their families. Now, soldiers shipped overseas are able to lead a semblance of their lives back home through Skype.

No more “Dear John” letters; with Skype, a soldier stationed abroad can keep in touch with his girlfriend or wife, making life decisions and even just taking comfort in the knowledge that the fires of love are still alive.

Real Life Stories

Skype Stories

It was through video calling that Sgt. Emmett Mailman was able to witness the birth of his son in Lincoln all the way from Kabul. It was through Skype that Maj. Thomas Murphy was able to spend time with his family during his year in Iraq. Stories like these inspire more and more soldiers to install and sign up for video calling every day.

Unfortunate Limitations

Skype isn’t an all-powerful tool, however. Despite it being useful, there are still limitations. For one thing, it doesn’t give much in terms of the physical presence of missing loved ones. This is the reason why many families still send care packages to soldiers stationed overseas.

Unlike a letter, Skype doesn’t really leave much in terms of a remembrance. People need to have something to hold on to and replay to keep them from melancholy. Skype video call recorders like SuperTinTin can help solve this problem by allowing soldiers to replay and relive conversations they’ve had.

Skype Stories

Communication with loved ones is vital for morale. Skype doesn’t just help soldiers connect with loved ones, it also keeps reminding them about the people they fight and win for.

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Skype vs MSN–Which is the Better Service?

Inventions in technology march at such a frenzied speed that asking a 30-something guy what a rotary dial phone looks like will only give you a blank stare. The idea of a telephone operator will forever be associated with the term “long distance call” in much the same way that a video call is placed via Internet applications like Skype or MSN. Which begs the question: “Which is the better service?”

Skype and MSN both works well with SuperTintin

According to a quantitative evaluation of the two most popular VoIP applications, Skype performs better than MSN.

A less scientific and quick search, though, of Internet forums show that Skype is the most popular choice among netizens because of the following:

  • Skype calls have little lag or latency. Conversations are also clearer and are dropped less often.
  • It has more features like being able to call landlines and make multi-point conferences. Skype applications are also easier to install and has good customer support.
  • Being the first app on the block, almost all of your friends are on Skype, too.

Statistics turn up the following mind-boggling numbers on this long standing Skype vs MSN battle:

  1. The total number of Skype users as of Jan. 2012 is at 31 million.
  2. The number of monthly log-ins to Skype is at 124 million.
  3. The average time spent on a Skype conversation is 27 minutes.
  4. The number of time that active Skype users spend on Skype per month is at 100 minutes.
  5. The total percentage of small businesses that use Skype as primary communication service is at 35%.
  6. The number of people who have ever used Skype is 560 million.
  7. The total percentage of Skype video to video calls are at 40%.

Although Skype clearly wins this popularity contest, MSN equally does a magical job of connecting people across the globe either on a business or personal level. With the availability of apps recording Skype and MSN video calls, like SuperTintin, tender moments of love or important video conferences can be played and replayed anytime regardless of which is the better application.

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Top 5 Dominating Instant Messaging Programs

Ever wondered why everyone’s so hung up on instant messaging? Well, it’s simply because of what IM programs offer. Instant messaging connects you with people in a matter of seconds; it allows you to talk to anyone in real-time, despite the distance and time differences.

With So Many IM Clients Out There, Which One Is The Best To Use?

1. Skype Supertintin and Skype

Skype is a renowned VOIP software operated by Microsoft that allows people to talk online through messaging, voice, or video. What makes Skype nifty is its intuitive interface; plus, you can get its simple and basic services for free! It is also known for its famous add-on services, like transferring files and video conferencing.

2. Windows Live Messenger

MSN and SuperTintin
Microsoft offers yet another IM program, in the form of Windows Live Messenger (WLM). It’s also known as MSN Messenger. So, what sets WLM apart from other IM clients? For one, it’s integrated with Social Media sites such as LinkedIn, MySpace, and Facebook. WLM also offers video chat–allowing users to keep in touch on a more personal online note.

3. AIM

Instant Messaging AIM
Third in line is AOL Instant Messenger. AIM has become more social as it allows its users to share treats in an instant! Logging in on AIM will keep you connected in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and AOL Mail. It now offers on-the-spot media previews wherein you can look at images, stream videos, and read tweets of your friends without leaving your conversation box.

4. Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger (YM) is an IM client that Yahoo!’s ads supports and keeps. It’s widely used anyone owning a Yahoo! e-mail account, can also use the same email ID in YM. It offers a lot of quirks: you can BUZZ people online, upload music as your status, create an avatar, and use a custom theme for YM conversations–just to name a few. It also allows webcam hosting, so you can keep in touch with peers online through video chat.

