5 Skype Meeting Pointers for Work At Home Professionals

Skype Meeting

Attending meetings while you’re working from home was next to impossible a few years back. But with today’s technology and different communication platforms, you can connect to the office even if you’re working from home.

Much like public speaking and conversations, using Skype also means you need to abide by certain rules and etiquette.

1. Look directly at the camera, not the screen

It’s the equivalent to making eye contact with the person you’re talking to.

2. Don’t forget to dress up

Make sure that you look nice the moment you make or receive the video call. Don’t forget to comb your hair, dress appropriately, and brush your teeth, as if you’re going to attend the meeting in person.

3. Make sure that your equipment is good to go

Test all the equipment that you plan on using so that you won’t make other people wait for you while you adjust your camera or worst, troubleshoot audio or video issues.

4. Remove all distractions

Put your mobile phone to silent mode, your TV or radio are turned off, and your pets or your children distracted and far from your working place so that there will be no distractions during the video call.

5. They’re watching you

Always remember that the people on the other line can see your every move, even if you feel you’re almost invisible because you’re sitting alone in the room. Your facial expressions, unnecessary movements, distractions or even lousiness, are visible to others, so always remember to behave the same way that you do when you’re inside a boardroom meeting.


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Learn And Teach Through Skype Video

Imagine attending a cooking class from your own kitchen, taking live yoga tutorials from the comforts of your own bedroom, or shopping with a stylist who is in a different time zone.  Modern technology shrunk the world with communication tools like Skype and redefined the way people correspond and interact.

Online Cooking Class Skype Video

While building business and personal relationships over VoIP is being ingrained in our social fabric, Skype has found new uses and is effecting lifestyle changes, ranging from beauty to keeping healthy.Yoga Lesson Skype Video

WELLNESS.  When exercising at home traditionally meant playing a DVD, using the Skype video call feature turned it social and interactive. Skype also delivers live home exercises  just like Mary Helen Bowers of Ballet Beautiful who demonstrates warm-up stretches and tailored routines to clients via a video call.

BEAUTY. Video conferences come in handy, too, in teaching how to put on make-up or create a total look for a friend. Makeup artist Pati Dubroff found an ally in Skype recently when she was able to put together a look for a celebrity client by collaborating with a stylist who is on a different continent.

FOOD. Skype has also opened more doors of opportunities to tech-savvy chefs. Using video conferences, they are able to collaborate with peers or conduct classes. Recipes are not just exchanged but chefs are able to show methods and make a closer visual check, making sure the bisque is thick enough or the student is deglazing the proper way.

What is even more exciting is the ability to record and capture these sessions for later review or archive for future reference. Capturing personalized home exercise using apps like SuperTintin enables you to record and repeat the routine at a later time. Or rewind the recorded baking lesson when your cake is not rising as expected.

And just like recorded Skype video calls with loved ones, captured live tutorials, using SuperTintin, can be preserved for posterity or playback.


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Skype Screen Sharing: Making Work Easier

Any freelancer or remote worker will agree: show-and-tell did not end in grade school. In any job, especially today, there is frequently a need for rapid communication and rapid learning, and show-and-tell is easily the best way to accomplish this.

Show and Tell Skype

When faced with a technical task, it can be really hard to walk someone through the steps over the phone. Even when you’re on Skype video chat, your facial expressions can’t exactly convey which icon to click or which part of the site you enter data in.

This is basically why Skype screen sharing feature is so useful. It lets you show someone and tell them how to work the right way. Case in point: using the picture below as a guide, you’ll easily be able to tell how to activate Skype’s screen sharing feature!

Skype Screensharing

It also works the other way around: if you’re confused about something on your computer or you figure something’s wrong with one interface or another, you can just share your screen and help someone help you troubleshoot it.

Skype Screen Sharing Group

Of course, there’s one little catch to training new workers with Skype screen sharing: you need to also be at your computer. With Skype making conference sessions possible, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can only train one person at a time, but it does mean you need to spend time or manpower training instead of being more productive.

Almost every company today practices show-and-tell in training their new employees, but they do it through video. They record tutorials and briefings that they can just play to help walk a worker through how the company works. But how exactly do you translate this to Skype screen sharing? Do you point a camera at your computer screen and start recording stuff you do?

