Skype Offers Much More with the Skype App Directory

skype app directory

Now, you can get creative as well as productive with Skype. With the emergence of Skype’s newly launched app directory, users, may they be ordinary consumers or businessmen, can now access all the available third-party apps on the web.

There is no more reason for you not to be in the loop. The app directory exhibits, offers, and updates you on the several apps that could add functionality to your Skype account in a very organized manner.

Not only does it display numerous choices per genre, such as call recording, video, and desktop, to name a few, but it also shares the featured or top downloaded free and unpaid apps essential for your consumption. It’s the perfect platform to learn about how you can maximize your Skype account!

Think of it much like Apple’s App Store, but instead, it’s for Skype. Here, you can search for apps, browse lists of recommendations, and even leave comments and suggestions.

Skype is definitely expanding its possibilities not only for their users but also for businesses that would like to work with Skype. The app directory is a place where third-party developers can showcase their apps in an attempt to make Skype an even better place for conversation.

Haven’t visited the app directory yet? Check it out, and see what you’re missing out on!

Read on third-party apps like SuperTinTin that can add a sense of safety and security when it comes to saving your most important video or audio call conversations. With SuperTinTin, you can stop your fear of losing valuable information from that general group meeting you held, that interview you did with a possible new employee, or that long chit-chat you had with your family from countries away. SuperTinTin records your calls or screen sharing sessions and tucks it all safely away for future playback.  Try it now and discover how one app can transform the way you use Skype.


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Boost your Business, Use Skype!

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, it has to exercise your creative instincts” says Richard Branson, founder and chairman of Virgin Group Ltd.

Skype helps you get involved, have fun and get creative with its various features, making it an ideal tool for business communication.  Business owners should regard the practical use of Skype in terms of saving time, money and effort.  Skype can help you in whatever business you have.  Here are some tricks that may help your business be a notch higher.

Tricks to boost your business using Skype

Presentations & Selling.  Use Skype to make one-on-one presentations with your client.  For example, if you are trying to sell merchandise like a dress or shoes, Skype makes it much easier and simpler for the customer to see your product.  You can use your webcam, laptop or tablet.

Online Meetings.  If you hate missing special holidays with your family, consider holding meeting with clients online.  Use Skype’s Conference Calling and you can call mobiles and landlines or even send text messages worldwide with just a little Skype Credit.

Conference Calling Use Skype

Organizing contacts.  You can organize phone numbers into lists with Skype.  That way you are able to group your contacts into categories.  You can group your contacts from Skype, Outlook, Facebook, Messenger, etc.   Only contacts within that list will be displayed once you select a particular list.

Screen-sharing.  Screen-sharing is probably Skype’s best feature so far.  It lets you share the computer screen with the person on the other end of the video call. Discuss matters with your team, client or customer through screen-sharing.  It saves you time, a lot of money and effort without having to travel from one destination to another.

Screensharing Use Skype

Aside from using Skype, you can now record important business conversations and meetings through a video recording tool called SuperTintin.  SuperTintin lets you easily store your conversations to your computer’s hard drive or USB drive, allowing you to review your business conversations as easily as watching your favorite movie.

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How To Connect Skype To Home Phone

Freetalk Connect Me

Grandpa and Grandma can now use Skype without having to know anything about computers, apps or soundcards.  They won’t even need to give you a call in case they have questions.  Using Skype would be as easy as picking up a handset and dialing a number now that Skype is available on you home phones.

Skype now enables you to make calls through your home phones with FREETALK®ConnectMe.

What is FREETALK®ConnectMe?

FREETALK®ConnectMe is a plug-in analog phone adapter that connects your home phone, Skype and your landline so that you can have Skype enabled on your home phone.

FREETALK®ConnectMe connected to your home phone will enable you to make and receive Skype calls for free.  You can also make low-cost international and mobile calls using the Skype credit without affecting your landline service at all.