5. PalTalk

Another software that offers text, voice, and video chat through the internet is Paltalk. Here, you can create virtual rooms for the public, so you can feel free to make as much friends as you like.  The basic downloads are for free, although you can pay to upgrade and get better features. Paltalk also offers a Video Chat Widget, so you can see those who you’re mingling with in the virtual chat room.

The runner ups: Google Talk and FB Video Chat

New IM Google Talk
Other promising IM clients that offer seamless video chat are Google Talk and Facebook Video Chat.

Facebook Chat
Google Talk requires a plug-in that you have to install to access the video feature. In Facebook, you just have to click the video call button at the top of the Facebook Chat window or any of your friend’s profile and you’re good to go!

So many programs, but what recorder can I use?

SuperTintin is a well-known, reliable program that records high quality video and audio files in Skype and WLM. It is currently expanding its offerings to other IM Clients, so you can use SuperTintin to record videos on Yahoo, AIM, QQ, Paltalk, CrazyFrog, Gizmo, and a whole lot more.

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Upload Videos on Youtube: Share Your Recorded Skype Video Calls

The ever evolving technology is constantly making it easy for people to do business and keep family ties. With the use of apps like SuperTinTin, Skype video calls during interviews, multi-point conferences, or personal calls can be recorded and played at a later time. Technology has made it cheaper to keep and share these recordings, too. Uploading them on YouTube, the world’s biggest video sharing site, is a cheap (read: free) way of sharing videos with your chosen audience.

Uploading videos on YouTube is easy.

  • Go to the YouTube homepage and create an account, if you don’t have one yet. Log in, and then click the UPLOAD button on the upper right corner.
    YouTube can share your recorded video calls
  • After clicking Upload, the following window will appear. Click “Select files from your computer” button and choose the file you wish to share or, you can simply drag and drop your videos on the page. Make sure your file is in a format accepted by YouTube.  SuperTinTin conveniently saves your videos in .AVI format.
    Video Calls recorded by SuperTinTin works perfectly for YouTube
  • While the video is uploading, input the required information like title, description of the video, what category it should be in, and the tags. You can also geo-tag your video by placing an address on the Video Location, at the Advanced tab. Make sure to use certain keywords across the description, title, and tags to easily find your video later on. Also, YouTube’s public or private sharing option gives you control over who can watch it. Choose the Private setting to share with selected people or groups like attendees of a conference, training class, or project. By saving a video as Unlisted, only the people provided a link to the video, can view it.
  • Hit save and you are good to go.

SuperTinTin makes it easier to record your Skype videos, and YouTube makes it easier to share and review videos by simply uploading them. It’s a fool proof way of sharing and even storing your recorded video calls, all online. No more buying expensive portable hard drives, if you ask me.

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Top Three Free Video Editing Tools for Starters

Itching to create your own video with some free video editing tools? It only takes two steps: First, record your raw material and second, start editing! You don’t need to set up a camcorder and go through the trouble of filming yourself. You can use Skype’s video calls; it’s very handy and easy to use. You already got the best Skype video call recording program with SuperTintin, so now you just need a tool to start editing.

Skype recording needs Supertintin


Editing videos can be complicated and confusing, so we suggest you start with the basics before you move on to a professional editing software. If you’re looking to do simple tasks like cutting portions from your video, mixing image, video, and audio files, then check these free video editing programs.


1. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker for your video editing

Windows Movie Maker is the default video editing program for Windows users. The interface is simple–you just need to import the files that you need and drop them in boxes. You can also pick from a set of transitions for your cuts and effects for your video and image files. If you’re feeling kind of lazy, use the AutoMovie feature. You just need to import your files and WMM will do the rest.


  • Very simple to use–just click and drag
  • Free updates available online


  • Limited video files output
  • Compresses video quality


2. VideoPad

Use VideoPad to edit your videos

VideoPad is preferred by newbies because it’s easy to use, even for first-timers. You just have to drag and drop your files in order. It comes with transitions and effects, plus useful features like adjusting video speed, adding sound effects, mixing music tracks, and even using Chroma key. VideoPad is meant for professional practice, but a free version is available for private use.


  • Runs as a stand-alone program
  • Has a portable version, no need to install!
  • More features than other free editing software


  • Cannot apply changes to multiple clips all at once


3. EZvid

Use EZvid for editing

EZvid is meant to be the world’s easiest video maker and boasts of its easy and hassle-free interface. For a freeware, EZvid’s rendering capacity goes beyond other free video editing tools.  The synthesize speech feature is perhaps the best feature it has, wherein the program would narrate the text for you, which saves you time from dubbing.