Thankfully, the answer’s “no.” With the right Skype call recorder, such as SuperTinTin, you’ll be able to share your screen and record it at the same time for future references, so the next time a new employee gets hired, you won’t have to go through the same old process and waste your time repeating the same old tutorial and clicking the same old buttons.

supertintin skype

With a good quality Skype call recorder, you can perform a screen sharing tutorial once and then just replay it. This can save you a lot of time and a lot of money.

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Use Skype for Photo Sharing on iOS 6

Communication today is more about sharing experiences and moments, and in this world of instant everything, it’s really amazing that images are effective in sending a clear message across.  Capturing a moment in a frozen frame just somehow has an appeal that’s on a different level than live video. The best part is, you can share photos though Skype as well.

Photo Sharing Skype Fish

With the new Skype update, iOS 6 users can now do both live video chatting and photo sharing. With just a tap, you can now send a picture to other Skype users while on a call or chat.

In the past, sharing pictures on iOS with other users required you to use a different photo sharing app, so you’d have to minimize your conversation or worse, end it for a bit. This time, you can take pictures using your iOS device and share it without having to leave Skype.

And, you can do it without having to worry about whether the file you’re sending is too big, since there’s no limit to the size of the file you can send!

iPhone File Transfer Skype

Oh and there’s more: the latest Skype update for iOS6 is also more stable and, even better, makes the app consume less battery. This means you can leave it running in the background of your iOS device without having your battery sucked dry.

Better Battery Life Skype

Of course, despite the additional features of the latest iOS Skype update, people can’t help but compare the app to the desktop equivalent. Longtime users of Skype on the desktop may recall that file and photo sharing has been available on their laptops for quite some time now. Most may react to the news with an indifferent “meh” (if you use the desktop program more heavily) or a relieved “finally!” (if you use the mobile app more).

Still, it’s quite a statement on how much more functional the desktop program is, compared to the mobile app. And if the history of the whole human race is any indication, people will want more.

People will also want screen sharing, which is a very useful function of the desktop program for working, to go with their mobile app. They would also want to be able to use Skype call recorders, like SuperTinTin, for their mobile device and capture some of the more essential conversations.

supertintin skype video call recorder

Again, progress and adaptation has pretty much been a standard character of humanity and technology, so it’s pretty easy to see these other features being included in Skype mobile someday.

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Try Out Skype Group Video Calling on Your Mac

Skype group video call

Mac users, do you know that you can do virtual get togethers? You can host a slumber party or conduct a business conference online with Skype! A maximum of 10 people can share a call, now with matching screen sharing through video.


How does group video calling work?

At least one person on the group video call should either have Skype Premium or a Skype manager with a group video subscription. For everyone else in the call, this feature will only work if your desktop is installed with Skype 5.0 or any higher version. Make sure you’re connected to a high-speed internet connection and your webcam is working properly.

Are there system requirements?

That’s a yes. To avoid latency and enjoy seamless video calling, Skype advised that you should have at least a Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz processor and a stable broadband connection of 512 kbps to 4 mbps. The minimum requirements are a 1 GHz processor and 128 kbps to 512 kbps connection.


Tell me more!

Skype business video call

Apart from the group video calling and screen sharing, this feature also allows you to share documents, images or files that you need to discuss or simply talk about. If you’re quite the busy body, you can take advantage of the call control bar and multitask as you please by muting the conversation without leaving the call.

If you’re ready to give it a try, you can easily download Skype Premium. Skype Premium’s currently running a discount, you can get the monthly fee for just $4.99 instead of the usual $9.99.


Need a copy of your video call?

Whether it’s for archiving or for sentimental purposes, you can easily record group video calls through SuperTinTin. It allows you to save videos with the best quality, so you can playback videos seamlessly. You can now document virtual business meetings and even online reunions with friends and family!

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Ace Your Virtual Job Interview

In the old days, a job interview is going to a company office on a scheduled day, along with a crowd of fellow applicants waiting for their turn. Today, job interviews can be online.

An online interview is located in virtual space and involves a videoconference between you and your interviewer – and the computer screen. This method has changed how you need to prepare, so here are tips to impress your future boss and ace your virtual job interview:

1. Get Familiar. Online interviews involve technology, so make sure you have the proper equipment like the webcam, headset, and strong internet connection. Know how to use them, and familiarize yourself with tools and software you’ll be using for the interview. Learn how to fix technical glitches, just in case.

2. Location is important. In a virtual job interview, you are welcoming the interviewer into your space. Make sure your surroundings are appropriate and professional. Pick a spot that has enough light for the camera. Clear the clutter, and avoid noisy environments.