To enjoy Skype on your home phone, you will need:

  1. Internet connection
  2. Skype account
  3. Landline phone
  4. Home phone adapter

You can also use a Skype-ready cordless phone.  Skype-ready cordless phones are now also available in the market today.  Phone adapters will no longer be needed when you have a Skype-ready phone.

How to connect the phone adapter

1.   On your FREETALK®ConnectMe kit you will find the following:

2.  Connect the power adapter to the FREETALK®ConnectMe box.  Press firmly until you hear a click.

3.  Attach one end of the blue network cable to the blue socket on the adapter and the other end to your router.

4.  Next, you need to connect your phone line.  Disconnect the cable from your phone first and plug it into the gray socket on the adapter.

5.  Now attach the black cable (with yellow flag) to your phone and the adapter’s yellow socket.

6.  Plug your phone adapter into a power outlet.

After a few seconds, the device will show a red indication light.  Wait for it to turn green as it may take a few minutes while the device is downloading the software.

7.  You now need to use you computer to set up your FREETALK®ConnectMe to work with Skype.

Make low-cost, mobile, landline and international Skype to Skype calls on your home phone.  You don’t need to be in front of a computer to make that call.  Start getting comfy on your favorite chair and make that call now!

PS: Need to record your audio? SuperTinTin gives you the best recording app to keep your conversations and transactions on the record!

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How to Set Up Skype on Your TV

If you’re a couch potato, a housewife or a home buddy and you love to stay at home, Skype on your TV is the thing for you.  Enjoy conversations with you loved ones across the globe without leaving the comforts of your own living room.  Setting up Skype on your TV is just a piece of cake.

Skype TV

Now with Skype on your TV, you can enjoy making high quality video calls in your own living room.  You won’t even need a complicated computer set-up to make your Skype calls.  Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A Skype account and an internet connection.
  2. A Skype-ready TV
  3. A TV webcam

Now here are three easy ways to get Skype on your TV:

  1. TV camera on your Skype ready TV
  2. Skype on your TV with a Blu-ray player
  3. Skype-ready TV

If you are wondering if Skype can be downloaded to any TV, no you can’t.  You need a Skype-ready TV to be able to make calls through Skype.  Panasonic, Sony, LG, Vizio and Samsung are some models that already have Skype downloaded in it.

Also, you can’t use a regular webcam on your HDTV.  You will need a special TV camera that is compatible with your TV.  These cameras are readily available on selected retail outlets.  TV cameras can only be used with your TV and is not compatible with your computers.  TV cameras have built-in microphones needed in making Skype calls since televisions don’t have one.

After being able to install and test all your devices and make Skype calls through your TV, you might want to try recording your calls.  SuperTintin lets you record and replay your video calls for future use.  Get entertained and communicate at the same time now that you have Skype on your TV!

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Making Skype Conference Calls Easier and Clearer With USB Speakerphones

USB Speakerphone

Internet has done innovations in our lives, including the possibility of seeing our loved ones from the opposite side of the globe. With Skype, communication is made easier and despite the timezone difference, you can still say hello to your friends any time you want to.

But why not make your Skype calls easier and clearer with USB speakerphones? This way, you can still go about with other activities during conversation, or to  just simply get rid of the headphones that you find annoying. This will even make it easier for you to record Skype video calls with SuperTinTin. Below are some brands of speakerphones best suited for making your Skype conference calls louder and clearer.

Jabra SPEAK410

Jabra speakerphones allow you to setup an HD mobile conference call in the comfort of your room in seconds. It’s compact in size and its intuitive design interface makes it easier for you to answer and end calls, and mute or adjust the volume of your calls anytime you want to. It is also equipped with an omni-dimensional mic, which can capture voices of multiple people inside a room.

ClearOne Chat 60

The Chat 60 is one of the easiest speakerphones to use because operating one isn’t exactly rocket science. It doesn’t require driver or software installation, which makes it a plug-and-play USB speaker that can deliver crystal-clear audio, perfect for use in the office or for traveling.

