How To Convert Skype Videos to MP3

Do you want to record and play back old conversations you’ve had through Skype? Skype doesn’t have that built-in feature yet but there are lots of existing software that allows you to do exactly just that—record and replay your previous Skype calls and easily convert them to formats of your choice.

Recording your Skype Calls

These third party software called “add-ons” can be downloaded at the official web page of Skype and installed with your computer’s Skype software. And it doesn’t really entail that much effort to use these “add-ons” because in most cases, all you have to do is hit the “start” button to begin recording your conversations and then the “stop” button, as soon as you’re done.

In fact, there are available Skype recorders that lets users save not only Skype calls but also voice mails, video calls as well as chats. There are even those that allow Skype conversations to be saved in a variety of formats including .mp4, .mp3, .wmv, and .avi. These formats are the most commonly played among audio and video players such as the Windows Media player that comes with the Windows operating system.

Among the many features of using a Skype recorder to convert videos into different formats like .mp3 files is that most are free, may be used limitlessly and users are given a choice to do their recordings either manually or automatically. Indeed if you’re using Windows, you might actually want to give SuperTinTin a try. SuperTinTin is compatible with the different versions of Windows OS that allows you to record your Skype calls in high quality.

To record your Skype calls to MP3 format, you can follow these steps:

  1. Download your Skype recorder to record your conversations.
  2. Install the recorder.
  3. Open Skype.
  4. Call someone and start making a conversation.
  5. Press the record button to begin recording.
  6. Press the stop button once done.
  7. Playback again and export your files to .mp3 or any format of your choice.
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Making a Video Call in the New Skype for Windows 8

The newest operating system that is Skype for Windows 8 was just recently launched featuring a more stylish and cutting-edge design for the software. But apart from the exterior boost, this newest upgrade from Skype promises a faster and user-friendly interface.

Skype Windows 8

Among its most distinctive features include applications being viewed in full screen as well as horizontal swiping. It also highlights this “snap” feature that permits users to simultaneously run two applications where in one app is the primary display and the other is shown by the left side of the screen.

Once installed, the app automatically starts on this big live tile (which you may choose to shrink if the enormous size seems too bothersome for you) that displays the Skype logo including your notifications and messages.

Skype merging with Windows 8 is one of the most talked about team up of the year and it wasn’t really such a bad idea after all. Skype for Windows 8 is a beautiful application integrating instant messaging and individual and group calls (for both video and audio) in a modern interface. In fact, you could also be able to record your Skype calls and videos with Windows 8 if you install a  Skype recorder such as SuperTinTin.

If you’ve created your Skype account already and you wish to make your first video call on Windows 8, here are a few steps you might like to follow.

  1.  Start the Skype application.
  2. Choose the contact you would like to call under the people or favorites.
  3. A conversation window should open. Click on the green video call icon to begin your video call.
  4. The color of the screen must change, a call bar should be seen exactly at the bottom of the screen and you should be able to hear a ringing sound that will stop until the person on the other end of the line picks up.
  5. Lastly, smile and say hello!
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Skype SMS Makes Texting Anywhere Easy

Have you ever had the urge to text a loved one abroad but just can’t because the overpriced text rates are stopping you?  With Skype’s bargain SMS rates, you surely wouldn’t hesitate to send that text message ever again.

Skype SMS

Texting is one of the several ways to instantly communicate with important people in your life but when text rates are nearly as steep as that of phone calls, it’s about time to look for the next best alternative. Clearly, texting through Skype.  Skype is one of the leading exclusive software applications that permits users to text, IM, video chat, call and even record video calls with third party software such as SuperTinTin.

For as low as 4.7¢ per text, you can now keep in touch with your friends and family without having to worry about those ever-increasing phone bills. Skype’s SMS texting is available to use on your mobile phone or computer. But before anything else, you need to verify your number first and earn Skype credits. Verification is important because it helps your contacts identify you as the sender of the message and at the same time, it allows for them, the recipients to reply directly to your phone number.