3. Be heard. Make sure you are audible at the other end. This means you have to practice speaking into a microphone, which is a bit different from speaking face-to-face. It would also help to get quality equipment for video calls.

4. Do a test run. Get a friend to practice with you or use a video call recorder such as SuperTinTin for easy playback, so you can review your moves. Pay attention to your distance and placement from the camera. This is also the right time to check the audio and do last-minute arrangements on your backdrop.

5. Get comfortable. There are ways to exude confidence during an online interview. Two of the most basic tips are to sit up and to look straight at the camera as if you are talking directly to a person.

6. Dress appropriately. Just because you are interviewing at home doesn’t mean you can do it in your pajamas. Dress as you would for personal interviews. For videoconferencing, remember that some colors and textile patterns are not suitable when seen through a videocam. Avoid too-bright colors and loud patterns.

7. Be prepared. List down what you want to say, and possible answers to the interviewer’s questions. If you have a question yourself, write it down. Run your equipment and software hours before the interview.

Acing a virtual interview is not so hard. Just remember these 7 easy tips, show your confidence, and you’ll be hired in no time.

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Manage Remote Workers With Skype

Back then, businesses have to be in a physical location because there weren’t communication means like the email, intranet, and videoconference. Now, technology enables you and your employees to work remotely. Even if team members are in different time zones, speak different languages, and raised in different cultures, having a productive workplace is within reach. Communicating with remote workers can be a challenge, but there is a way to keep the lines open with Skype.

Use Skype to manage remote workers

Skype is one of the best software for managing remote workers. It’s not your usual IM software because aside from letting you send chat messages, it also allows you to make audio and video calls. You can even share your desktop activities to your contacts and forward your calls to another number when you’re away.

Will I benefit from using Skype in remote working? 

Of course, you will! Here are some useful and cost-free tools you can use on Skype:

  • Share desktop screens – this is one of the best features of Skype because you can easily show your employees what you’re doing on screen. You can, for example, give out instructions and troubleshoot any problems while speaking to them. This makes communication and multitasking easier, and time management more efficient.
  • Call forwarding – This feature sends your calls to another number if you’re, say, taking a short coffee break. This means you no longer have to miss important calls.
  • Hands-free use – With this tool, Skype connects with your Bluetooth headset, so you can talk with your team handsfree.  You can relay important information, answer all their questions, while looking through your documents, or even finish some chores.
  • Extras – Skype also offers plugins that you can download, such as for voicemail, call recording, and even Microsoft Outlook integration.

With the right tools, you can call your employees, hold meetings, and share files without going from one place to the other, without spending a penny. Use your resources efficiently and manage remote workers with Skype.

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Skype To Go for International Phone Calls

We enjoy Skype’s low-cost to free services so much that we’ve replaced our phones with it, but we can’t be online all the time. The solution: Skype To Go.


What is Skype To Go?

Skype To Go lets you make international calls from your mobile or landline phones. What makes it better is that it charges the same rates as your regular Skype calls, unlike standard international calls that usually cost higher than local ones. You can easily make Skype your temporary phone network for your calls.

What do I need?

  • A Skype-verified phone number, mobile or landline. See if the service is available in your country.
  • Your contacts’ Skype To Go numbers
  • A small Skype Credit or subscription for up to 30 Skype To Go numbers. It’s free  if you register only one number.
  • A mobile or landline number

How do I use it?

It’s easy! Just sign in to Skype.com and set up your Skype To Go numbers by entering your contact’s name, phone number, and country. No need to download anything.

Next step is to register your own phone numbers. This is important because registering prevents anyone from using your numbers without your knowledge. You can register up to 20 different numbers. Select the number you’re using and the country you’re calling from.

How much do calls cost?

Skype To Go makes all your calls local, so international call rates are just the same as when using Skype on your computer or as an app. Take note that local charges may apply when you make calls to your Skype To Go numbers.

Skype always connects people wherever they are, and it continues to bring people closer with its Skype To Go service. If you’re always on the go but still want to stay connected even when offline, use Skype To Go for international phone calls.

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Connect with Loved Ones in Skype


It used to take people years to find their loved ones. Now, online platforms have helped speed up the process with ever-growing networks. Public databases and social media have removed the borders of time and space, successfully reuniting friends and families together. Now, you can also connect with loved ones in Skype.