It also features a full-duplex audio so you no longer have to install a separate microphone for your Skype calls. The Chat 60 also includes an echo cancellation feature, to eliminate acoustic echo for a much more intelligible audio calls.

Yamaha USB Microphone Speaker (PSG – 01S)

Hands-free business and personal conference calls are made possible with the Yamaha USB Speakers. It features four uni-directional microphones and two speakers, to project crystal clear sound and transmit your audio calls perfectly to the other party. Echo sounds are canceled and noises are reduced automatically, making it one of the perfect speakers for Skype calls.

Better Skype Conference Calls

There are still other brands available in the market and it is up to you to decide which one perfectly suits your needs. With USB speakerphones, you can now forget poor audio calls and start enjoying amazingly clear Skype conference calls every single time.

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Tell Your Friends They Rock with Say It with Skype

Is your buddy having a bad day? Did your gal pal land her dream job? Whatever the occasion, big or small, give your friends a reason to smile, and do it with a beat through Say it with Skype.

Say It With Skype

Say it with Skype is one of the newest app from the most popular communication service worldwide, Skype. It creates video greetings so personalized you wouldn’t know you and your friends are miles apart.

What’s more, the app provides you a lineup of talented artists and bands to help you make your greetings more special. So, whether your friend likes to headbang it, dance to some techno beats, or wind down with some whimsical tunes, you can choose the bands to play for you, like Jettblack, The Whip, Body Language, and so much more. It’s like making your own musical greeting card, only ten times better.

Start creating your group video greeting by logging in your Facebook or Skype account to go to the Say it with Skype page. Next, choose the occasion you want and the tune that goes along with it, such as “Happy Birthday” or “You Rock!” Type in the name of your friend you want to greet, and pick out the band your friend would like the most. You can even rock out and sing along with the band by turning your own webcam on.

If you’re the shy type, just post a picture of you and your friend, and send a short greeting for the band members to hold up in cardboard signs. Once you’re done, send the video and in minutes your pal will have a greeting he’ll never forget.

With Skype, keeping in touch has never been easier. Getting together has never been more fun. Share the experience of being remembered and tell your friends ‘You Rock!’ with Say it with Skype. Even better, record the experience with Skype recorder software SuperTintin for some everlasting memories.

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Fix Slow Computers for Better Skype Calls

Better Skype CallsYou’re about to make an important Skype call, but the call quality guide tells you that your computer is slow. If only you can slap your dual core sticker on the guide’s forehead, right? But, given that you do have a dual core processor, why does Skype insist that your computer is slow?

Don’t blame the processor. Most probably it’s your internet connection.

Even though the guide tells you it’s your computer that’s slow, your first culprit should be the internet connection. First off, a manageable Skype call needs at least 500kbps download speed. You’ll need twice as much for a clear Skype call, clear enough to use a Skype recorder. Check your current download speed.

If you’re using WiFi, switch to an ethernet cable. No matter how fast your wireless internet is, it’s still highly unstable. And an unstable internet is still a no-good internet for Skype calls. Ethernet cables are still the best type of connection for crystal clear Skype calls.

Next, check your current hardware. Your webcam needs to have great quality for video calls. Logitech is the best recommended brand for high-quality Skype calls. In terms of processors, crystal clear Skype video calls need at least a 1.8 Ghz processor. If you’ll need to record  Skype video calls, you’ll need to free up some RAM.

Before losing your patience, check these things first. Everyone wants an uninterrupted Skype video call, especially if it’s with a loved one. So many memories are shared through Skype now.

Don’t you just wish there was a way for you to keep those memories? Now there is, with this neat Skype call recorder SuperTinTin. With SuperTinTin, you’re sure that your computer won’t lag because it doesn’t use screen capture technology. It has easy recording features and easy playback. Start saving those memories now with SuperTinTin!

