Win a Skype Group Date with Lady Gaga via SkypeBall

Skype Ball

All you Little Monsters, wanna win a video call with the Mother Monster herself?

Skype is giving ONE lucky fan a face-to-face call with Lady Gaga through its group video call with Lady Gaga Sweepstakes. And it only takes 4 simple steps to join.

Step 1:

Visit the SkypeBall website and press the big green Enter button.

Step 2:

On the map provided, choose the continent where you reside in. The promo is open only to residents of the U.S., U.K., Ireland and Canada (excluding Quebec).

Oh, and you have to be 18 years old and older to join.

Step 3:

Enter your Skype username. If you don’t have a Skype account, you will be asked to make one. Which is a good thing. Skype offers free video calling! Thank heavens for Gaga she brought you here.

Step 4:

Fill in the necessary details in your entry form and you’re good to go. That’s it. No purchases necessary.

Now you wait. The promo is until Dec 16, 2012.  Check this site from time to time for winner announcements.

You can enter at most 2 entries in the sweepstakes.

Step 5:

If you win this once in a lifetime alone time with Lady Gaga, RECORD IT! People will just think you’re a crazed fan imagining things if you don’t.

The best way to record Skype video calls is through SuperTinTin. Supertintin lets you record your one-time moment with Lady Gaga, and more everyday  conversations like online interviews, conferences, lessons, podcasts, or family VoIP calls.

It can record both audio and video streams. It also captures the original media so you are sure there is no data loss. With all these features, it still remains user friendly. Supertintin videos are easy to record and playback. And you can save your videos in your hard drive or a portable USB.


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Skype in the Workplace: Why It’s a Must for Business Owners

Are you looking for a website that could help build up your businesses’ online presence and connect with fellow marketers? No need to look further as Skype in the Workplace (SITW) could be just the website you need.

SITW is today’s newest online platform that’s originally dedicated towards businesses and business owners. SITW has been operating for approximately six months already and currently has 500 business marketers in 140 categories under its belt.

Skype in the Workplace

But the real question is, how do you, as a business owner benefit from SITW?

Firstly, the SITW draws on a large number of users from Skype which permits for business owners to promote products and services to already existing and even new found networks and connections. As Ural Cebeci, Skype’s product marketing manager states on her blog:

“We aim to connect millions of small businesses with Skype in the work space and believe that by taking advantage of this shared network, businesses can develop the range of tools they need to grow, regardless of location or industry”

Using Skype’s phone, chat, and video calling feature, users are given a variety of options as to how they would like to communicate with present and new connections.  As a matter of fact,  a user also has the option to backtrack and record skype calls and videos via a free skype video recorder.

Indeed, choosing how to keep in touch with connections is crucial as every connection is a possible business prospect you can’t afford to lose.

Likewise, using SITW video-to video correspondence, business owners could conduct a live stream to demonstrate their newest products and services which could come off as a big help especially if trying to reach a wider range of audience base.

Also, SITW would serve as a hub where business owners could professionally correspond with experts and coaches alike who could provide relevant tips and advice that could help beef up businesses.

Lastly through SITW, users can make and reserve appointments with business prospects and dealers that they can keep an eye on via a meeting notification feature.


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Skype Video: Changing the Face of Global Journalism

This past decade has seen a rapid increase in the need for instantaneous and clear communications in the world of journalism. However, although people may have expected for news and media outlets to come up with their own technological upgrades and responses to this need, the innovation that came to news actually originated from consumer-targeted video calling, specifically Skype.

It was through Skype that we learned the stories of soldiers in the war in Iraq. It was through Skype that people in Japan were able to communicate the event and aftermath of that horrible tsunami to the outside world, where no news trucks could approach and come to their places.

And, as more and more mobile users start using Skype via 3G and LTE  signals to connect to the outside world, it is highly likely that a new face of Journalism will emerge and turn out to be the perfect amalgam of professional and citizen journalist. Skype can truly bring global journalism back in the hands of the public and out of the control of corporate big-wigs who can afford the equipment.