Just early this year, Travis Prescott found a video on Youtube of his missing father, a US military veteran.  With the help of the original poster, Prescott was able to speak with him via Google+ Hangouts for the very first time.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Skype are among the most widespread channels that enable people to connect with one another.  Skype, the pioneer in video calling, has been known as the perfect online venue for gatherings and reunions.  It also has its share of heartwarming stories, like the one about a US military father named Mark Wagner.

Mark Vagner was an Air Force captain and was stationed in Iraq when his wife was due to give birth to their son. With the permission of Emerson Hospital in Concord, Wagner’s mother captured the entire event in her iPhone and enabled Wagner to witness the birth of his son via Skype.  Wagner was 6,000 miles away, but Skype brought him and his family together for that priceless occasion.

Although it’s hard being away from the ones you love, technology now has ways of bringing you closer.  Find your family and friends on Skype by clicking “Contacts” on your Skype window, and typing his or her name on the search bar.  Once you’ve found the right person, you’ll just need to connect.  You can even replay your fun conversations online using recording tools such as SuperTinTin to refresh your happy memories of your loved ones.

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Easy Customer Service Through Skype

The best way to make customers feel attended to is to listen to them. Small businesses and startups need not outsource to offer 24/7 customer service. Why not build your own call center in your back office and provide easy customer service through Skype? Just load up your desktops and be available for concerns and inquiries round the clock.

Why Skype?

The idea is to allow your clients, wherever they are, call you for free using Skype’s VoIP service. The tool is very handy and a lot of people across the world use it. Skype’s interface is so user-friendly that you don’t need to give training sessions to your employees.

Aside from the free calling service, Skype also supports live chat and video conversations. If you’re expecting an important call but can’t get on Skype, its call forwarding feature sends your calls to your mobile or landline number, making sure you don’t miss any calls, and you and the caller don’t have to pay a single cent. Your customers can also leave you voice mail so you can simply call them back and offer a live tutorial for technical support.

Ensuring Quality

There are a gazillion ways to use Skype to boost your business’ reach. If you like to review how your people provide customer service, you can have Skype calls recorded through SuperTintin. You can even record video streams and voice mails. Through recording calls, you can identify the best customer service practices and share it among your team!

Go For Skype!

Skype is ideal for small businesses, especially online ones. It’s an easy and convenient way to reach out to your customers. Make sure, though, that you take precautionary measures in handling confidential data and have a back up plan in case of service outage. All else, Skype is a great tool for your startups.


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Understanding Skype Chat Commands

Not all Skype users are familiar with Chat Commands. Chat Commands are features exclusive to Skype and works for users who are on a group chat or those chatting with multiple contacts.

Skype Chat Commands

By typing /help into the chat box and pressing enter, Skype system gives you a detailed list of chat commands.

Note: If by any chance you weren’t able to see the list, your current version of Skype may not be supported.

Here’s a list of commands you might want to consider using when chatting in Skype (remember commands always begin with “/” followed by a keyword):

  • /add [Skype Name]- adds a user to the chat
  • /whois [Skype Name]-gives details about a chat member
  • /get creator-reveals who created the chat
  • /get guidelines-shows the chat guidelines
  • /info-reveals the number of people on chat and slots available
  • /topic [New Topic]- changes current chat topic to “newtopic”
  • /kick [Skype Name]- throws someone out of chat but has the option to return
  • /kickban [Skype Name]- throws someone out of chat for good
  • /get banlist- gives details of people who are currently banned from the chat
  • /get allowlist-gives details of people who can access the chat
  • /set password [text]- sets a chat password (without character spaces)
  • /set password_hint [text]- sets a hint for the password
  • /get password_hint-shows the password hint set by creator
  • /clear password-disables the password security for chat
  • /me [text]-shows what you want your current status to be and  appears next to your name e.g. /me watching a movie
  • /golive-starts a group call with other chat participants
  • /alertson [text]-notifies you when “text” gets mentioned in chat
  • /alertsoff- turns off message alerts
  • /leave-allows you to leave chat

Chat commands are very easy to use and give you more authority especially if you’re the chat creator yourself.

Have fun with Skype Chat Commands and give them a try now!

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7 Little-Known Skype Chat Tricks

Did you know that there is more to Skype chat than just typing away? You can actually customize your settings, edit sent messages, and use emoticons. Interested in knowing all these Skype chat tricks? Here’s a few of them:

Hidden Skype Emoticons

1. Use hidden emoticons: Aside from the many emoticons that you see when you click on the smiley at the top left corner of the chat box, did you know that there are secret emoticons that you can use to make Skype chat more fun? Here are a few codes not on the menu: (mooning), (rock), (swear), (headbang), (smoking), (drunk), (bug), (tmi), (fubar). Go ahead and type in the one you want to use into the chatbox!