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How to Play Skype Music

Skype Music

With Skype in our households, you can make video conference calls with people from across the globe.  Did you know that you could also play music with its special feature?  This special feature called Stereo Mix on your computer plays sounds and music with Skype without having to use microphones and speakers.

What is Stereo Mix?

Stereo Mix is a recording option available on some sound cards used with the Windows operating system.  Although in most sound cards, this feature is disabled by default.  Stereo Mix allows the output signal of the computer like system sounds to be recorded.

In order to set up this feature on your computer, you are asked to follow these simple steps:

  1.  Right-click on the speaker icon in the computer’s task bar.  On the context menu that appears select “Recording Devices”.
  2. Right-click on the blank space in the Recording panel of the “Sound” options window and select the “Show Disabled Devices” option.

Stereo Mix3.  Right-click on the “Stereo Mix” option.  Then select the “Enable” option.  Click  “Apply”. Then click “OK” to save the changes.

4.  Double-click the Skype program icon to launch the program.  Click the “Tools” menu and select “Options”.

5.  Click the “Audio Settings” tab, followed by the arrow to the right of the Microphoneheading.  From the drop-down menu, select the “Stereo Mix” option. Now, sounds played on your computer will be played over Skype.

Setting up special features on your computer is easy when guided by these simple steps.  There’s also an easy way to record your online video and voice calls.  Finally there’s a recording tool for your online conversations with SuperTintin.  Record family conversations, interviews, conferences, lessons and etc. with SuperTintin.

Start saving your video and voice calls today!

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How to Improve Webcam Video Image Quality

Skype video calls aren’t really possible without a webcam (and free Skype video recorders would be such a waste, too). You can have it built-in your laptop, or just simply plug-in a webcam that could be simple and cheap or high-definition. Having a webcam for video calls isn’t enough though, especially if you want to make your videos clear and pleasing.

Improve Webcam Video

So here are some tips to have a good quality image in your video calls.

Don’t use your screen as your light source; use a lamp.

Using your monitor/LCD screen as your light source would make your face color look different. A solution for this is to use a desk lamp  to make your image closer to your color. The light coming from the lamp will make the webcam lower the exposure; thus, making your color more balanced.

Soften the light

Now that you have the light from the lamp facing you, you should soften it a bit so it won’t look too bright on your face. Make the light softer by wrapping or covering it with a typing paper. You can also turn your lamp and bounce the light off the wall near you.

Avoid light reflection

Adjust your monitor or LCD’s brightness and contrast so the light from it won’t reflect on your eyes especially when wearing eyeglasses.

Adjust to what your camera can capture

The auto white balance or exposure features works by taking the brightest thing in the frame to adjust the image quality. These are the reasons why the color of your top clothing affects it. Balance the colors between your face and everything else by wearing a white top.

Proper background

A lot of things going  on at your back could be distracting to the viewer so better face the cam on a wall than pointing it in an open space. If not, you can put up a collapsible background.

Just like when talking face-to-face, we want to clearly see who we are talking with – see their facial expressions and gestures. Making your image in video calls clear and crisp could make a big difference in experiencing these important moments.

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Keep Your Skype Status Updated with OnAir

Skype OnAir

Waiting for a message or call on your Skype window? Got nothing to do but tick the time away? Well, why not play some music in the mean time?

OnAir is a new Skype plugin that can keep you company. Listen to the latest jams or your favorite tunes, and see their titles flash on your status bar on Skype. Keep everyone up to date with the kind of music you listen to and the songs that might be temporarily stuck into your head.

OnAir personalizes your Skype account and gets you to share even more to your network. Download this plugin powered by and discover all that it could offer to the music lover in you.

While you’re at it, why not try to download another handy tool you could use for Skype? While Skype and OnAir enables you to share, SuperTinTin allows you to keep.