Here are the steps to verify your number:

  1. First, log in on Skype
  2. Then go to “Skype > Preferences”
  3. Click on “Messaging” and then “Verify Your Number”.
  4. Key in your mobile number in the “Verify Phone Number” window and then select “Send Code”.
  5. Wait for the verification code to be sent on your mobile. Afterwards, type the code in the “Verification Code window” and click “Verify”,

To check if your number has been verified, go to “Skype”, “Preferences” and then “Messaging”. Your number should be seen next to the “Receive SMS replies at”.

If however, you want to verify another mobile number, simply click on “Verify Another Number” and repeat the steps again.

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How To Get Your Friends To Use Skype

You’ve been consistently using Skype ever since it became available for download on the Internet. But, have your friends actually gotten around the software or is it simply just you?

Your Friends and Skype

Assuming that you are indeed a big fan of Skype, you would know that it is essentially more fun and entertaining when you have lots of people on your contact list.  So what better way is there to add more contacts other than encouraging those you personally know (like your friends and acquaintances), to sign up and create an account?

And to persuade them even better, why not share with them the advantages of Skype that you’ve experienced yourself? Here’s a list you can go through.

Use Skype For Free Calls from PC to PC

Tell your friends that all they’ll actually need is a stable Internet connection to enjoy free phone calls. Even with mobile applications such as that with the IPhone, provided they have the Skype app installed (which is also free to download on the App Store on ITunes), they still can call for free and even record Skype calls with a third party software like SuperTinTin.

Mention also that so long as the user that they decide to contact is logged in on Skype, they can reach him or her in three ways without charge: phone call, video call and chat.

Use Skype For Internet Access

If your friends are the type who want to stay connected to the Internet 24/7, let them know that Skype’s perfect for them! As with Skype, not only can they take advantage of the free calls and IM’s, but they can also access the Internet. Yes! Skype has partnered with wireless Internet service provider Boingo that permits users to surf the Internet via hotspots that can be found on bookstores, coffee bars and airports from all over the world. Of course on condition that they have Skype credits to spare.

Use Skype To Exchange of Pictures and Videos Easily

Lastly, tell everyone that with Skype, file sharing is so much easier! Whether its photos or videos, you can effortlessly exchange them in a few clicks and talk about it instantaneously.

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Uploading your Recorded Skype Videos on YouTube

Much to the dismay of its users, Skype still doesn’t have a pre-installed software that can record phone and video calls.  So if you wish to do so, you’ll definitely be needing  a Skype recorder like SuperTinTin to accomplish that for you.

Upload video Skype Grandma Grandpa

Let’s assume that you’re done recording your Skype videos and you’re really excited about uploading them on an online video sharing community such as YouTube. You want your video to be made public so that more people get to see it. What do you need to do? Here’s a quick guide.

  1. On your browser, go to
  2. If you don’t have a YouTube account yet, then you need to make one. Just click on the blue “Sign In” button on the upper right corner of the site so that it redirects you to the “Sign In” page.
  3. Click on the red “Create an Account” button next to the text that says: “New to YouTube?”
  4. YouTube is now fully integrated with Gmail so it is necessary that you make a Gmail account first in order to sign in with YouTube.
  5. Fill in the necessary information as needed and tick the boxes that apply.
  6. Verify your account.
  7. Sign in using your email. To make sure that you’re really signed in on YouTube, your first and last name should appear on the upper right hand of the website. If you don’t see anything, click the “Sign In” button again and reenter your email address and password.
  8. As soon as you’ve successfully signed in, click the upload button next to the search bar.
  9. See the blue button that says “Ok, I’m ready to Continue”? Click that.
  10.  Select the recorded Skype video from your computer and hit “Open”.
  11. Depending on the size of the video, the uploading may take several minutes to finish. While waiting, enter a description for the video, set its privacy settings and enter tags that you think are relevant to the video.
  12. Once the video has finished uploading, YouTube’s servers will need to process it first before it can finally be viewed online.
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How to Add Phone Contacts to Skype

Life is much easier when you’ve got everything organized.  Good thing you can easily find your friends on Skype and make free calls, video calls and send text messages to your friends once you’ve added them to your Contacts.