2. Stop those annoying animated emoticons: If you are not the type to enjoy animated emoticons, there is a way to disable and make them static instead. All you have to do is go to Tools, then click on Options, then IM & SMS, then IM Appearance, then you can uncheck the animated emoticons tickbox and chat in relative peace.

Skype Font

3. Change the default font and text size: This chat trick is very useful for people with bad eyesight since the default text is quite small. The controls for the Change Font setting is also in IM Appearance, same as #2 above.

4. Edit a typo in your last message: If you are a stickler for grammar, then this is the Skype Chat trick for you. If you made a mistake that was already sent, you can still correct it! Simply click on the Up arrow on your keyboard and the offending message appears on the chatbox. Now you can edit and send again.

5. Edit or delete a recent message: This one is for messages already recorded after the last one. Right click on the message and options for editing will appear.

6. Hide the type indicator: This indicator is the moving pencil that you see when the person at the other end is typing or deleting a message. If you’d rather not show your typing activities, then you can uncheck the “Show when I am typing” option at Tools>Options>IM & SMS>IM Settings. Click on the Show advanced options box and a bunch of options will appear.

Skype Change Name

7. Edit a contact name: Is your Skype life getting to be too much to handle? Too many contacts, some with the same names? You can organize your contact list with this little-known Skype trick. Just go to your Contact list and click on a name. When a window opens to the right side of your screen, place your cursor above the name and click on the Edit icon that appears.

Skype is a great tool with many uses. Explore these tricks and know your way around and make your Skype chat a lot more fun!

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Fixing “No Stream to Record” Errors During Skype Calls

You are all set for the Skype video conference with your business partners. Confident of a crisp replay, you set aside your pen and paper. But when you click the record button you get a “No Stream To Record” error message.

Don’t panic. There is still time for a few troubleshooting steps. The message simply means Supertintin cannot detect any audio or video feed, thus it has nothing to record. Here is a short checklist of the error’s common causes. Ask yourself the following:

Did I follow the proper recording sequence?

Recording Skype video calls using Supertintin entails only two easy steps.

  1. Open Skype first then open Supertintin next BEFORE starting the call.
  2. Click the red Record button in the Supertintin window once the call is connected to start recording.

More often, simply restarting both Skype and Supertintin programs solves  recording issues. If this doesn’t work, try rebooting your computer and wait 2 to 3 minutes before restarting.

Do I have an updated version of the Supertintin recorder?

Take a look at your software next. A program’s newest version usually fixes known issues and bugs. Check the installed version of your program by selecting ABOUT in your Supertintin window.

Next, compare it with the latest version found in the Download section of the Supertintin homepage. Updating to the newest version of your recorder is free of charge. If you have the latest version and still get the same error, try uninstalling and installing Supertintin.

Don’t forget to write your registered email and license code as you may be asked for the info when you reinstall your program. Here’s the Supertintin link for a quick look

Is my PC configured correctly?

Check your hardware and confirm if user settings allow your PC or laptop to run Skype and Supertintin recorder. Your anti-virus and firewall programs should also be up-to-date.

To test, temporarily disable your anti-virus program, taking care to avoid browsing  the Web while doing so. If you can record your Skype video conference it means your firewall is blocking your audio and video streams.

Immediately reactivate your firewall settings after adjusting it to allow Skype and Supertintin to get access to your computer.

Do I have other recorders installed?

Uninstall or delete other recorders in your computer. You may have tried demo recorders in the past or have used other programs before using Supertintin and have forgotten to delete them. These software may run in conflict with your Skype/Supertintin recording.


Missing an important Skype video conference is frustrating. Make sure your Supertintin and Skype programs are working properly so you are present in every virtual meeting and that you don’t miss out on crucial details or announcements.

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Changing the Way We Communicate: Do Business With Skype

The Evolution of Communication

Can you just imagine how difficult it was for our forefathers to have run businesses across countries? They had to rely on snail mail and telegraphs to get messages across–talk about a slow way to communicate! But now, it’s amazing how technology was able to change all that.