SuperTinTinSuperTinTin Safekeeping

SuperTinTin keeps up with everything you share on Skype, by putting it all away for safekeeping. Got a Skype interview with a possible client? Got a meeting on Skype for a start-up business? Got a scheduled family Skype video call on your birthday? This software saves all of these video and audio conversations and tucks it away for future playback.

Record your online conversations in the highest quality with SuperTinTin, may it be your online interviews, conferences, lessons, podcasts or VoIP calls. Use it for your safekeeping to that there’s nothing else you could lose!

Try it now!

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Ideal Microphones to Use for your Skype Live Concert

You’re an independent singer/songwriter who has an up-and-coming career. Clearly, you don’t have a massive fan base as most mainstream artists do, but you did manage to bring in a number of die-hard, loyal following. These people have believed in your talent since day one and would kill to see you perform live. And what other way is there to express your appreciation for them, other than a concert?

Skype Live Concert

Lighten up. We all know concerts held at over sized stadiums can be very stressful to organize. So why not hold yours via a video chat service, like Skype? With a Skype concert, your fans can send in song requests through the messenger feature and watch you perform live! Yes, just like any other typical concert, only more up-close and personal. You can even playback and save your own performance using a Skype Recorder like SuperTinTin.

But wait, you’re doing a special concert for your beloved fans, so you’ll be definitely needing an excellent microphone. Here are a few brands you might want to consider using for your Skype concert:

Logitech Premium USB Headset 350

Logitech Premium USB Headset 350 has been getting good reviews from both gamers and Skype users. Connect the Headset 350 to your computer through the USB port and not only do you have a headset, but  a microphone as well. This unit’s microphone is perfect for Skype as it sorts out unwanted noise that a lot of  users find annoying.

Audix USB12

The Audix USB12 is a plug and play microphone that comes with a desktop base, a headphone jack and a talk button. The USB12 has two modes: 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz.  Simply connect the Audix USB12 to your USB drive and it’ll capture your voice in clarity, at the same time blocking off unnecessary noise.

Blue Microphones Eyeball 2.0

Blue Microphones Eyeball 2.0 is a  USB condenser microphone and comes with a 2.0 megapixel web camera that’s great for Skype video chat. The microphone is capable of recording 16-bit audio at a resolution of 44.1 kHz and has a frequency of 35 Hz to 20 kHz. However, if you’re not up for package deals and just want a quality microphone, you might want to check out Blue’s Snowball, an affordable mic without a camera.

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How To Make Clear Skype Calls

Noise-Free Skype Calls

Skype calls with ambient noise is one thing nobody’s looking forward to. While you may miss your other half or a family member who’s abroad, receiving noisy video calls kills the mood for catching up or staring at each other’s eyes.

The good news is, Skype has a built-in noise cancellation feature, but you can still find ways to make clear Skype calls.

1. Set up your call in a quiet location, like your bedroom

When making Skype calls, avoid doing them in public places where honking cars or ringing phones can be heard in the background. Although your home is your safest haven, avoid some areas such as those where appliances can be heard running in the background,  that are not suitable for video calling.

2. Avoid using your fan or place it as far away from the computer as possible while you’re on Skype. 

You may not be affected by it, but the whooshing sound fans produce are often distracting and can be heard loudly on the other line. So avoid placing the fan behind you or anywhere near your computer’s mic.

3. Don’t use two microphones at once

If your computer has more than one microphone (in the case of using a headset), make sure that you’re using the correct one. The built-in microphone can pick-up background noise and transmit it to the other line louder than your headset’s mic delivering your voice. Disable your laptop’s mic by clicking on Tools>Options>Audio Settings.

4. Place the microphone nearer your chin

The ghastly noises produced when pronouncing your ‘p’s have always been a problem when making phone calls. Well, Skype calls are no different so always place the microphone near the base of your mouth or your chin.

5. Download software programs that could help reduce background noise

Aside from Skype certified microphones available in the market, there are also software programs that you can download online that are helpful in reducing the ambient noises associated with Skype video calls.