  • Free soundtrack music
  • Video files are optimized for YouTube (1280 x 720 resolution), no longer have to adjust compression settings.
  • Features can be suggested in online community.
  • Works in HD


So, have you decided which free video editing program would work best for you? Get them now and start editing your own videos in a jiffy.

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Creating Eye Candy: Top Tools To Edit Your Skype Video

You want to make a quick video message and maybe even a video postcard using Skype. You’ve managed to get the best Skype video call recording program–SuperTinTin,  and have managed to record a conversation you think is great raw material for a video.

But, there’s one problem: you need to find the right tool to edit your video. Here’s a rundown of the best tools you can use for video editing:

1. Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects for Skype Video editing

You might be surprised that Adobe After Effects was mentioned, rather than Adobe Premiere. Though it has a pretty steep learning curve, more editors prefer After Effects since it’s more user friendly.

A video postcard would be short, and one using footage recorded via a Skype video call recorder like SuperTinTin would not require a whole lot of editing. AfterEffects is ideal for short editing jobs and has more tools for adding effects to the video itself. To produce a short but snazzy video postcard, you’d need After Effects, rather than Premiere, which is designed to make movies with complex edits.

2. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro for video editing

For Mac users, one of the best video editors to use is Final Cut Pro. It’s designed to work seamlessly with MACs and is perfect for editing video for playback on Apple devices. It contains presets for producing video in formats supported by such.

It may look a bit daunting, but Final Cut is quite easy to use, especially since the latest version, Final Cut Pro X is heavily based on iMovie and thus performs a bit faster on computers. It can load up to 99 tracks in the timeline and comes with various effects and transitions.

3. Avid

Avid for video editing

Avid is the most widely-used video editing software today. Avid Studio is actually pretty easy to use and is ideal for beginners. With Avid, you’re able to add effects, transitions, and text to your Skype video.

The interface is quite intuitive and the drag-and-drop function is great for saving memory on your computer. It also comes with ScoreFitter, which can help you add the perfect mood and background music to your production.

So which of these three tools do you think is perfect to edit your Skype video?

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5 Skype Features That Can Kill Your Telephone

Yes, Skype is here to make calls through the internet. But then, what makes it so different from your telephone, which can take and make calls as well as Skype can? Well, here are the main Skype features that make it uniquely incomparable to your landline telephone.

Skype calls are for free

1. Skype to Skype, to landline, and to mobile phone calls. You may know this already, but don’t forget Skype calls are cheap and most of the time free! You can always make free Skype to Skype calls to any country and call landlines and mobiles for as low as $1.09 for a 60 minute call per month depending on your location.

2. Instant and voice messaging. Worrying about missed calls? Don’t, because Skype’s free instant messaging lets you drop your pens and papers. Subscribe and you can use voice mails in leaving messages for offline contacts.

3. Screen sharing. Don’t deny this, but we all know landlines can’t do this one. Especially when you’re asking or giving out instructions, the share screen option lets the other line view your desktop and vice-versa. No more time wasted on asking “How’s it again?”

4. Conference calls. Skype users can easily make free group audio calls that can include up to 25 Skype users. While for video conferences, it can also make up to 2 free video calls, and 10 if you’re subscribed.

5. Video calls. This is the main reason you’ll love using Skype. You can talk with other people face-to-face! It’s absolutely free and you’re also free to make faces and actions using your webcam. Say bye to phone induced neck pains!

Skype ties people closely with video calls and lessens misunderstandings through its messaging and sharing features. And again, unlike the telephone, you can use most of these features for free!

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How to Send Skype Photo Postcards

Missing You Postcard

Skype has in recent years served as a lifeline to keep families, friends, and other individuals in touch. It allows personal and business conversations very easily.

The technology does have its drawbacks, though. Since video chatting doesn’t really require a lot of effort and doesn’t have the same emotional investment as, say, writing a letter, it can be deemed as less personal.

In order to make your Skype conversations more meaningful, why not make and send a photo postcard through Skype? It’s pretty easy:

1. Get a Photo

The first thing you’ll need for a Skype photo postcard is a picture. You can download amazing photographs from the internet and use one of these to convey your message.

To make the postcard more meaningful, you should use something  more personal. Take a picture of yourself, a memorable place, or anything that  the person you’re sending the postcard to will love.

One idea is to take a picture of the person and make it a part of your postcard. You can do this by using Skype’s built-in snapshot function, which you can find under the “+” button during a conversation.

This will let you take a picture of the party you are talking to on cam and save it in a folder for later use.

2. Create your Postcard

Use a photo editing or publishing program like MS Paint, Preview or MS Picture Manager to create a simple postcard.  Write a quote or a short message. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just sincere. When you’re done, save your postcard as a picture.