Today, the Internet has connected almost everyone. Instead of sending a letter through airmail, which will take days to reach its destination, you can opt to start-up a live chat–in real time. Instead of paying for a telegram, you can now make calls or leave voice messages straight to the receiver’s phone for free. Getting your message across is not a problem anymore. And running a cross-country business is more efficient now especially when you’re using technology like Skype.

Skype is an alternative to the traditional modes of communication. It puts all forms of communication media, like text, graphics, sounds, and video, into one. With Skype, you can choose a form or opt to use all forms simultaneously. It’s communication without boundaries.

Create Your Global Business With Skype

Employees and business contacts feel more empowered because they are more included with Skype. Since up to nine participants can simultaneously interact online through video conferences, people are given more opportunity to react, give feedback, and express their ideas on the spot.

Skype also enables businesses to easily go global. With the features Skype offers, transactions are made no matter how near or far partners may be. Individuals learn to become global communicators, who can adapt and interact with people from various backgrounds.

You can work remotely anywhere with your computer and conduct business with people all over the globe. Make a call, enable a video chat, try instant messaging, or even send photos and files. Doing business through Skype makes work more effective. And using SuperTintin as a Skype tool boosts your company’s productivity too.

SuperTintin is a program that helps you keep record of everything you communciate, may it be a voice or video call.  By keeping everything recorded, your company increases information retention and helps employees stay in the loop. Being in the know enables employees to relay the right information and contribute to the success of the business flow. Try SuperTintin today!

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Too Much Information? Protect Your Skype Profile

Skype has been a major help in strengthening old bonds and creating new ones through online chat and VoIP, but as with any other communication platform, you’ll always have to put yourself out there — meaning, you’ll have to at least inform people of who you are by creating your Skype profile.

Your Skype profile is your “calling card” to the world, so be wise with what exactly you want to show.

If you’re thinking that it’s no big deal, let us tell you straight out that it is. Fraudulent scammers have harassed many regular users by threatening to release private chat and video sessions if they don’t get paid a certain amount.  Just check Skype’s support network and you’ll find many disturbing cases of how the platform is being abused.

Skype Profiles

To avoid being a part of the growing list of online victims, here are a few ways of how you can protect your Skype profile and account:

1. Check your privacy settings. If you’re using a PC, go through Tools>Options>Privacy, but if you’re using a Mac, go through Skype>Preferences>Privacy.  From here you can customize how you want to receive from or send information to your network.

2. Make sure of the information that you want to go public. On your Skype profile, there are information that will always be open to the public, so think long and hard before filling those spaces up.  There are some which you can keep blank, so there’s no real pressure in putting your complete bio data.

3. Only add people you know, or if you must, do a quick online background check. Never underestimate the power of Google Search.  A quick inquiry will oftentimes result in information that may or may not show the legitimacy and honesty of the person who’s trying to contact you.  There are many sharks in the Internet sea, so it’s best to be careful about choosing the people you trust.

You don’t have to be paranoid about your Skype persona, but it’s wise to constantly remain vigilant.  If your gut feel tells you that something is wrong, then chances are that there is; so pry yourself out of the situation as fast as you can and change your password.  Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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Skype Like A Sir: Your Video Call Etiquette Guide

Have you ever felt as though a Skype conversation isn’t going the way you wanted? Did you just say something that upset the one you’re talking to, but aren’t sure exactly what? If your answer is “yes,” then you might need a refresher on proper Skype etiquette.

Skype etiquette

Like any communication medium, Skype works on signals and interpretation. The manner by which you do and say things matter as much as your messages. Here are a few pointers to make sure you get the right messages across:

1. Ask before you call. Don’t assume that just because another person is online, he or she is ready to take a call. Before you make a call, whether it involves video or not, you should IM the other party first to ask if it’s okay. This will help you make sure that you aren’t intruding.

2. Can you hear me? Before engaging in a conversation, make sure that the other party can hear you properly. Use Skype’s Sound test service to check your audio quality. Check your mic and make sure to keep background noise at a minimum.

Skype etiquette

3. Multitasking is a no-no. When engaged in a Skype conversation, especially a formal one,  don’t open unnecessary pages or do unnecessary tasks. Remember to focus on the conversation. Just because the other party can’t see what you’re doing doesn’t mean they can’t sense when you’re not actively participating in the Skype call.

4. Inform if you’re recording. If you plan on using a Skype video call recorder, such as SuperTinTin, make sure to inform the other party. Remember, Skype is for conversations, not spying.