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The Secret to the Best Skype Calls

Don’t you just hate it when you’re in the middle of an important Skype call, and suddenly you get disconnected? Do you want to know the secret to having the best, seamless Skype calls?

It’s simple: it all boils down to your connection.

fast skype call

Go wireless or not?

This debate has gone on since Skype started to revolutionize VoIP. Is wireless internet better for Skype calls, or is the cable still the best solution? According to Skype blogger Matthew de Beer, the Ethernet cable still trumps WiFi. Aside from providing a much more stable connection, Ethernet still is faster. This comes in handy especially if you’re using a Skype recorder.

For mobile data, if it can maintain a download speed of 1-2 Mbps, you can have a decent Skype video call. But between wireless internet and mobile data, you’re better off with WiFi.

Don’t ignore the hardware

Aside from the internet connection, you can also check your hardware for ways to speed up your connection and increase the quality of your Skype calls.

First off, check any other program that eats up a lot of your RAM. Skype tends to hog your memory, most especially when making video calls. This is what that huge RAM is for, but that is not enough. Your processor must be running at at least 1.8 GHz for your Skype calls to run smoothly.

A faster connection means better Skype calls and uninterrupted moments. Skype has truly brought the world closer by bridging long distances through their high quality video calls. New memories are created, even though families are far apart.

What better way to preserve these memories than to record your Skype calls? SuperTinTin is the best Skype recorder around. It doesn’t use a screen-capture technology, so the video quality will not change if you minimize the tool. It can record both audio and video streams quick and easy. Hurry and grab this amazing software!

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How To Get The Fastest Skype Experience

Skype calls have been a part of our lives for the past few years. In fact, 300 million minutes are spent on Skype video calls every single day! Don’t you want to maximize the experience and get your fastest, lag-free Skype calls?

fast skype

Internet Connection

The minimum bandwidth needed for a decent Skype call is about 300-500 kbps. This means your internet connection must be kicking at around twice this much for the Skype call to go smooth. You’ll also be needing this much speed if you want to record Skype calls. For best results, a broadband connection gives you this much speed.

Some wireless networks can kick up to 5mbps, but you’ll have to make sure that the signal is strong and will not waiver. If you have a dial-up connection, don’t even think of installing Skype. You’ll never be able to make a decent call with crappy internet connection.

If you plan on having a conference video call, then you’ll need more speed. For three people, you’ll need around 2mbps. For five or more, you’ll need at least 5 to 10 mbps. Still think a wireless connection can work? Better stick with broadband.

Hardware check

To get the best quality calls, you’ll need to have at least a 1.8 GHz processor (preferably dual core) and a good Logitech webcam that’s directly plugged into your computer. For some reason, using a hub causes video quality to go down, so make sure the webcam is directly connected.

If you plan to use a Skype video call recorder with the best quality of playback,  you might want to get an HD webcam, and you need to make sure the other person has an HD webcam, too. But, these cams might cost you. If you don’t mind a slightly lower quality, stick to VGA cams with 640×480 resolution.

Fastest Skype Achieved!

Skype has truly revolutionized global communication. A lot of precious moments are captured more on Skype calls: daddy hearing their baby’s first word, marriage proposals, and talking to people you haven’t seen for years. Don’t you want to preserve these moments? A great way to do so is to download  a great Skype video recorder that doesn’t change the quality of the video while you record. Check out this amazing free software here.

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How Do SkypeIn And SkypeOut Work?

Almost everything is free if you use Skype from a computer to another computer or smartphone with the Skype App. Though, there are times we want to contact a person through mobile or vice versa; that’s when SkypeIn and SkypeOut could come in handy.

PC to Phone

What is SkypeIn?

SkypeIn makes you receive and answer local or international mobile and landline calls through Skype in your computer or smartphone.

What is SkypeOut?