So why should you, or any journalist think about using Skype?

1. International Access. You no longer have to shell out a huge amount of cash to make crucial international calls or to conduct long-distance interviews. Skype makes international calls cheaper and more accessible.

2. Video. Gone are the days when long-distance phone patch interviews needed to be broadcast as a choppy voiceover of a loop of old pictures or whatever footage the network can get its hands on. Skype calls provide video and thus, more value for the audience and the journalist. But can you record a Skype call? We’ll get to that in a second.

3. Recordability. Although there’s nothing wrong with good old-fashioned note-jotting, as a journalist you have to always be aware of one rule: if it isn’t on tape, you have no story. Skype video call recorders like SuperTinTin can help you keep accurate logs of any interview, whether it’s audio only or if it’d video. If you are working in the media industry, you might want to get one of the new HD webcams that skype now supports to make your Skype call record even more accurate and better to watch.

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Install Force Skype HD Video For Higher Quality Video

What is Force Skype HD Video?

Yes, there is such a thing as the Force Skype HD Video. What this free downloadable program can do is to force your Skype software to activate high quality videos or HQ Video– even if you don’t use one of those expensive dual-core processor webcams.

Why Do You Need High Quality Video?

As a frequent Skype user, you might have wished at one time or another for a better quality video call. HQ videos are useful if you want to have a good visual of the person on the other end of the screen, and vice versa. It is essential if you are planning to record your calls– for reviewing conference talks, for distribution of podcasts, or just for playback of treasured Skype video calls to loved ones that are far away.

However, if you do not have the right kind of equipment, it is hard to achieve high quality video resolutions on Skype. Standard resolution is at a mere 160×120. Then there is the 320×240 res, and the HQ at 640×480. To make Skype go into hi res mode, you would normally need to have one of those Logitech webcams– which can cost a fortune. The good news is that there is another alternative. You could download the Force Skype HQ Video program.

Setting up the Force Skype HQ Video

Skype high quality, HD video, Skype HD

1. Sign up at It is a software download website where you will find the Force Skype program. Alternatively, you can go to for the free software download.

2. Reconfigure your webcam according to these requirements: the latest version of your webcam driver and a Skype version that is above v3.6.

3. You can now install Force Skype HD Video.

4. Click on the Enable HD Video tab in the software.

5. Quit, restart, and your contacts can now enjoy high definition and high quality Skype videos from you.

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How Do You Use Skype?

Skype Business

Skype has become a popular tool for long distance communication. With video calling, it is the best option versus phone calls and emails. It has been a bridge to many long-distance relationships. But Skype goes farther than that. Here are some out-of-the-box uses of the program:

1. Relationship Counselling

Remote counselling benefits counselors who are just starting out or who are based far from their clients. This extends their client scope beyond their neighborhood. Remote counselling is also best for those couples who can’t stand being in the same room anymore.

Skype counselling can also be done for patients with depression or anxiety. This is a brilliant application especially for those who need help but prefer not to leave their houses.

2. Spying on Your Own Home

This sounds really sketchy, but Skype can be used by homeowners to check up on their nannies, cleaners, pet-sitters and other home service employees.

This works especially for those who hire babysitters. You can check up on your house from time to time to see if the kids are in bed by nine or if the sitter is drinking on the job or having a party at your house.

Skype can also be used as a security device, but CCTVs are still the best if you want a full-time system.

3. Online Dating

Well, finding love online has become commonplace nowadays. But now you can do a “trial date” on Skype before you start going out in real life. This saves your money and effort if the person isn’t worth a second date.

4. International Meetings

Skype in the workplace can save companies thousands of dollars. Meetings can now be done online. That means costly business trips can now be substituted with Skype meetings. This delivers the job at half the cost without compromising productivity.

The best thing about using Skype for meetings and counselings? You can record Skype video calls using Supertintin! It’s easy to record. You can transfer you recordings in your hard drive or USB so playback is even easier.

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How To Use Skype In The Classroom

Skype Education

If you’re a tech-savvy teacher and believe that learning is beyond the four walls of the classroom, why not consider using Skype to get your students hyped up, even if it’s History Class you’re teaching.