Skype etiquette

5. Check your appearance. Before engaging in a video call, make sure to take note of how you look and what your surroundings are like. Remember that visual cues and nonverbal communications still apply in video chatting. It’s not just about fixing your hair; it’s about presenting the right image.

6. How to say goodbye. Don’t just drop the call. Before you disconnect from the conversation, tell the other person that you will do so. This avoids any awkwardness and gives you both ample opportunity to wrap up the video call properly.

There you go. Those are just some of the things you have to keep in mind when you’re making a Skype call. Remember: manners matter, especially in conversations.


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Know More About Skype Conference Calls

Whether it’s for personal or business use, the Skype Conference Call feature lets you connect to  people at the same time wherever they are.

Skype Conference Calls


Of course, you have your latest version of Skype, a broadband connection, a webcam, and a mic. Now, to make conference calls, there should be a host and at least one person subscribed to Skype Premium or Skype Manager’s group video subscription to enjoy conference calls with participants calling from their mobile or landline phones.

So, how many people can participate in Skype Conference Calls?

For free subscribers. For video calls, it’s only up to three, including the host. For voice only conference calls, you can join up to 25 online Skype users.

For paid subscribers. A video call could have up to 10 participants, including the host. For audio only conference calls, you can call up to 25 participants. Moreover, you could also join participants who are using their landline phones, mobile phones, or Skype mobile apps.

You may now know the number of participants you could join in your Skype conference, but don’t think yet that you’re good to go. Remember the following first, to have a smooth-flowing conversation with your conference pals.

Quick Tips for your Skype Conference Calls

  • For the best quality,  it’s recommended to have only up to five people for video conference calls.
  • Use a high-speed broadband connection of 4 Mbps down/512 kbps up and a computer with a Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz processor. The minimum you’ll need is a high-speed broadband connection of 512 kbps down/128 kbps up and a computer with a 1 GHz processor for the best quality.
  • People with the Skype app on their phones can join using voice calls only.
  • Make sure everyone has a good internet connection. One participant with a bad connection can affect your conference call’s speed.

Skype conference calls–both video and audio, don’t only enable you to connect with anyone at the same time. It makes you free to send files, instant messages, and share screens. Just don’t forget that the key for a smooth conference is for all to have a good internet connection and, ready to talk (or listen) participants.


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Is your child Skype ready? Learn how to manage Skype for Kids.

Skype for KidsLet’s get straight to the point here. There are numerous reports of children getting exposed to dangerous contents and encounters through Skype. It is true that neither the parents nor Skype is to blame for these unfortunate incidents, but both, especially the parents, should follow some precautions to secure their children from the dangers of the vast online world. Learn how to manage Skype for Kids with our tips below.

Help your child…

Monitor your children when they use Skype. It doesn’t necessarily mean being nosy and butting in on every IM your child receives. Try placing your family computer in a common area such as the living room.

Awareness is key. Discuss “stranger-danger” with your children. They should be aware that they should avoid contact with strangers. They should also know what to do when a stranger tries to communicate with them through Skype.

Passwords keep them out. It would help if you protect your child’s account with a long and unique password. Try a combination of different letters, numbers, and even symbols.

Filter those who can contact your child’s account. Privacy settings are quite handy when it comes to this. For a PC, open Skype and click “Tools.” Then go to “Options” and click on “Privacy.” You are now ready to edit your settings.

The more private your child’s profile is, the better. Include as little personal details on your child’s Skype profile as possible. The best choice would be to leave it empty as some of these information are displayed in public.

Following all these precautions would not guarantee a hundred percent of your child’s safety online, but it would surely help increase it. Skype for kids shouldn’t be a daunting and dangerous thing, but instead, a great way to communicate with you–their parents’ and  their friends.

…And let technology help your child.

Technology is never evil. Technology was developed to ease our lives, but its effects greatly depend on how we actually choose to use it. Don’t let your child’s experience with technology be cut short. Instead, make it a good memory, and make it last longer by recording it with SuperTinTin! SuperTinTin is a recording tool, endorsed by Skype itself that enables you to record your audio or video conversations on Skype.

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Skype Safety Tips: How Not to be an Online Victim


There are a lot of scammers online, and Skype is not exempted from their devious ploys. Here are Skype Safety information and tips that might just save your online identity and more.

These online scammers are sure mischievous and annoying; for one thing, they spam people. They send messages through e-mail or instant message, usually in the form of advertisements. Seems harmless? Not really. These spams may contain worms or malwares that would infect your computer.