The opposite of SkypeIn, SkypeOut makes you call mobile and landline phones using your Skype in your computer or smartphone.


How do I use it?

The key in using both services is to have a Skype number (also known as Online number).

Make your Skype number by doing the following:

  1. Log-in to
  2. In My Account, go to the Manage Features section and choose Get Skype Number
  3. Click the Get Skype Number


  1. Click Skype from the menu bar
  2. Select Accounts
  3. Click Get Skype Number

Either ways will get you to the Get a Skype Number page. Then these steps follow:

  1. On the Get Skype number page, select the country where you’d like to use your Skype number
  2. Complete special requirements by filling up customer information with your name and address
  3. Choose your area code and Skype number
  4. Pay for the number using your Skype credits, by subscription, or by other means.
  5. Done! Your Skype number should be confirmed automatically after payment

Take note that in some countries you have to provide proof of residence that it may take days up to two weeks before you can activate your Skype number.

After getting your Skype number, just tell your loved ones or anyone you know your Skype number and they could call you wherever you are at a local rate. Also, whenever you call them, your Skype number shows up so they’d know who you are. Simple right?

Enjoy the calls and you may want to download a free Skype recorder to save those moments.

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More Ways to Get Free Skype Credits

With Skype, you really can do a lot. The Skype software allows you to chat and make online calls for free and even record your old conversations using a Skype recorder like SuperTinTin.

Use Skype Credits to Call Mobile Phones

But have you ever tried Skype credits? Skype credits  lets you enjoy more services like calling mobile phones and landlines from your account, sending text messages at affordable rates, having the privilege of a Skype online number (which allows you to make calls to other mobile phones) and connect to WiFi hot spots with the new Skype WiFi.

Free Skype Credits

Skype credits aren’t for free, though.  You pay for them using credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa or through your bank account or debit cards via money bookers, like that of Skrill. Although you’re still lucky, because there are a couple of ways to get Skype credits for free. Here’s how:

By changing your current IP Address

Skype credits are given for free in the UK and Great Britain so if you’re not residing anywhere in these countries, you might want to consider changing your IP address instead. Simply install an IP Switcher that you can download on and change your IP address to United Kingdom to claim free Skype credits.

By Liking Facebook Pages

If you do like the Ifeelgoods page on Facebook, they do give out free 2 US dollars worth of Skype credit. How does this work? A corresponding dialog box would appear as soon as you click the “like” button of their page and will generate a certain code for each visitor. You need to key in that code once you sign back in on your Skype account and you will have your 2 dollars worth of credit.

By Using a Skype Credit Generator

The Skype Credit generator is free to download and works by generating codes from prepaid cards that can be purchased from Wal-Mart stores. The typical value of these prepaid cards ranges from $10-$20 depending on your pick and once these free skype credits are generated, you are to redeem them at a certain website which is at

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How To Use Facebook With Skype

If you think there’s nothing more to Skype but only make and record Skype video calls, you should know more. Activate that Facebook button in your Skype to enjoy both’s features in one window; or you could try the other way around using your Facebook.

Facebook Skype

Facebook With Skype

Call your friends in Facebook with Skype, just remember to sync your contacts.

For Windows

  1. Click the Contacts tab
  2. Click down the arrow next to All and select Facebook
  3. Click Connect to Facebook
  4. Log-in your account by entering your Facebook account details; if unregistered, click Sign up for Facebook
  5. Click Log-in to enter Facebook

For Mac

  1. In the sidebar, click Skype Home.
  2. In Skype Home, click the Settings icon and select Connect to Facebook.
  3. Enter your Facebook username and password, then click Log in.

With Facebook in your Skype, you can now view and share statuses, photos and everything that you usually do in your Facebook’s News Feed in your Skype Home. You can still hit that Like button and leave a comment.

Skype in Facebook

The video call feature that you see in your Facebook’s chatboxes are powered by Skype. So whenever you want to see and call some of your Facebook friends, just click that button.