There are many ways to use Skype as a cool tool for learning. Below are some suggestions worth trying:

1. Meet with other classes

If you want your students to experience going to other parts of the world without having to leave the classroom, what better way than to use Skype to let them exchange ideas with classrooms from all over the world. May it be for cultural exchange or common assignment purposes, Skype won’t let you down.

2. Practice foreign language

The most effective way to teach someone a new language is to expose him or her to native tongues. You can connect with another school from another country so you can sharpen your students’ grammar and pronunciation skills, without having to pay for expensive airplane tickets.

3. Practice job interviews

Technical skills and knowledge are not enough to get your students the job that they’ve always wanted. So instead of bombarding them with information right out of a book, prepare them for the real world by giving them mock job interviews with other teachers, counselors, and even professionals, via Skype.

4. Hold debates

Hone your students’ communication skills and critical thinking skills by holding debates. Host formal and informal debates with other classes using Skype, so your students will be in their competitive modes and do their best to beat the other team.

5. Parent-Teacher conference

If you believe that saving Mother Nature should be a priority, help conserve our environment by holding parent-teacher conferences through Skype. Save gas and energy by doing remote conferences so this way, not only will you save Mother Earth, but save parents their time and effort as well. They’ll surely love you for such a thoughtful act. .


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Bored? Play Skype Games With Your Friends

Sometimes, you can’t avoid the lazy and dull days that you look for something fun to do to waste time. What can you do? You could go online, and do either chat with online Skype friends or just play hearts with dummy players. That sounds boring so how about combining the two and make you challenge an online Skype friend to a one-on-one chess battle? Better? Then, check out these Skype Games.

Skype Game

If you browse through Skype Shop’s app page, you’ll see the Games category where you can download free and paid apps. One app available for download is’s FireArc Arcade.

FireArc Arcade let’s you play classic online games with your friends on Skype. It’s a free desktop program and it has versions available for Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu Linux, and Debian. The basic requirement is simple: you should just have the latest version of Skype installed.

The FireArc Arcade offers these classic games which you could enjoy playing with your friends:

  • Table Tennis (Inspired by the 1972 classic Pong.)
  • Navy Ships (Inspired by the classic game Battleship.)
  • Line Up 4 (Inspired by the classic game Connect Four.)
  • Mancala
  • Multiplayer Whiteboard
  • Go
  • Chess
  • Tic Tac Toe
Skype Chess

FireArc Arcade is a separate program and won’t affect your Skype’s chat preferences and performance. It will just enable you to play games with your Skype friends who are online. Both of the users should have this app installed and if not, the app will ask the contact invited to download the game.

Oh and if you want to replay the conversation you’re having while playing the game, use record Skype calls with Supertintin.

Save yourself from boring rest days or even during weekday breaks to give you a bit of time to relax and have fun beating (or get beaten) by your Skype friends. Just be sure you won’t get caught playing this during work hours, unless you want to get verbally beaten in real life.

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Skype Security: All You Need Is A Camera, Skype and Supertintin

In today’s dog-eat-dog world, there’s a real need for a person to learn how to protect themselves. Whether you’re a bank manager or a simple homeowner, you can be the next target for thieves.

If you were a bank manager you can have state-of-the-art security systems installed, but what inexpensive alternatives could you have? Here’s an idea: set up your own, inexpensive remote video surveillance system.

Skype camera thief

Everyone knows today that having CCTV cameras can be vital in catching criminals, especially if you are away from home a lot. Here’s what you’ll need to set you own home system up, cheaply!

1. Webcam. You might have one lying around somewhere, especially if you video chat. If you’re goiong to buy a webcam, you might want to go for something that captures decent images. Web cameras that have a 5MP capacity can be bought for around $20.

Logitech Skype Camera

2. Computer. Make sure it works with Skype

3. Skype. Yes, this popular VOIP program can be turned into a remote surveillance system.

4. SuperTinTin. This Skype video call recorder will turn that ordinary Skype call into a viable remote security and recording system.