After you have downloaded Skype and created an account, you are now ready to add and organize your Contacts.   In order to add contacts to your Skype account, all you need is a fast internet connection and a Skype account.

You can add a single contact, mobile number and landline to your Contacts.  Let’s start by adding a Single Contact, all you need to do is:

  1. Sign in to Skype.  On the menu bar click Contacts, then Add ContactAdd Contacts Skype
  2. Type in the email, phone number, full name or Skype name of the person you wish to add.
  3. After finding a match of the person you are looking for, click Add.
  4. If there are more than one result to your search, find the person you are looking for by determining the location or looking at the photo.  Click Add Contact once you’ve found the person you wish to add.
  5. You then need to send them a contact request.  Make sure to introduce yourself in your message. Then click Send Request. Send Contact Request Skype

Reminder: The contact you added will now show on your contacts list but will appear offline until they have accepted your request.

How to add a mobile or landline:

  1. Sign in to Skype and click Call PhonesCall Phones Skype
  2. Select a flag from the country code list before adding a phone number.
  3. Click Add to Contacts, enter the person’s name and click Save.

Reminder:  To call mobile phones or landlines, you need a Skype Credit or a subscription.

Your contacts can be organized, sorted and renamed anytime depending on your preference.  Start catching up with your friends by making that call now.  Make sure to record special moments with them through SuperTintinSuperTintin helps you capture those precious moments you want to cherish with your friends, loved ones and family with just one click.  Record your video calls now!

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Record Skype Video Calls

Skype Recording

Do you want to record and play back old conversations you’ve had through Skype? Skype doesn’t have that built-in feature yet but there are lots of existing software that allows you to do exactly just that—record and replay your previous Skype calls and more!

These third party software called “add-ons” can be downloaded at the official web page of Skype and installed with your computer’s Skype software. And it doesn’t really entail that much effort to use these “add-ons” because in most cases, all you have to do is hit the “start” button to begin recording your conversations and then the “stop” button, as soon as you’re done.

In fact, there are available Skype recorders that lets users save not only Skype calls but also voice mails, video calls as well as chats. There are even those that allow Skype conversations to be saved in a variety of formats including .mp4, .wmv, and .avi. These formats are the most commonly played among audio and video players such as the Windows Media player that comes with the Windows operating system.

Indeed if you’re using Windows, you might actually want to give SuperTinTin a try. SuperTinTin is compatible with different versions of the Windows OS and for only $29.95 per license, you may record your Skype calls in high quality. Plus, its software design is really user-friendly you’ll be able to understand the key commands, buttons and controls of it in no time.

Likewise, installing SuperTinTin is really fast and easy as it takes only about 1 to 2 minutes to completely set it up on your computer. It also doesn’t take up that much space in your hard drive because it only runs in 3mb.

Whether you’re new to Skype or have been using it for years now, SuperTinTin is definitely the Skype recorder for you.

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How To Record Your Fiance’s Skype Video Calls

Skype Record Fiance Call

Making a relationship work requires constant communication. If you or your finance’s work demands time away from home, finding ways to talk to each other, even if you’re miles away from each other, is made easier with Skype. In fact, you can even record Skype video calls with apps such as SuperTinTin, so you can watch your conversation over and over again, and keep you motivated despite stress from work.

But how can you make a Skype call successful, exactly? Below are some tips you may want to keep in mind.

1. Set a common schedule

One of the first things that you need to set is a common schedule where making Skype calls will be convenient for both of you. If you want, you can even write down reasons why either of you may not make it during your Skype ‘dates’ to avoid disappointments.

2. Get in the mood

Before sitting in front of your computer and making that call, take a moment to breathe and analyze your mood so that if you’re having a bad day, you won’t vent out your day’s frustrations to your finance. In the first place, they did nothing wrong, right? If you can’t help it but tell him or her how sucky your day was, explain and thank them for listening.

3. It’s okay to be cheesy

Long distance relationships mean lack of physical presence, which can be a difficult challenge for a lot of couples. Make sure that you never compromise sincerity and don’t forget to tell just how much you love him. Always make your significant other feel special and never be afraid to talk about your feelings. Make up your lack of physical touch with words of love and emotions that could be felt even if you’re thousands of miles away from each other.