Facebook Call Skype

  1. In your Facebook page, click on a contact whom you wish to call from the contacts bar on the right side
  2. Click the video call button that you will see on the upper right side of the chat box

Even though you can use the video call feature with your Facebook account, you can’t make video calls unless you have the latest version of Skype installed in your desktop. Also, some of Skype’s features aren’t available for Facebook such as group video calls, sharing screens, sending files and sending SMS.

Skype in Facebook or Facebook with Skype? What’s your choice? Anyway,  whichever you choose guarantees you to make video calls and send messages. Just don’t forget to have a webcam.

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How To Teach Someone To Use Skype [How To Skype]

How to Skype

Adults are more experienced in most things but when it comes to technology, not everyone is aware of what’s in and what’s out, or how to use software programs and apps such as Skype. So if you’re trying to teach your parents or grandparents on how to use Skype, maybe you could use some tips below:

1. Don’t use acronyms or jargons

One of the first rules in introducing technology to your elders is to never use complicated terms such as VoIP. Once you do, they’ll be rushing off to knit another sweater before you even open your laptop.

2. Make things easier for them

Make learning easier for them by making sure that all they have to do is to press the on button and clicking on Skype, and they’re good to go. As much as possible, avoid using external webcams or putting the Skype shortcut icon to another folder, or you’ll end up being their IT support in the next few months.

3. Keep everything simple

When it comes to using apps and programs such as Skype, you no longer need to dwell into details on how everything happens. It’s better to keep it a mystery than spend the next few hours explaining every single detail and bombard them with facts they won’t use anyway.

4. It’s a test of patience

Always remember that as people get older, the brain gets rusty and it’s more often than not, a challenge to absorb new information. You may, or may not, succeed in teaching your parents/grandparents on how to use Skype so if they decide that they’ve had enough for the day, give in and let them have what they want. Who knows, they might change their minds tomorrow and decide to give it another shot.

5. Write the steps down

If you really want them to remember everything you’ve taught them, write down the process in a step by step manner, so they’ll have something to consult anytime they have to. Be creative! You can even include screenshots and pictures if you think it would help.

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Tips for Interviewers When Conducting a Skype Interview

Traditional office interviews seem to be dwindling away from the mainstream with more and more companies opting to conduct their interviews using programs like Skype. But why the sudden shift? Because Skype interviews provide a ton of benefits for companies such as being able to save not only huge amounts of money, but also time.

Interviewer on Skype

If you’d look over the Internet, you’ll find lots of articles that talk about ace-ing Skype interviews but not so much about how interviewers should similarly prepare themselves. So whether you’re an HR or the boss of your own company, here are a few guidelines that might help you conduct a successful Skype interview.

Make the  Interview as Professional as Possible

You hold the responsibility to keep the interview within professional standards. Video interviewing someone for a job is a whole lot more different than video calling with a friend. As Jeffrey Garber, co-founder and CEO of and puts it,

“This is a live interview and even though it’s being conducted via webcam, you should be as prepared as if that [candidate] was in front of you.”

Remember to print out all the documents you need such as the questions you’ll be asking and do have a copy of the candidate’s resume before the interview. Also, tidy up your place and remove unnecessary clutter to steer clear of distractions.

Don’t be a Distraction Yourself

There are certain video calling habits that could make you look unprofessional and distract the person from the other end of the line. Here are tips you could follow during the actual call:

  • Refrain from looking at yourself on-screen and look at the camera directly.
  • Never move the camera during the conversation. Set it up prior to the interview.
  • Non-verbal cues could be of great help. Nod your head whenever necessary so the candidate is well aware that you’re listening.

Record your Interview

Let your colleagues and clients watch your video interview so they can make comments and assess the candidate’s potential. Use a Skype recorder like SuperTinTin that’s fully compatible with Skype to record your video interviews and play them back again later on.

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