Supertintin Skype Recorder

5. USB Extension Cable. If you want that camera to be hidden or placed in amore secure area.

Here’s what you need to do:


Set-up the computer and webcam. If you want, you can keep the computer hidden or in a room and use the USB extension cable to set up the webcam in the area. Make sure that the camera is secure and that it captures a decent view of the area.


Install Skype on the surveillance computer and creat a unique user ID for your security system. log that ID in and add your Regular Skype name to its contacts list. Under the security cam’s privacy options (tools>privacy) make sure that it can only accept calls from the contacts.

Click tools>>options>>call and click the button saying “show advanced options” in the next window, check the boxes labeled “answer incoming calls automatically” and “start my video automatically when I am in a call”. Hit “save” and you’re done!

Skype call settings


Call your security Skype cam from another computer. You should install SuperTinTin on that computer and your security computer, configuring it to record the video feed from the security camera, thereby making sure that you have a record of whatever’s going on. You can also install Skype on your smartphone or mobile device and call up your security camera when you’re on-the-go!

There you go: you don’t really need a lot of cash to set up your own remote security system: just Skype and SuperTinTin!

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Skype For Peace Making the World a Better Place Through Crowdfunded Education

Skype for Peace

The world is a better place when there is peace.  Tranquility is attained if we begin from within ourselves.

Skype lead the way on a new crowdfunding campaign called Skype for Peace.  Skype for Peace aims to expand peace education resource for schools across the globe. It is the collective effort of individuals who network their resources via the internet to support the effort of other people through crowdfunding.

Former actor and founder of Peace One Day, Jeremy Gilley, founded Skype for Peace.  He believes that young people are the key to creating a peaceful and sustainable world.  “We are very excited to join Skype and Microsoft in the ‘Skype for Peace’ crowdfunding program to reach a global audience of students and mobilize a generation of young people in support of peace” said Gilley.

Peace One Day partnered with Skype gears toward making the dream of providing free education to every school on earth a reality.  All proceeds shall go to Peace One Day’s Global Education Resource, into as many classrooms as possible around the world.  Teachers may now connect to their students across the globe, teaching them about different cultures, intercultural cooperation and peace.

Make a difference and share to Skype for Peace.  Donations start at $10, and Skype will be matching every dollar donated dollar up to $100,000.

Start at home by using a Skype Video Call Recorder app like SuperTinTin. SuperTinTin can record all audio and video streams in all kinds of Skype calls and voicemails.

Simply start a Skype conversation.  Then, click the red record button in SuperTinTin to start recording.

Please encourage your friends and family to donate and help Skype and Peace One Day put their dream into reality.  Skype for Peace will run until the 21st of November 2012.

World peace must develop from inner peace. Peace is not just mere absence of violence. Peace is, I think, the manifestation of human compassion.” ― Dalai Lama XIV

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Skype CCTV: Using Skype For Your Home Surveillance

Skype Security Video Call

Skype is basically a video calling app, but with a bit of creativity, it can help you feel more secure every time you leave your house.

If you’d like to check on your important people, pets, and other things you’ve left in your otherwise empty flat, installing Skype on your home computer may just do the trick.  It can act as a rudimentary closed-circuit television (CCTV), but of course, only for a short period, as it needs you to continuously run your system.

Interested?  Here’s a pretty quick and easy way of how to go about becoming a Big Brother via Skype CCTV:

  • Get a Skype account.  It’s free, so you don’t need to worry about charges.
  • Set up your webcam and turn it on.  Do a test video call first to see if it really works.
  • Make sure to set your Skype to automatically answer calls, and keep the ringer silent.  This is the most important step, since if you don’t let the app pick up, no one’s going to do it for you.  Besides, you don’t want really want to be felt or heard when you’re doing your “home spying”.
  • Make sure to create another Skype account you can use to call up your original account so that you can check on your place anytime.

If you’re always too busy to check on your flat, you can simply just ring and record Skype video calls which you can watch later on.  You can use a Skype video recorder app such as SuperTinTin which helps you save your security feeds.  This way, you won’t miss out on anything, and you’ll get the constant peace of mind that you deserve.