3. Send it

Under the “+” button, you can also find the function to send a file. Use this to send the postcard you just completed. You’ll have to wait for the other party to confirm that they’ve received it, but a smile on the other person’s face when he/she gets your postcard is worth the wait.

4. Video Postcard?

You could also make a video postcard by using a Skype video call recorder to capture a conversation, edit it, and upload it to a video site and then embed it in your postcard.

The possibilities are endless, as long as you use your imagination and express yourself well through that card. Enjoy!

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Skype on the Go!: How to Download Skype on Mobile

Skype on Mobile

You don’t need to keep yourself holed up in your office in front of a monitor all day long anymore, ’cause now, you can take your work with you wherever you go!

All you need is your iPhone, Android, or Windows mobile and you can instantly take and make Skype calls, video or audio, at any place any time. You not only get to utilize your time, but your Skype service as well!

Take your work outdoors. Have a mobile audio meeting with a supplier, conduct a mobile video applicant interview, or send a mobile instant message to distributors all while sipping coffee at the café or walking to the gym! You can have all of the same Skype functions found on your computer, literally, at the palm of your hands. Work has never been this easy.


Get into the loop by following these three easy steps:

Step 1: Log in to this site and enter your mobile number.

Step 2: Wait for a free SMS to arrive that will link you to the Skype app download or visit this site on your mobile.

Step 3: Download Skype using the link and enjoy making free Skype-to-Skype calls and IMs from any WiFi zone!

May it be on your phone or on your computer, Skype provides you their best services for your business!

Just like how SuperTinTin gives you the best recording services to keep your business conversations and transactions on the record! Get your video or audio call meetings, interviews, conferences, and consultations on your computer via the SuperTinTin program to document your business’ work and progress.

Get into the loop! Try SuperTinTin on your computer and download Skype on your mobile when on the go, and you’ll see how your business will start to grow, grow, grow!

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How To Make Clear Video Calls On Skype

Why Skype? Well, mostly for its video chat. And since we use Skype for face-to-face conversations with family, colleagues, and potential clients, why not get the best equipment for our video calls?

Skype, Skype webcam, Skype audio


Don’t skimp on good quality video and audio equipment

Skype VoIP is free, but if you don’t spend for good quality equipment, the benefits of low-cost communication cancels itself out in a growing frustration of white noise, low-res images, unsatisfying long distance conversations, and maybe even botched online meetings, business consultations, and conferences.

Video. Low quality equipment produce low quality and frustrating video calls. Of course, that is, if your webcam’s even compatible with Skype. Get one that’ll show quality, crisp images.

Audio. For the best audio quality, choose a good headset. Relying on built-in mics and speakers is not recommended, as background noise is a potential problem. Speakers have a tendency to broadcast your conversations as well. This is okay for conference calls, but not for private chats.


Skype Certification, Skype Lab, webcam

Look for Skype certification

Yes, there is such a thing as the Skype Certification Program. Look for the Skype logo when buying your headset and webcam. The logo acts as a stamp of quality. This means that the product has undergone testing at the Skype lab and has passed the standards for quality and usability. Check the ratings for each product too. The best ones get 5 stars, while the good ones only get 1 star.

The Skype Shop

For clear and sharp audio and video performance, the Skype Shop is a good resource of certified equipment. All products in this online shop are tested and approved at the Skype lab.

Recommended headset and webcam brands at the Skype Shop:

Skype headset, audio, Skype certified headset

The Plantronics .Audio 478 USB headset is the top rated headset in the Shop, with a 5 star rating from both Skype and its customers. Features of this headset include a foldable design, lightweight materials, foam ear pads, inline controls, clear 24-bit hi-fi stereo HD sound, Digital Signal Processing, and a noise cancelling mic.

Skype audio, Skype headset, headset

The Plantronics C120-M USB Stereo Headset is the most purchased headset in the Skype Shop. Maybe because it is also the Best Deal there. This product has a 4 star customer rating, and its top features are comfort and ease-of-use. It also offers good sound quality, high-fidelity audio, a noise cancelling mic, and plug-and-play connectivity. Controls for this headset are designed for use with Microsoft Office Communicator.

Skype webcam, webcam

The Logitech HD Webcam C615 is the top rated webcam in the Skype Shop. The webcam software works both on PC and Mac. You can also get a Logitech Vid HD, and user documentation with the package. The product is tripod-ready, portable, and versatile. Guess what, it can also handle 360 degree rotations. With the Logitech, you can make video calls in high-definition at a resolution of 720p, record widescreen videos up to 1080p HD, retain sharp images in close-ups with built-in autofocus, and take photos up to 8 megapixels.

So don’t wait ’till you’re all pixelated and choppy in a video conference or a chat with your boyfriend–get quality video and audio equipment today.

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