Spams and Phising

There are also those who phish. Not all spammers are just in it for selling, most are actually after your personal information or your credit card details. This type of spam comes in the form of messages like “If you don’t click this link, your Skype will be deactivated” or “Go to this link and win 9,000 Skype credits!” It sounds tempting, but suspicious. Some would even trick you into believing that they are a bank employee innocently requesting for your personal information. These scammers always play the “urgency” card, so don’t give in!



To help out fellow Skype users, we’ve listed down the things that you should watch our for to keep your Skype safety checked:


Spams and Viruses

Always think twice before clicking a link. These hyperlinks usually go to websites that download viruses or adwares to your computer. Even if the link was sent by a friend, ask what it’s about before clicking away. It’s safer to type in the web address yourself, or search for it in Google. These links can also lead you to fake sites. Once you key in your username and password, the system will save the information and use it for deceitful deeds.


Incoming Files

These are almost similar to links, except that these files are directly sent to you through Skype and accepting it carelessly can pose a dangerous threat to your computer. Don’t accept files unless you’re sure of what it’s about.


Contact Requests


Only add those that you know. Skype is a great way to socialize, but there a lot of people who take advantage of the clueless. They might spam you with messages, lure you into scams or worse, try to be friendly with you and get your personal information.
Bottom line is — filter who you add or accept. Those who are not in your contact list cannot talk to you through Skype or check out your status until you accept them.


Guard Yourself!

You must know that everything in Skype is visible to the online public, so take the necessary steps in protecting your privacy.

  • First off, don’t put personal information in your profile. If you don’t want people sending you random e-mails, don’t leave your e-mail address in your Skype account.



  • Secondly, adjust your privacy options. You can do this by clicking ‘Tools’, then ‘Options’. You can then click ‘Privacy’ to manage who can contact you.




  • Third, don’t share your password or your credit card information to anyone. Don’t give it out, even if someone poses to be a Skype employee. Always use a secure website when keying in such important information.



  • Lastly, know how to Block. It may seem cruel, but it’s necessary. There are people who would constantly pester you. To save yourself from the hassle, just block them immediately. You can also report such users if needed.


Be Vigilant

There are a lot of anti-spam and anti-virus software available, but the best preventive measure from not being an online victim is to be vigilant. It never hurts to be extra careful, especially on the internet.

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Skype’s Double Offer: Credits and Discounts

Skype is the most popular VoIP service provider in the world. You will never fail to find its logo on every computer’s desktop or every gadget’s app list. Its popularity spreads across all ages and all  nations. Indeed, it has become an essential part of the modern citizen’s life.

Skype Credits

Skype is usually used for chatting and calling, whether with video or not. These are Skype’s most popular services, simply because they’re free. While some people may find these Skype-to-Skype connections useful, some are not contented and still chooses to pay for other services, such as Skype-to-mobile calls, Skype-to-landline calls, and the use of WiFi hotspot. These extra services that Skype offers can only be attained through Skype Credits, and not all people can afford these.

Want free Skype Credits?

Fortunately, there are hundreds of ways to get your hands on free Skype Credits. Most ways are through participating in raffles, surveys, and other time-consuming activities, but there is one way that guarantees you a double win!  I bet you didn’t know that Skype offers a wide variety of equipment for sale, and these aren’t just any random useless equipment, these are equipment that can be used with Skype, such as headsets, webcams, desktops, mobiles, and tablets. What makes this a double win for you is that these items don’t just come with free Skype Credits, they’re also available at great discounts!

One of the best offers I saw was the iTech EasyChat 814 headphone. It doesn’t just offer you comfort, it also has a unique flat folding feature which enhances its portability. It’s PPT button also allows for easy switching between calls and music. Last time I checked, the item is available for only $1090, after scratching off a whopping 30% discount from its original price, $1557. This is just one of the many great items on discount. If you’re not yet convinced, then maybe you would consider this after I tell you that all items don’t come with shipping fees.

Have your hands on the free Skype Credits and discounted goodies yet?

Don’t let them go to waste! Let the memory of calling your loved ones last forever by recording it. There are a lot of Skype recording tools available out there, SuperTinTin would probably be the easiest to use. SuperTinTin may not offer discounts, like iTech EasyChat does, but it does allow you to have a free trial! That’s even better than discounts. Now that you have a useful equipment and some free Skype credits, let’s record and make this important call last forever, shall we?

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