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Journalists: Protect Yourself From Skype Eavesdropping

Skype Snooping

No one likes to be eavesdropped, especially journalists. The job of the press is based on stories, and it’s their duty to unearth the latest news and find out the nitty-gritty details that surround it.  A journalist’s life is never boring as they get to talk with Anons for tips and sources. This is why journalists loved Skype: it uses an encrypted software that cannot be intercepted, which guarantees their privacy and protection.

With Skype’s new supernode policy, the system can now store chat archives for up to 30 days. The policy was meant to improve overall experience and reliability, along with upholding the company’s social responsibility. Skype shares that they will relay data to the law enforcement if necessary.

Skype Eavesdropping? Journalists At Risk?

Journalists, especially those who dabble in investigative crimes and issues, deal with sensitive information and cover sensational stories. They are those who take tips from anonymous sources and deal with contacts to follow their assignment’s trail.  Skype’s new policy leaves them vulnerable as police can access chat data that can be used against them.

How Journalists Can Protect Themselves

Skype Laptop

All hope isn’t lost. There are still legal ways to use Skype for your investigative work without worrying about your privacy and security, here are a few tips:

  • Create a New Skype Account

Start the slate clean and don’t reveal any personal details that will be traced to you. This way, it’ll be safe to talk to anyone about anything on Skype.

  • Use a Proxy Server

Use Proxy Servers such as Anonymouse and Hotspot Shield so that you’re free to browse the internet without traces! This way, noone will be able to access your personal data, especially your IP address.

  • Be Anonymous

You can be someone else or not be anyone at all, the key here is that you don’t reveal your personal identity!

  • Use Skype Calls

The supernode policy does not affect voice and video calls, so you can use that for untraceable interaction! You can also record Skype calls for archiving with SuperTinTin, a Skype video recorder.

Are you also wary of your online security? Learn how to protect yourself, use Skype wisely!

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New Skype For Windows 8 Coming Out Soon

Skype for Windows 8

Skype may have already been an important part of your life and with the thoughts of upgrading your OS to Windows 8, what is it in for you? Well, hold on tight to your seats because the good news is,  Microsoft also announced a new Skype version with features you’ll surely enjoy.


  1. Integrated Windows Messenger infrastructure for easier picture, video and audio content on Windows Azure. You can now even record Skype video calls so that you can repeat the call to take down notes or whatnot.
  2. Can be used with other Windows 8 apps so that users can use other programs while they’re using Skype so this time, you don’t have to close other programs when making a call, or vice versa.
  3. The new Skype will also be upgraded with video messaging capability so that you can still leave video calls even if your contact is offline or is away.

When it comes to the new Skype design interface, its new style allows you to use it with touch devices or with your conventional keyboard and mouse hardware. The app is also always on, so you won’t miss most recent calls and messages that may be important. This way, you’ll always be updated with whatever your contacts have to say to you.

Another perk of updating to the new Skype for Windows 8 is it finally comes with a dial pad, making it easier for you to call landlines or mobile phones, as well as viewing the most recent calls you made, received or missed.

Windows 8 is definitely an OS we should be all excited about, especially with all the new apps and upgrades it Microsoft has in store for us. With the new Skype on the other hand, communicating with your loved ones all around the world has never been made faster and more convenient. With quality video, voice and audio features that Skype has to offer, you’ll never have to miss another important milestone on your social, business and family life.

And yes, Supertintin will be compatible with Windows 8 so you can continue to record Skype video even after you upgrade.

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Microsoft Merging MSN Messenger On Skype

Microsoft Skype MSN

Even though the deal regarding Microsoft’s takeover with Skype has been closed almost a year ago (with Microsoft buying the rights to own Skype with $8.5 billion), it was just recently that Microsoft announced that they’re finally integrating MSN messenger on Skype. Which could mean only one thing: Skype users may now log in on their accounts using MSN messenger and vice versa.