4. Ending the call

Hanging up is another problem when it comes to conversations. To avoid that awkward moment and argument on who will end the call, why not agree on a routine that you can do before hitting the end button? This way, neither of you will be left hanging on air or will feel abandoned after ending the call.

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When Should You Pay for Skype?

We’ve been glad to have Skype in our lives for free video and audio calls, instant messaging, file sharing and more. It has also made us possible to record calls just by installing a Skype recorder. It’s a breeze to have these for free but we know in life everything isn’t free and so are Skype’s features.

Pay For Skype

So what are the features in Skype that you should pay for before using? These are the following:

  • Sending SMS. Depending on the location of the person you want to send a message, an SMS costs from 4.7 cents. Just type in your message with your keyboard and hit send.
  • Calling landline and mobile phone. Just like when sending SMS, you could call any phone around the world from 2.3 cents per minute with Skype credits or by subscription from $1.09 per month.
  • Sharing screens during one-on-one or group video calls. Turning on your screen and video camera at the same time is disabled unless you have Skype Premium installed, which costs $4.60 (€3.49).
  • Video conferences up to 10 participants. Face-to-face video calls are free for up to 3 participants. If you want to add more, one participant should subscribe to Skype Premium or assign the group video feature in Skype Manager.
  • Accessing Skype’s WIFI. With your Skype Credits, you can get access to WIFI hotspots worldwide. You only pay for the time you’re online not by the bytes you consume.
  • Skype to go. By having Skype credits or by subscription, this feature lets you have your own Skype number for your mobile and landline and make calls with the low cost rates of Skype.

Skype’s free features make us enjoy our daily calls to other Skype users and with a little additional cost, you can enjoy more with  these paid features. Just choose if you want to buy Skype Credits, get a subscription or install Skype Premium.

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How To Find and Add Contacts in Skype

You’ve got the latest version of Skype installed and then what’s next? You have to fill it up with contacts so you could start making video calls or record Skype  calls. You can start by searching and adding contacts in Skype or by importing your contacts from Facebook or your email’s address book.

Add contacts using Skype

Add Contacts Skype

  1. In your Skype Menu, click Contacts
  2. Select Add Contact…
  3. Enter details like email address, phone number, full name or Skype name.
  4. If the full name or Skype name matches one contact (name, location, and profile picture) click Add
  5. If the full name or Skype name entered matches multiple contacts, select the one you’re looking for and click Add Contact
  6. Send a contact request. You can type a short message and click Send Request

Import contacts from Facebook or email’s address book

Add Facebook Contacts Skype

  1.  In your Skype Menu, click Contacts
  2. Select Import Contacts…
  3. Under the type of account selected, enter your username and password. Click Import.
  4. You’ll see a list of contacts that already have Skype accounts.
    • To import all contacts listed, click Add contacts.
    • To import only some contacts, uncheck those you don’t want to import and click Add contacts.
    • If you don’t want to add any contacts from the list, click Skip.
  5. You’ll also see a list of contacts who don’t have Skype accounts. Select the people you want to send an email to join Skype, type a message and click Send email. If you don’t want to send any messages, click Skip.
  6. Your added contacts will appear offline until they accept your request. You will see them online when they accepted your request.
After adding the people you’re looking for in Skype, you can start calling them or use Skype’s other free features  like instant messaging, file sharing and conference calls. You can enjoy more by downloading a free Skype video recorder. Don’t get left out and start adding your friends, co-workers, or just anyone you know!
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How To Create A Skype Account For Someone Else

Not everybody knows how to navigate the web and create their own account at Skype.  Your grandparents, aunt or uncle may be one of them.  It won’t hurt to lend a helping hand to those who are not so knowledgeable about computers right?

Create Skype Account

Before creating an account make sure that Skype has been properly installed on the computer of the person you are creating the account for.  There are also a couple of things you should remember before creating the account for someone else:

  • Make sure that you are creating the account with their consent.
  • Ask the person of his preferred Skype name and password.  If not, think of a name that suits him.
  • Know the basic personal information of the person you are creating the account for.  For example, full name, phone number, address, email address, date of birth, etc.
  • Check if their speakers, webcam, microphones and headsets are properly installed.