So that if users access their MSN or Skype accounts, they can right away check who’s online on either of the accounts and begin chatting or video calling.

The Skype management assures though that once MSN users download the latest version of Skype and log on to their accounts, their MSN contact list will be synced automatically. In addition, as soon as MSN users update to Skype, they may also enjoy added features, such as:

  • Group video calling
  • Facebook video calling with friends
  • Video calls on cellular phones
  • Video calling, instant messaging, calling telephones and mobile phones all in one place
  • Sharing screens with other users
  • Extensive device support which includes iPad and Android tablets

But although a lot of people are pretty ecstatic about this newest feature in MSN, there have also been a lot of complains among users, including not being able to see their MSN contact list on their Skype accounts (only their Skype contacts), users having a completely empty contact list, losing MSN messenger “nicknames”, messages not getting delivered and having a permanently “offline” contact list among others.

Presently, Skype hasn’t publicized a general solution just yet to any of the user’s concerns mentioned above and even when you try looking up for possible solutions on the Internet, nothing relevant comes up.

Skype then should fix these glitches really soon, otherwise, users might just slip away and look for other live chat providers.

PS: Supertintin works on both Skype and MSN. Get this free skype video recorder today!

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Learn Spanish through Skype Lessons

Skype Spanish Lessons

No more “Mi no habla español” when travelling to a Spanish-speaking country and a someone tries to have a friendly conversation with you.

You can now learn Spanish in the comforts of your own home, office or anywhere you fancy.  Education has been reinvented through the use of Skype.

Learning a new language in a traditional classroom set up can be both a difficult and boring task. The teacher handles a number of students minimizing the opportunity for every individual to actually learn. Your hottie seatmate might get more attention than you.

With Skype, one on one Spanish tutorial sessions are now possible.  You can choose your preferred screen set up on Skype.  You can even record your tutorials, (of course with the permission of your teacher) so that you can view it again just like playing a DVD.

Using a Skype Video Call Recorder like SuperTinTin might be the best option for you.  It could record all audio and video streams in all kinds of Skype calls and voicemails.

The procedures of recording are quite simple. Two Steps. First, start a Skype conversation.  Next, click the red record button in SuperTinTin to start recording.

Using apps like SuperTinTin gives you a chance to record and repeat your Spanish tutorial sessions for future reference.  You can even preserve videos for posterity or playback.

Alberto Vara, an online Spanish teacher who uses Skype to teach Spanish said, “Imagine you want to tell your girlfriend to buy you a beer.  You can do it in your own language, but how cool would it be to do it in Spanish??”  Now you’d say “Me compras una cerveza, por favor?”

After learning Spanish through Skype, you can now put that Spanish book back on the shelf and get ready to travel to Spain and run with the bulls!

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Can Police Wiretap Skype Calls?

Wiretap Skype Security

Talks circulating the internet says that Skype’s recent infrastructure upgrade made it possible for the company to simply hand over its users’ conversation logs. Skype made a statement on their blog saying that the upgrade was meant to improve overall experience and reliability of using Skype.

The catch? They would relay data to the law enforcement if the need calls for it.

Why Wiretap Skype?

Microsoft Skype Ballmer

In 2009, Microsoft filed for Legal Intercept. It is a US patent intended for copying the conversation between two people over VOIP services like Skype. Now in 2012, the patent resurfaced along with the change in Microsoft’s supernode policy.

With the all-new supernode policy, Skype now houses its own servers that allows the system to locate where the call was made. With those changes, government officials assumed that the improvement was made to make information available to the police.

The Real Score

Voice and Video Calls

Skype says that all those rumors are not applicable in voice and video call. It’s true that their new server can help locate the caller and improve data quality, but the actual conversation would simply pass through the system unnoticed.

Instant Messages

We may be clear on calls, but Skype’s Chief Development and Operations Officer, Mark Gillett, shared that they will allow police access to Skype IM conversations if the necessary procedures were done. Contrasting to Skype’s calling feature, IM messages are temporarily stored on Microsoft server. The period is until 30 days, unless required by law.

Is There a Cause for Concern?