Ready to create that account?  Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Skype website and click on the “Sign In” on the upper right hand corner of the window.
  2. In the new page, click “Create an account
  3. Enter all the required information like full name, email address, preferred Skype name and password, country and language.  Information such as date of birth, gender and city are optional.
  4. Click o the “I agree—Continue” button.  This will open to your new account page.

HELPFUL TIP: For security purposes, when creating a password, make sure to choose a unique, secure and strong password.  Passwords are case sensitive and must be at least 6 to 20 characters containing numbers and letters.  Also, avoid using the same password for all your accounts.  Hackers have a way of discovering passwords by phishing through emails.

Skype Sign In

Now that you have completed the process of creating a new account, be sure inform the person that you created the account for of his Skype name and password. Rest assured that you can be trusted in keeping the passwords confidential.

There’s  also an easy way to record your Skype calls.  SuperTintin is a recording tool for online conversations.  Tell your friends about it.

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How To Do Group Video Calls with Skype

Whether you want to call your loved ones from different places at the same time or call your employees or partners for business meetings, Skype doesn’t fail to give you easy and almost free group video calls. It’s quick and it lets you save your time and money.

Group Video Calls

What do you need?

You can make conference calls using Skype but the number of participants depends if you have are using a free or paid version. Just make sure you have the following:

  • latest version of Skype
  • webcam
  • mic and speakers or a headset
  • high-speed broadband connection (the faster, the better for more participants)

How do you start a video conference?

  1. In your Skype menu, click Contacts
  2. Select Create New Group…
  3. Drag contacts into your empty group box
  4. Click Video Call 
  5. You could still add other contacts during calls, just drag them into the existing group video call

What more can you get?

Remember that if you’re using Skype for free you could only have 3 participants in a video conference. If you want to add more, you could buy a premium subscription or Skype credits to enable assigning the group call feature in your Skype manager.

Subscribing to Premium or having Skype credits could let you call up to 10 participants, just make sure that you and your group’s internet speed is good enough to make smooth-flowing calls at the same time. You can also share screens and send files for the group.

People using the Skype app on their mobile phones aren’t missed in group calls. You could still join them as a group participant (audio only) wherever they are with their phone.

We’ve been used to Skype with its one-on-one calling features, but it’s better enjoyed if you could add more people for more memorable and fun Skype conversations. Speaking of memorable, don’t forget to install a free Skype video recorder so you won’t miss important details in your group calls.

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How To Get Started with Skype [Skype How To]

Whether using a mobile phone, computer or TV set, we can reach people across the globe with Skype.

Skype is a free to download and easy to use software that bridges communication gap among people.  Skype is used by millions around the world to make free video and voice calls, send instant messages and share files.


Have you used Skype before? If not, this Skype How To will help you get started.

You need:

Start creating your account once you’ve got everything set up.

  1. On the Skype website, click Sign In and go to Create an account
  2. Enter your name and email address
  3. Provide your profile information so that your friends can easily find you.
  4. Enter a Skype name. Your friends will use this name to contact you on Skype. Create your password. Passwords are case sensitive, must be between 6 to 20 characters including at least one letter and one number.
  5. To verify if you are a real person and not a robot, enter the security words displayed in the box. 
  6. Read the Skype Terms of Use and the Skype Privacy Statement, then click I agree, then Continue.

Now, you are all set to make your first call. Don’t forget to set up your webcam, headphones, speaker and check the sound.

  • Open the Skype window and sign in.
  • On the Contacts tab, click contact named Skype Test Call or Echo/Sound Test Service 
  • The contact’s information will open on the right side of the pane.
  • The call window will open and the test call will begin.
  • Follow the operators instructions to record a sample
  • The test call will hang up once finished.

Try recording your video calls using a Skype video recorder like SuperTinTin.  It lets you play your videos all over and over again.

Get as many contacts to talk to now that you can Skype.  Search all your friends and relatives on Skype and talk to them now!

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Remove Echo on Your Skype Calls Using Echo123

So what causes this annoying and distractive sound? More commonly, an echo is produced when the microphone picks up the sound of the speakers.  Sound reverberates as it bounces off a surface like a wall.

Microphones and speakers, if not properly set up are sure to cause an echo on your call.


  • For those using external speakers, position the speakers away from your laptop microphone and try reducing the volume.
  • If you are using external microphones, position it about 12 inches away from your speakers. Try reducing the volume level of the microphone to 50% or turn off the mic boost option.
  • Try downloading the latest version of Skype that has a built-in Echo Cancellation feature which detects and reduces the echo.
  • Try using a headset or headphones instead of speakers and microphones, if none of these suggestions work.

If both you and the person on the other end of the line are experiencing echoes, try calling Echo123.

What is Echo123?

Echo123 is a special Skype service that helps you test if your audio settings are working properly.

  1. Just type “Echo123” in the address bar at the bottom of the Skype window.
  2. Or you can also add “Echo123” to your contacts.  Follow the next instructions on the pop-up box.
  3. Add Echo123 to ContactsOnce “Echo123” is added, click on the chat button.  Type “callme” and press Enter on your keyboard.
  4. After a few seconds the phone will ring.  Pick it up and follow the instructions.  Leave a message on the Echo Test Service and wait for the playback for sound testing.

echo123 call test service

I suggest both you and the other party should do the test to ensure that echoes are gone on your next call.

Once the echo is eliminated, you are now ready to make that call.  It would be best to start recording your calls.  Record Skype video calls through SuperTintin.  It lets you store previous conversations for easy playback.

These ideas should be helpful depending on your situation.  If symptoms persist, try contacting an expert.

Sources: Von-phone, Bluejeans

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Skype Unlimited Calling: How To Make The Most Out Of It

Skype Unlimited Calling

Making international calls can burn holes in your pocket and can be stressful especially if your service provider sends the bill by the end of the month. The good thing is, there are now more ways to reduce international calls’ cost. You can opt for availing bundles from your service provider, or you can use Skype’s unlimited international calls for as much as 8.99USD per month!

Unlimited international costs for a cheaper price

They say that absence makes the heart go fonder. But why wait for your loved ones living abroad to miss you before reaching out to them? With the cheaper rates offered by Skype, you can keep in touch with friends, family and loved ones from different parts of the world, despite the difference in your timezone.

Entrepreneurs will also be more than glad to know that they can use Skype’s unlimited international calls to save more money on business calls. In fact, they now have the option to conduct meetings and discussions via Skype thus, saving them money on calls and official business trips.

170 Destinations to choose from

With 170 countries to choose from, there’s no more need to wait for the next holiday to make that call. With Skype’s recent update, they have now included Russia, Brazil and Mexico to their unlimited call destinations. Rates range from 8.99USD per month for Unlimited European landline calls, to 39.99USD for unlimited Europe landlines and mobile calls.

Skype is truly one of the best solutions in keeping people connected nowadays. With our hectic schedules and longer distance from each other, keeping in touch with the most important people in our lives can always be a challenge. But thanks to Skype’s unlimited international calls feature, you can do more than say hi and hello, without having to stress yourself out for the next phone bill.

PS: If you ever need to record Skype calls, Supertintin got you covered. Super clear recordings for all your calling needs, both video and audio.

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A New and Improved Skype for Android Users

The Skype software is up-and-coming with over 280 million users monthly. So it’s definitely no surprise that its iPhone app is also one of the most downloaded in the App Store. But this time, it’s no longer just the IPhone users who can easily enjoy chatting with friends, making phone calls and even recording video calls with a Skype recorder like SuperTinTin. Now, Android users can too.

Skype for Android

Skype just recently developed a major update for Android which is the Skype 3.0. This new version of Skype is optimized for many widely used Android phones as well as Android tablets like Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. And with this latest update comes quality improvements.

Here’s a list of what the new Skype 3.0 can offer you:

A More User-friendly UI

The former version of Skype for Android wasn’t exactly as user-friendly. The UI was awful (since the app was originally designed for phones and not for Android), a lot of bugs used to pop up and the touch buttons weren’t working properly, therefore making it difficult for users to select an option.