To simply put it, the police cannot wiretap your Skype calls. However, they can work hand in hand with Microsoft if they feel that they can dig evidence in Skype IM conversations.

Is it something to worry about? Not if you’re doing anything wrong. Skype’s upgrade is not meant to undermine user privacy, but it was done to improve over all user experience. You can also think of it this way- it’s one way of helping in making the world a better place to live in by working with the police.

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Opus: Skype’s Standard Codec for Best Quality Internet Calls

Doing their best to continue serving Skype users with better quality voice calls, Skype has launched Opus – the latest standard audio codec.

“We believe that Opus will be the new, free, go-to codec for real time communication, streaming and storage, and we are excited to see its birth as a fully-fledged IETF standard,” Skype’s Audio/Video Product Engineering Director Karlheinz Wurm stated.

“If you’ll pardon the pun, Opus will make a quiet but crystal clear entry into the world – most people will take for granted the high sound fidelity when it arrives in the Skype client, through browsers and gateways, and we hope on mobile phones, game consoles and conference rooms, too.”

So how is Opus different from Skype’s past codecs? Here’s what Wurm elaborated:

  • Improved audio experience. Opus will make Skype users talk in CD quality from narrowband mono to fullband stereo for both voice and music.
  • Higher quality voice and music. Compared to existing codecs like MP3 and AAC, Opus promises better quality.
  • Fewer megabyte usage.
  • Adjusts between any operating modes. Wurm and the Skype team believe that Opus is the first codec with state-of-the-art performance for any type of audio signal and any application (communications, streaming and storage)under any condition. From 3G to WIFI or when using broadband, the codec easily adjusts to these internet resources.
  • Fewer gaps. Opus’s multiple mechanisms that deal and recover packet loss makes calls avoid gaps in conversations.
  • All in one. It does the tasks of the previous collection of codecs with higher quality.
Although it has been delivering users good quality calls with their current audio codec SILK,  Skype initiated on making a standardized codec ‘built for the internet’ and usable by everybody else – hence Opus was made.

This open, royalty-free, and versatile audio codec which fuses the technology from Skype’s SILK codec and Xiph.Org’s CELT codec is available for download through their website.

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Harvard Gives a Whole New Meaning to College Interviews using Skype

Harvard Law School gives faraway college hopefuls easier access to entrance interviews through Skype.

Before, applicants needed to fly to Cambridge, Massachusetts in order to take their shot at a sought after student slot; now, entrance interviews of the world-renowned institution will be conducted through the efficiency of online video calling.

Skype will give applicants better ways of expressing and differentiating themselves from other contenders, hopefully increasing their chances of entering the Ivy League.  Interviews will be conducted by the school’s Assistant Dean and Chief Admissions Officer Jessica L. Soban, as well as by the Director of Admissions Karen E. Buttenbaum.  They will be slightly longer than the traditional ten minutes per person.

Soban shares her enthusiasm towards the new medium: “There’s nothing that ultimately replaces being able to physically sit down in a room with someone, but I think that Skype is a great way of approximating that.”

Although Skype will be the main mode of communication, persons with disabilities and those will limited access to an internet connection will also be accommodated via other means.

Being interviewed for Harvard Law School may be one of the greatest moments of your life, so why not preserve this memory and record the entire proceeding via SuperTinTin?  (Of course, you’ll first need to ask proper permission from your interviewer before doing so.)  This way, you can look back and see that proud moment when you’ve managed to speak your way into one of the most prestigious schools in the world.

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Using Skype In The Classroom

School Bus Kids

For years, kids took field trips to interact with what they are learning, usually to destinations not far from their community. But with today’s technology, even students from Kenya can take educational adventures to NASA and get lessons from its engineers on how to prepare space vehicles for lift off or to design their own space mission patch.

NASA video conference Skype For EducationSkype presents students worldwide a progressive way to discover new cultures and ideas through its Skype in the classroom. Using Skype video conference as a tool, teachers have more resources to stir their students’ imagination, help shape their dream and reach for it so that they can take part in a better future.