But now that Skype 3.0’s here, users can enjoy a fully-functional Skype on their Android tablets or smartphones.

 A Merged Skype and Microsoft Account

As Microsoft has already bought Skype, this whole merging thing has long been anticipated by users. With Skype 3.0 for Android, you can now sign in to your Microsoft account using Skype and sync your contacts on both accounts so you can view them all in one interface.

Better Call Quality

A number of users, especially those using tablets have previously complained about the deficient call quality of Skype. With the new upgrade, this shouldn’t be a problem anymore.  The all new Skype for Android uses a wideband audio codec known as SILK. This codec adjusts with your Internet connection regardless of the speed, making audio quality a lot better even though your Internet speed may not be as stable.


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Some Tips For Excellent Skype Auditions

Skype Auditions

How resourceful casting companies could get! They’re now actually doing Skype auditions, even for movies!  Skype is now utilized by most casting companies and agents to boost the whole auditioning process.

Skype AuditionsWhether you’re a part of Hollywood’s crème de la crème, or simply an acting novice who wants to explore the real world of show business, you are welcome to audition and seek out a role that just might get you the job.

So how do you do it?

First, you have to make a call to the casting company you’re auditioning via Skype and then make sure that your webcam is working perfectly. Why? Because you’re going to showcase your skills through video streaming, hence the need for a webcam.

Also, if you’d prefer to, you can likewise record your audition through a free Skype Recorder like SuperTinTin so you’re able to backtrack your performance right after.

But then again, how do you ace these real time auditions?

Tara-Anne Johnson, a casting director for over 15 years and an L.A. based casting agent whose genre falls on film and television, including commercials and reality tv, shares some tips to those who are planning to audition via Skype.

  • According to her, you should do a dry run first and ensure that your equipment is working properly. Check that the video quality is decent enough, including your room’s lighting and even the sound of your laptop or computer.
  • Maintain the same amount of energy all throughout the audition. Johnson stresses that there are those who audition whose energy levels are fairly good at first but as the audition persists, have difficulty in sustaining it. This apparently, puts them off.

Among famous celebrities who have recently auditioned for a role via Skype is The Vampire Diaries star, Nina Dobrev. She auditioned for a part in the movie adaptation of Stephen Chbosky’s “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and successfully bagged the role of Candace.

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Chaotic Skype Contacts? Sort Them in 3 Steps

You’re always on Skype and with one account, you’ve got hundreds of personal and business contacts mixed up. Now you want to make or record Skype calls but you see it’s a mess! Deal with it in three steps: Delete, Rename, Categorize.

Skype contacts

1. Delete “Dead” Contacts

There might be some contacts that you haven’t talked to for years or removed you already. If you think it’s useless to keep them, delete them.

For Windows

  1.  Find the contact in your contact list.
  2. Right-click the contact name and select Remove from Contacts.

For Mac

  1. Go to the sidebar and click Contacts, then to the right, click Skype (click >> to see all of your lists).
  2. Click the contact you would like to delete.
  3. In the main menu, select Contacts Delete Contact
  4. A message box opens with the prompt. Click Remove.

2. Rename Contacts

Some contacts just change their names in unexpected times with unexpected nicknames. Don’t get confused who’s who by renaming them.

For Windows

  1. In your contact list, right-click the contact and select Rename…
  2. Type a new name for your contact and press Enter.

For Mac

  1. Go to the sidebar and click Contacts, then to the right, click Skype (click >> to see all of your lists).
  2. Click the contact you would like to delete.
  3. In the main menu, select Contacts Rename
  4. Type a new name for your contact and press Enter.

3. Categorize

Avoid getting cross-eyed from scrolling through a list of contacts. Group your family, friends, business contacts and others to find them easily.

For Windows

  1. Right-click on your Contacts tab, then select Create New List…
  2. Enter a name for the new list and press Enter.
  3. To add a contact to a list, find the contact you want to add to a list. Right-click the contact and select Add to list > [list name].

For Mac

  1. In your contact list, find a person you want in a new list.
  2. Go to the sidebar and click Contacts, then in the list bar, click Skype (click >> to see all of your lists).
  3. Right-click the contact and select Add to List… In the window that appears, enter a name for your list. A new list appears in the list bar.

We don’t want our personal stuff to be lying around and left unseen; and that’s the same for our Skype contacts. So, stop wasting time searching and start organizing.

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Skype Gift Cards: Your Valuable Present for Anyone, Anywhere

During the holidays, we can’t forget to at least reach our loved ones abroad. We even want to send them gifts if not only it takes time and money to deliver these. Now, Skype has launched Gift Cards that can be shared and sent easily as gifts; for as low as $10.

Skype Gift Cards

Skype’s Gift Cards let you share Skype credits to anyone around the world. With this, the recipient has the chance to make telephone and mobile calls, and send text messages to you wherever you are. They can also use the Gift Card to access Skype’s WiFi service at designated global hotspots.

How does it work?

1. You can personalize the card by choosing the design, gift amount, and language used. You can also customize the message for the card you wish to send.

2. Choose how you’d like to pay (credit card or PayPal), then complete your order with ChatandVision.

3. Your gift card will be emailed to the recipient.

Skype’s Gift Cards are now available online in 44 countries. Creating gift cards isn’t limited only in Skype Shop; you can also make and pay for one through Facebook. Cards created from Facebook can even have photos, audio and video messages attached to it.

Announced earlier this month, physical gift cards are now also available through the company’s  physical stores. The cards are available for purchase in the U.S. retailers Target, OfficeMax and Microsoft; UK retailers Asda, Currys, PC World, WHSmiths and the supermarket Sainsbury; and retailers in Mexico. More countries will be announced soon.

So when a special day is coming or whenever you just want to talk to someone far away but don’t want to spend much for a plane ticket or overseas shipping, sending a Gift Card is a good idea. It’s easy and affordable that makes you closer to anyone around the world. Don’t forget to have a free Skype video recorder to avoid missing out details or moments when they finally reached you.

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Skype Safety: Making Skype Safer for your Kids

Skype is a great way for friends and families, especially those who live far away from each other to communicate and keep in touch. With Skype, you can chat, make calls and even record video calls with a Skype recorder as in the likes of SuperTinTin.  So it’s no surprise that even  kids are fond of using the software.

But of course, knowing that the Internet poses a lot of threats especially for children, you want them to be as safe as possible. You’ll need to make sure that Skype safety is a top priority in your household.

Here’s a list of 5 things you should remember in order to make Skype kid-friendly:

1. Teach the Basics of Internet Safety

Have a one-on-one conversation with your child and explain the risks he might encounter not just by using Skype, but by using the Internet as a whole. Teach him how to safeguard himself from online strangers such as by not giving out his full name, home address and even the school he goes to when asked by someone he doesn’t know.

2. Screen People via Privacy Settings

Be extra careful and disable calls from people who aren’t on your kid’s contact list. You can accomplish this by clicking “Tools”, “Options”, and then under the “Privacy” tab,  ticking the box that says “Only allow people in my contact list to contact me”. For MAC users, by clicking “Preferences” and then “Privacy”.

By doing so, only calls from your child’s existing contacts may be entertained. Make sure to remind him to consult with you as well if someone requests to be added on his contact list before approving them.

3. Supervision is Key

Don’t let your kids use their laptops, IPad’s or IPhones all by themselves. Make sure that if they use them, they are in the same room as you or with another adult. Likewise, if your child has a computer in his room, never allow him to make use of it at night especially without adult supervision as  online predators and malicious attacks usually occur during the night.

4. Password Safety

Check also that your child’s Skype password is a combination of letters, characters and numbers so that his account won’t be easily accessed by Internet hackers.

5. Make use of Skypito

Skypito is a free software designed especially for kids where they could freely play built-in games and chat with friends. With Skypito, only you can approve people to be added on their contact list using a password. In addition, calls from people who aren’t in their contacts are also  blocked.

Keep these 5 things in mind and rest assured  your child can enjoy Skype’s amazing features free of online threats.

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