Skype in the classroom, a free online community that helps teachers use Skype to enrich the learning experiences of their students, recently added the following great organizations as part of its live global education project:

They join earlier collaborators like:

To become part of Skype in the classroom, interested teachers need to:

  1. Sign up at using their Skype account details
  2. Create a profile which includes their interests, location and the age groups they teach

There are more than 28,000 registered educators in Skype in the classroom who enjoy free access to its organization microsites, use the wealth of content from these institutions and even engage in conversations with select guest speakers.

Technology further enhances this modern learning experience by recording these video and call conferences for playback. Using Skype video call recorders like SuperTintin, absent kids will not miss out on great learning opportunities provided by Skype in the classroom. It even enables teachers to record resources for future reference.

Learning in today’s world becomes more than a trip to the zoo on the yellow school bus. Skype in the classroom takes you to NASA or the Science Museum in London from wherever you are in the world, and SuperTintin records the experience for later review or to watch again on rewind.

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Skype Lessons Online: Learn an Instrument Through Skype

Skype Lessons Online

Skype has the power to bridge borders. No matter where you are in the world, you can get connected with anyone at any time. We know that families use Skype to catch up with their relatives across the globe. Likewise, we know that businessmen and students use it when it comes to meetings and deliberations. But did you know that instructors have started using Skype for teaching?

CNET’s video team connected with Lance Allen, a Nashville, Tenn., based guitar teacher, who is only one out of the many others who rely much on Skype’s video conferencing feature to provide lessons to interested individuals anywhere on the map.

CNET had to see it to believe it and so one of Lance’s class with a student from San Francisco was observed from start to finish. It came out impressive really that the 2,300 miles that separated the teacher from the student did not even cause a problem during the lecture. Distance wasn’t ever an issue since both had up-to-date computers, a speedy yet reliable internet connection, and of course a perfect video conference program: Skype.

So see? Now there is no more stopping us from learning from the best. Learn to play the guitar, ukelele, or any instrument you want. Get connected with music instructors and learn through Skype!

While you’re at it, why not record it? Keep your video conferences recorded through SuperTinTin and you can continue learning on your own even after lessons. SuperTinTin records all audio and video streams including Skype voice mail and screen sharing video. Supertintin records Skype calls by capturing original media data while making sure there is no data loss.

So why not give it a try? Take a lesson and get it recorded. Keep a copy of each and every video chat you had so you can learn quicker and remember faster in no time!


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Caution! Your Friend’s Skype Profile Pic Might Be The LOL Virus

Never ever click an unsolicited link. Many internet users learned this the hard way when their computers started acting up or their social networking accounts just suddenly started sending weird messages and invites to everyone in their network.

Of course, that was in a website. Viruses can’t spread through Skype, can they? Actually, they can. Only this month, a virus has begun infecting unsuspecting Skype users, getting them to click on a link with the message “LOL is this your new profile pic?” Once a user clicks the link, it begins to download a compressed, or zip, file. This then installs the virus to your system.

Lol Is This Your New Profile Pic

So what does the virus do? Well, for one thing, it exploits your Skype’s API or Application Programming Interface, the sort of nerve system of the program. From there, it can do all sorts of damage: from stealing all your passwords, to recruiting your computer to a botnet.

Skype LOL Virus

Dorkbot attacks, one variant of which is this lol virus threat, have actually been seen in many forms over the past few years. They show up in Facebook and Twitter messages, so people should be pretty aware of them. But then again, Facebook and Skype are two very different environments. Admit it, the implied privacy of a Skype chat makes you just a bit more trusting of the links that your Skype buddy might send you. And it is a bit awkward if you accuse someone you’re talking to of sending you a virus link.

However, you should not let those things get in the way of your online safety. When a person sends you a link out of nowhere, or if the message itself seems out of character or out of topic, you should tell the other person that they might have a virus and that they should clean up their system.

These are great suggestions for preventing the spread of this new virus on Skype. Of course, it’s always wise to err on the side of caution, so you should also consider updating to the latest version of Skype, as this is more resistant to viruses.

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